Recent Reviews
10/18/2021 - Steven P. - MO
The on line rep was great in answering my questions, the transmission was good and working well. The delivery service was not good though showed up late in evening after transmission shop closed, no call running late, unit set next door for the weekend without us knowing.
10/18/2021 - KATHLEEN P. - PA
I am very satisfied The quick response and service was excellent ,and was a pleasure dealing with Brian and when I had a question I received quick answers within minutes not days like most other sellers take to answer emails ,and I even had special request that I would pick the transmission up at the trucking terminal where it was shipped to ,and trucking company called me to tell me it was their ,I will never even look anywhere else for my engine or transmission or other parts this was the best service I ever received buying used parts ,,great experience even the shipping dock manager caught that the transmission was for a 2004 and the warranty was for a 2003 , and I needed a 2003 and they are not interchangeable and Gmail me to see which year I needed and it was my fault I ordered the wrong year but in quick time they prepared me the right transmission and it was shipped without delay . I've been really busy with work but this week we plan on installing it .thank you everyone from AM used auto parts
10/17/2021 - PAOLO N. - GA
Prompt service during the purchasing process. The sales staff were awesome at finding the engine we needed , set up the shipping and followed it through till it was delivered. I will buy the next engine I need from from AM.
10/17/2021 - David f. - WV
Fast shipping, great to work with! Brian went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of!!!
10/17/2021 - STEVEN B. - SC
Just wanted to let you guys know that I have my engine in that I bought from you and it runs great! If I ever need anything else for my truck you guys will be the first that I call ! The price was great and the service . Didn’t even take a long for it to be shipped! Again I can’t thank you enough!!
10/16/2021 - LOUIS Z. - RI
Very easy and smooth transaction. These guys knew exactly what was needed and came through big time Engine purchased was delivered safely and quickly, and has performed as well as could ever be expected since the installation. If I’m ever looking again, this place will be my first call
10/16/2021 - Alexander O. - CA
It took a little longer than I thought to pull the transmission for my Lexus. Once it was ready to ship, it came across the country relatively fast. A sensor was damaged in shipping, but the final product came out fine. I just got back from a trip to the coast and the transmission performed perfectly. For the price you can’t beat it
10/16/2021 - TODD B. - GA
Very good experience. Got a good engine, runs great.
10/16/2021 - Tonya P. - MI
The sales representative was very friendly and professional. He answered all my questions knowledgeably. I was very pleased with the price.
10/16/2021 - MOLLY Z. - MO
They was very helpful easy to deal with they pulled the number an new exactly what I was looking for
10/16/2021 - ALTON G. - TX
The engine was exactly what I was told, It ran almost like a new one. I am a shop owner and I couldn't be more satisfied. Thank you for your honesty and service. I will be a return customer in the future.
10/16/2021 - CHERRIA D. - PA
There were a lot of bad reviews about this place but my engine was perfect there was nothing wrong with it happy with everything!
10/12/2021 - Harriot S. - LA
I was impressed with how quickly I received my motor/engine. I would recommend them to anyone to purchase a motor/engine from them.
10/12/2021 - Joann E. - LA
Shipment took a little longer than expected. But part was functional. And I am satisfied.
10/12/2021 - Dan C. - FL
I ordered a used engine for my Infiniti QX70. Was told it would arrive in 10 days and it did. The engine was well packaged and very clean. Installation went smoothly and the vehicle is running great. Very satisfied, would order from you again.
10/12/2021 - DANIEL N. - SC
Gentleman was very helpful. Engine was delivered in a timely fashion. Engine came as promised. Look forward to doing business with this company in the future.
10/10/2021 - GEORGE F. - AZ
Hey Everyone, .... this is the best company to order car parts !!! This Co. Has the best prices / excellent customer service and I mean seriously real customer assistance! Straight talk / straight help and they stand by the quality of all their products ! I bought a used engine with 60,000 miles / fit perfectly in my SUV AND MY CAR IS LIKE NEW !! Love these guys - great company you can Depend on ! Thanx AMUap !!!!!! GF
10/10/2021 - Todd m. - IA
Great people to work with. The motor I purchased was in great condition. Shipping was on time and just like I expected. A.m. auto parts is a great company to purchase pre-owned parts.
10/10/2021 - Bryan A. - MO
Process was very easy, start to finish. Engine arrived on time and in great condition. Very pleased!
10/10/2021 - Kimberly B. - WV
This was my first experience with buying a motor and with this company. It was made easy and I would definitely recommend them again and buy from them again. I am happy with the service and motor.
10/9/2021 - James P. - GA
The Transmission was shipped as stated and as advertised. I am pleased with the purchase and would look again to AM Auto Parts when I need a part! Jim from Georgia
10/9/2021 - LIEBERSON P. - VA
I am always satisfied when I purchase a engine or transmission
10/9/2021 - Brayan D. - TX
I had a great experience, I was looking for a motor at a good price and good warranty and I found it I’ve installed my engine and so far it’s been great, as far as my experience shopping that went smooth as well I was greeted and helped through the process from the shopping all the way to shipping, and received it in a week.
10/8/2021 - DAVID W. - NY
Trans was as described and has work perfectly since the install. Definitely would use am auto parts again.
10/8/2021 - LAMONT B. - TX
I had a great experience. My motor arrived very quickly. Thank you
10/7/2021 - Allard R. - FL
I’m thankful that I could even find an engine for my 1999 Mazda even though it’s older than what I’d have preferred. My mechanic let me know it had a bit of sludge in it. But overall after driving it a bit. My car shakes excessively because of the age of the engine. All though I’m impressed with the power of its performance. Much stronger than the one that I had. Your staff were always helpful and courteous. I never had to be put on hold always ready to help me through the whole process. They also shipped in a timely manner. And I was able to get a great price for their product. Thank You AM Auto Parts Your service was much appreciated.
10/7/2021 - Rene C. - UT
Always on the ball and get us answers quickly!
10/7/2021 - Rene C. - TX
10/6/2021 - Crystal a. - NM
Thank you so so much I'm happy with the engine and the tech that installed it can barley hear it running
10/5/2021 - WALTER B. - GA
As always it was a rewarding experience and the transmission runs perfect my 2nd purchase in the last year first I purchased and engine for my truck which was also another class AAAA buy Thanks for your service
10/5/2021 - Tahjay S. - TX
You guys real made finding a new engine real easy . The price I paid for the engine was cheaper than most place . Then I didn’t have to pay for shipping. They really took care of me .highly recommend
10/5/2021 - RANDAL N. - MS
Everyone I have talked to was very nice and knowledgeable. Great team work between shipping and front desk. I am very satisfied and will use yall in the future.
10/5/2021 - Ruppert r. - IL
This is the first time I ever bought anything from Am let tell you I bought a transmission and my mechanic installed it it was great looking forward to doing business with them from here on out just want to say thanks
10/3/2021 - Donald L. - IN
Sales rep was awesome, the delivery was longer than expected, shipping packaging was questionable. The transmission condition was good and so far is operating as expected.
10/2/2021 - Terence M. - IL
Engine is running strong and working well thanks for your support
10/1/2021 - Wesley C. - PA
Purchased a 3 liter for my Ford escape. When the motor arrived I went over it and revealed the engine. Nothing wrong with the current seals, did it just for my own peace of mind. The motor was in great shape, and no obvious issues. Installed the engine and filled with fresh fluids. Motor runs perfect. A whole lot better than the original. Great product, with a great warranty. Will definately be calling here again for any future motor needs.
10/1/2021 - William J. - FL
So far so good. I did my search about where to buy engines and transmissions . I was skeptical but reading the reviews I made my mind and I purchased and I did a good purchase. I like the company, I like customer service. If I would buy from you again? For sure I will. Thank you!
9/30/2021 - Mike H. - GA
Just got the engine installed last week. Seems to be doing ok. But have not put a lot of miles on it yet. The delivery time leaves room for improvement. Thanks
9/30/2021 - Jennifer I. - CA
I am very happy with the service I received Nacho
9/29/2021 - JACK G. - OK
The transmission I purchased under this ref # went fairly smooth, but until I am able to install the motor I purchased under ref # 3209664 I cannot truthfully say if the whole purchase experience is a good one. Hopefully the issues with the motor purchase can be worked out soon and I can give a more complete opinion.
9/29/2021 - Marva M. - NC
Excellent service. I purchased a Engine. Had to have it shipped to another location . No problem at all. l was extremely pleased with the purchase price. The Motor is purr as a kitten. So far no motor problems lm cruising again.
9/28/2021 - Joel s. - CA
Very nice device I give you 8
9/28/2021 - Alfred G. - TX
Thank you for sending the engine has agreed. We installed it and it had a funny sound to it. We continue finishing the work and the engine was performing better and better and better. As of right nowEverything is working fine.
9/28/2021 - Monica s. - SC
Still trying to get the old one out.
9/28/2021 - Jesse M. - FL
Got my engine and am very pleased. Was sent out on time and received at stated day. Thanks for your great customer services. J Moses Jr
9/28/2021 - William D. - ME
I had a great experience with AM Used Auto Parts. The sales staff was knowledgeable, courteous and prompt.The additional 3 year parts warranty is also a huge incentive and the pricing is also.
9/28/2021 - SAMANTHA F. - NC
From the time I ordered this engine till the time I received it, AM Auto Parts has been nothing but outstanding. There was very helpful through the entire process. Once I received the engine I purchased, I could not honestly believe how well an taken care of it was. Once my mechanic saw it he was in disbelief too. It was very clean an fired right up. Thank you AM Auto Parts for all your help, I looked forward to doing more business with you in the future.
9/28/2021 - JOHN M. - AL
This was an awesome shopping experience.
9/28/2021 - Collin B. - TX
The car runs amazing now with the new engine we purchased from AM Used Autoparts.
9/25/2021 - JOSE J. - TX
This was my first time buying an engine from you guys, I was very impressed, I like the service and in the future I will sure keep you in mind whether I need an engine or something else in regards to automotive parts.
9/24/2021 - Alexander H. - GA
Droning my lariat now. Never ordered an engine on line. Glad I did
9/22/2021 - Vernon D. - TX
Very happy with my experience. Transmission working good.
9/21/2021 - Arnae C. - TX
I had a great experience with am auto also a 3year warranty and the lowest rate and they have the best representative to serve all people I looked everywhere for my engine and here was the lowest and the best deal with the lowest mileage for my vehicle so thanks so much I highly recommend
9/21/2021 - JOHN B. - AL
Yes sir At first I wasn't sure I was getting a good deal. I had problems with the warranty I finally got ahold of Paul he said I was good to go. Only took 2 wks no sweat .The engine runs even ,l am satisfied Anyone Thinking about buying a great deal you go to,Paul at AM auto. Thanks very satisfied 3196969 I am looking for a transmission now.. Possible a used Jaguar engine. Thanks for all. Your professionalism.
9/21/2021 - Bill J. - UT
Thank for the eng you sold me it has great thanks
9/21/2021 - VIANA M. - GA
We had to wait a loooong time for this engine to be delivered to us, which resulted in a very angry customer of ours. The communication wasn't that great as no one could provide me with the correct information on when we would receive the engine. This company seems to be good and the parts too, but the shipping and communication is HORRIBLE!
9/21/2021 - VIANA M. - GA
This engine was delivered in the time range that they had mentioned and the transaction was very smooth.
9/21/2021 - DANNY W. - AL
It was good she already took care of me and I appreciate that and I just installed the engine on yesterday put new valve cover gasket change the oil in it or seal antifreeze and I'm going to start it up today
9/20/2021 - Jeremy M. - WA
This was my first time ordering a used engine and I had my reservations. There was quite a bit of rust on the block when it arrived but it shipped quickly and cleaned up nicely. It's been running for a couple of weeks now and I've had no issues, leaks or warning lights at all.
9/20/2021 - Leroy F. - TN
My experience was just okay… I bought a transmission couple of months ago. When I received it the transmission pan was damaged. I had to replace it myself. I was also told it would be delivered within two weeks, it took over a month.
9/20/2021 - ANTHONY D. - DE
Hi, thank you so much AM Auto Parts! Top of the line service. From calling to place my order to receiving my new engine. It was such a smooth transaction that I ordered another new engine for another Jeep that I bought. I highly recommend AM Auto Parts to anyone needing to replace any part on your vehicle. Top Notch for sure. They made the transaction smooth and easy!!! Thank you and kind regards! Anthony DiDomenicis
9/19/2021 - thad C. - CO
As I'm still on process of engine being installed. Purchasing the engine and getting it out to me has been very easy. Non stressful process. Would definatly purchase again from them!
9/19/2021 - MICHAEL S. - AL
Great deal on transmission for my car best price around shipping was slow overall good experience
9/18/2021 - MARK P. - IN
Engine was fine an the service was very good
9/18/2021 - Lydia L. - MA
Very good experience for my audi engine I pur chased and a very respectful delivery man especially on time
9/17/2021 - MERPHIS E. - FL
Delivery was timely and the part was so great shape
9/17/2021 - Christopher V. - NC
Got exactly what I needed. There was some damage to the transmission from the shipping company but it was very minor and AM Auto Parts was helpful with it.
9/17/2021 - Melinda N. - AL
I was looking for an engine for my Acura MDX and found one here. It had a three year warranty, low miles, and a good price. This was my first engine purchase and AM Used Auto Parts made it simple and convenient from making the purchase, to the delivery and clear easy instructions to get my warranty started. Thanks AM Used Auto Parts, I'll definitely recommend you to friends and family. D.K. Nixon; Smiths, Alabama 36877. Reference # 03206767
9/15/2021 - LISA C. - MT
Well ordering and payment was easy. Staff throughout the process was very professional. It took about 2.5 weeks for the part to ship, way longer than my other two orders. But they were pre-COVID. I was told the problem was a shortage of workers at the warehouse and shipping companies. That could be. Well the tranny arrived and it looked like it had sat in the elements for years, a wire was broke to the reverse light sending unit and the speedometer sensor was busted off flush with the trans housing and it took me 2 hours to get it our without destroying the threads. Having said all that the trans works like a charm, and I will be ordering again! dave
9/14/2021 - Jesus O. - GA
I had the best experience with you guys. The engine that was purchased by us from you made all the difference. You guys ROCK and I want to thank you you so my being honest merchant's. You sale good reliable part. Thanks so much. Daniel.
9/13/2021 - EREMINE B. - MD
My 2008 Chev HHR car had broke down and I had been catching a ride to work from Pocomoke City, Maryland to Ocean City, Maryland and one of my Co-worker from Public Works Maintenance Dept. found your company called got the information for me and I called and order the motor. I was surprise that the motor had a 3 year warranty most places give you 30 to 90 days on there product. Thank you so much my mechanic J.A.C Auto might be during some business with you on getting part for their customers. I gave them your number. Eremine Beckwith
9/13/2021 - Robert V. - VA
AM engine was as promise Pleasure doing business
9/13/2021 - Edward M. - OK
My shipment was great everything was there, I haven’t had any problems out of the motor I purchased
9/13/2021 - roosevelt B. - TX
It was a decent experience.
9/12/2021 - MAMMIE W. - MS
It been a great help buying part from A & M, the custom service , is great, Me, Byran , is always very helpful and nice.
9/12/2021 - MAMMIE W. - MS
It been a great help buying part from A & M, the custom service , is great, Me, Byran , is always very helpful and nice.
9/12/2021 - MAMMIE W. - MS
It been a great help buying part from A & M, the custom service , is great, Me, Byran , is always very helpful and nice.
9/11/2021 - Donna B. - VA
Very helpful courteous and timely. Would definitely use you again. Ty
9/9/2021 - Kristina s. - TX
AM Auto parts was very pleasant to work with. They were always very kind and helpful when I called with questions. The engine was installed and car is running great!! Thank you AM Auto Parts!!
9/8/2021 - Spencer W. - TX
Great price good engine super friendly people.but took way to long to receive my engine. More than 30 days I ain't sure but seems to be to much time. Well I installed the engine and drove 5000 miles it's running great and no leaks. I'm a happy customer so thanks.
9/7/2021 - Jeanette R. - IN
AM was very helpful. They answered all my questions and was very patient with. I have no ideal how many times I called and ask different things. Not once can I recall that I was disappointed in they way they handled my order. I was posted and undated with each stage of shipping. I will recommend them to everyone who needs parts. I myself will order everything I need. Thank you guys again for all the help. Plus helping me to make sure I had what I needed. Again thank you..
9/7/2021 - Celestine J. - AL
First I would like to thank you for your timely response to my request. I also really appreciate all of the feed back on where my parts were doing shipping and the speedy delivery. I hope to continue dealing with you in the future,thank for one of the best services.
9/6/2021 - SARAH G. - KY
Really good experience. Got my motor in a timely matter. Took old motor out and swapped out. Went in like a dream and runs great. Thank you!!! I will definitely refer to friends and family. My truck sat for 8months and almost sold it. Then I found the great price from you all and jumped on it. Im enjoying my truck again!!! Reference # 3184076 Salesman qas very nice and knowledgeable too.
9/6/2021 - William J. - MD
A professional experience unparalleled in my 71 years. My truck rides and sounds like "brand new." Never have I believed that a used engine would enable me to feel a high level of confidence and satisfaction as now. Thanks once again for the experience!
9/6/2021 - Attn L. - AL
I was very happy with the service that I got for them the sale people were nice and very helpful.I would recommend the company to other people I know. Lindsey Eastland.
9/6/2021 - Demetrius S. - FL
Wonderful engine.. runs smooth and was half the mileage of my old one. I was really lucky to have come cross these guys
9/6/2021 - WILLIAM B. - CA
Great deal great price and the guarantee was even better. 3 years for use transmission great deal. Thank you!!
9/5/2021 - Christopher K. - LA
I appreciate AM assisting me with my vehicle concerns with the transmission i ordered. It malfunctioned on me but I have total confidence that AMUAP will be speedy in assisting myself and my minor children getting back on the road for appointments, school, and work. Thanks, Chris Kay
9/4/2021 - Attn A. - KY
I am very glad leased with the transmission and it can in a timely manner
9/4/2021 - John P. - MO
The engine came in the time frame they said it would and the engine didn’t look that great on the outside because it was in weather for at least a few years but the internals of the engine looked exactly like it should and it comes with a 3 year warranty I never heard of that long but I hope I don’t halve to use it but it shows they stand behind there sales thank you I appreciate it
9/4/2021 - Dan M. - MO
I have purchased two separate engines and a transmission, all have worked great and and been just as described and the vehicles are still on the road . Shipping is fast and they are super easy and friendly to deal with
9/3/2021 - Darnika R. - LA
Ordered a Ford Transmission so far so good. Great customer service...., driver was professional... and patient.... I would recommend to family & friends!!
9/3/2021 - michael T. - TN
I am pleased with engine had to replace injectors they were stuck other than that very happy.
8/31/2021 - Ezechi U. - MA
Great professional service! I was highly impressed and pleased. Thank you
8/31/2021 - Emilio L. - AZ
I’m not quite done with installation but all the inspections I’ve done so far shows that this engine is genuin and good for what it’s purpose is . So far. I will let you know more once I’m don installing
8/30/2021 - Sernando A. - TX
excellent service and good product, recommended for those who need solutions. Thank you so much
8/30/2021 - Walter l. - LA
I bought a transmission from yaw! It took little longer to get in, but everything in the world has due to Covid!!!! Pleased with how easy the transaction was, and it came in cleaned and looking ready to put in! Pulled the old transmission out, and put it in and perfect match! Been driving it for almost 2months and couldn’t be happier! Thanks again and I’ll be using again if I need something else!
8/30/2021 - BETTY O. - CA
This company was awesome. We were in need of an engine and lucky for us they had one love the 3 year warranty!!! If need to in the future they are the first one to call!!!!
8/30/2021 - Michael J P. - CA
My Honda Accord engine is working very good I’m surprised how good it’s running I already put 4K miles on it and running like a new car thank you very much from mike out of California.
8/30/2021 - Daniel M. - CT
The motor looks to be in good shape. It's not the same configuration of my current engine. I'm having to change lots of parts off my current engine to fit it to the 2003 f250. There's a lot of rust on the bottom of the block. The shipping took longer than expected I had to call twice to get it sorted out.
8/30/2021 - Pharon S. - GA
I have NO PROBLEM with my shipping..everything was great so far..
8/28/2021 - Mauricio c. - WA
Very good company
8/28/2021 - mark W. - KS
I was pleased with the quick work of the AM team. Engine seems to be as advertised,and still running well.
8/28/2021 - Jo C. - NM
I am very pleased with my purchase of a used transmission for my truck. Once all the paper work was done and payment made, it seemed like a week went by when I received it. It has been installed, and so far so good. I would reccomend AMuap to anyone that needs parts with a warranty.
8/28/2021 - CHARLES B. - MS
Very great! Words cannot describe experience dealing . Good service
8/27/2021 - JOHN B. - NJ
AM was the only one that had what I was looking for. They also made the right adjustments to keep me as a customer happy I really appreciate how they handled the situation in a timely manner thank you AM Auto I'm happy with the result
8/27/2021 - Roxie H. - MD
Love this place! Over the past year I have had to find 2 of my son's parts (transmission and a motor) for their vehicles. The 1st time around, noone could help me and if they could their prices were way too high. Then I found this company and not only did they have my part, the price was wonderfully priced! And not just that.. free shipping boys & girls!!!! FREE!!!!!! And not just that.. 3 YEAR warranties!!! Yes I said YEARS!! So when my other son needed a part ..it was a no brainer who I would call! Thank you so much from a single mom of 3 boys for your pricing, help, wonderful customer service and ease of making each purchase!!! No1 can beat these guys!!
8/24/2021 - Vincent D. - TX
Simple and easy. Completely satisfied. Thanks
8/24/2021 - Mohd M. - NY
So far now one month installed the transmission purchased from AM It’s worked well for me, Thank you and appreciate for your commitment towards customer.
8/24/2021 - George T. - GA
I got the transmission installed and it works well. I must admit I am confused about the warrant and how to get it in place. George Throm 770-845-8952
8/24/2021 - Dedra D. - GA
The engine is doing well so far. Only had it for about a month. I was very impressed with the quick shipping. Thanks AM auto parts.
8/24/2021 - Kathrine W. - CO
I was very pleased with the engine I bought. I had my mechanic check it out as soon as it came in, a few days later he needed a motor for another car and asked me where I got my engine from!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
8/24/2021 - George N. - CA
I had my doubts, but everything worked out great! Thanks you! 👍 Reference # O3164699
8/23/2021 - JIM T. - CA
The engine runs perfect. The mechanic had it Install and running in two day. Thanks Jim Toschi
8/22/2021 - MIKHAIL A. - PA
We are dealing with you guys for really good long time and I we are to happy dealing with company we thrust service and quality of product specially good staff good customer care, good communication thanks AM auto parts.
8/22/2021 - JOHN R. - NV
great ! will use again!
8/21/2021 - Tina F. - LA
I highly recommend these guys. Fast service, fast shipping, great prices. I would definitely use them again. I got my transmission from them. I'm so happy and thankful for them. So everybody call AM Used Auto Parts they are the best. So call them for all your needs.
8/20/2021 - Yisa A. - TX
For now, l am very happy with the 2000 Honda Accord V6 transmission l bought from AM Auto Parts. Paul Johnson ( the salesman) was very professional and straightforward. He worked with me from the negotiation stage to the point of delivery. He emailed, text and l sometimes call him. I never believed they will get the transmission that quick to the repair shop in Houston, Texas. It was an awesome experience. I will definitely recommend the company and him to family and friends who may need their service/services in future. Yommy A. Houston,Texas
8/20/2021 - AMADOU L. - TN
I bought 2 motors from AMauto parts. The motors run like new. One engine came earlier than I expected and the second was delayed due to delivery miscommunication. . I am very satisfied and will recommend AMAuto part to whoever need a good customer service and a quality items.
8/19/2021 - Sharon B. - PA
Shopping for my transmission was extremely easy. Truck is running better than ever
8/19/2021 - Kathy M. - OK
The motor I purchased was well worth the money. Everyone I talked to was very nice and informative. It was just the long wait on the shipping.
8/19/2021 - REYNALDO F. - CA
A company with genuine word, quality used engine and great customer service. It’s a great pleasure to do business with you
8/17/2021 - RAUL R. - GA
8/17/2021 - Pablo P. - TX
Was very satisfied with my motor and transmission Paul was exceptional with his Patience on my asking questions and calling several times since I am a senior and not familiar with cars thank you again
8/17/2021 - Angie H. - PA
Awesome customer service. Price was decent and delivery was awesome with the freight company used. The 3 yr warranty was another added plus. If I need an engine or transmission in the future for any other vehicle your company is where I will look first.
8/16/2021 - Mario C. - NY
My experience was great engine is in and running great so far .and the salesman was great as well. And it arrive right on time.
8/16/2021 - JAMES R. - TX
Am use auto parts is a good place to buy your part from they have good quality products and they always on time with your parts. I would recommend them to anybody who needs parts.
8/16/2021 - DONALD H. - MT
Everything went as stated in the purchase of a used transmission and it worked great.
8/15/2021 - larry o. - TN
I purchased a engine, it took 5 weeks to receive it. But am well pleased with what I received. The customer service representative was courteous and I would recommend this company to other
8/15/2021 - Jacqueline H. - NC
It was a good experience working with your company. The motor arrived in a timely manner and was installed with no problems. Will use them for other parts.
8/14/2021 - GUY R. - MI
service was good i am happy thank you
8/14/2021 - Tim C. - VA
It’s my first time buying a used engine I’m very excited with purchasing from AM Used Auto Parts. The good news I got the engine installed and the car is running great. The customer service that I received from AM Used auto was excellent, I have recommended my friends to purchase from AM Used Auto. Thanks
8/13/2021 - Anita W. - NC
The engine arrived in a timely manner. We got it installed and is running great! I would highly recommend!
8/13/2021 - CHRIS R. - MI
received fast but haven't been able to complete installation yet doing it outside and has been raining every night after I get home from work its in but not completed yet thank you
8/13/2021 - William H. - SC
I'm glad to deal with this company everybody I talk to was nice and helpful and ill recommend yall to my friends
8/10/2021 - Annette W. - GA
I purchased a transmission for a 2000 Silverado 1500 and the experience was exceptional. The representative was courtesy, professional and did all to make sure that everything was done as needed in a timely manner. I am very pleased with the service received.
8/10/2021 - Greg W. - TX
Worked out great
8/10/2021 - Dominick F. - GA
I had an great experience
8/9/2021 - Marshannon s. - TX
I needed help and your team of friendly staff people really made my purchase experience really easy. Thanks you guys for helping get on the rode again.
8/8/2021 - john l. - CO
I purchased two engines this last year from this company. Very reasonably priced easy to purchase, delivered to my mechanic and no issues whatsoever ever. Highly recommend this company as they’ll certainly take care of you and your vehicle. John
8/8/2021 - David B. - CA
From the start everyone AM Auto parts were very helpful and knowledgeable with helping me from start to finish. From quote to delivery everyone acted swift and got me and my car back on the road as quickly as possible. I've had the transmission in my car 3 weeks now without any issues. The price, warranty, and helpful staff can't be beat. if I have any need in the future for any other parts AM Auto Parts is where I'll go, customer for life.
8/8/2021 - Anthony D. - DC
Thank you so much AM Auto Parts! Bought 1 engine and had it installed, it runs like a champ. I was so satisfied that I bought another engine for another truck!! Just got it in today. So I'll let you know how it goes..but very impressed so far. Highly recommend AM Auto Parts!!!! Thanks again and kind regards, Anthony DiDomenicis
8/8/2021 - Timothy L. - MI
Everything went well for the most part. The transmission fit and after it was coded in it worked fine. Thank you. Timothy LaVigne.
8/7/2021 - SCOTT R. - MN
I am very pleased with my transmission. It was shipped quickly and customer service was great making sure everything was correct. Thank you
8/7/2021 - Miguel G. - NC
The service was great 👍.
8/6/2021 - Joyce A. - WA
I searched thoughly on the internet and your company @ AM Used Auto Parts had the best offer to assure that the transmission was covered for having a great warranty on it. It took nearly 2wks to receive and missed shipment enroute in Chicago at one point. I live clear over here in the State of Washington. I am glad it came & was worth waiting for though.😁 thank you for your service🤗😊
8/6/2021 - JAMES M. - KY
Wonderful service, customer support and keeping me updated on my order! Would definitely have no problems purchasing again!
8/6/2021 - Xiono A. - TX
It was a great experience. My engine worked perfect .
8/5/2021 - Jose l. - MA
Purchase a used transmission for an 04 Buick rendezvous transmission was delivered on time wiring harness on the transmission was broken so I had to pay tell them to take the wiring harness off my old transmission but on this used one that I bought other than that works fine I will recommend this company to anyone and everyone
8/3/2021 - anthony m. - NC
The experience was good one under the circumstances, the transmission arrived in pretty good time and was installed shortly after. At this point, it seems to be working pretty well and hoping to get a great deal of miles out of it. If I come to need any other sizeable parts of the drive train, I will use AM Auto Parts yet again.
8/3/2021 - anthony m. - NC
The experience was good one under the circumstances, the transmission arrived in pretty good time and was installed shortly after. At this point, it seems to be working pretty well and hoping to get a great deal of miles out of it. If I come to need any other sizeable parts of the drive train, I will use AM Auto Parts yet again.
8/3/2021 - Tytrone B. - GA
It was a good experience as I had inquired of other auto parts businesses for an engine for my Acura RL and was not satisfied with those businesses as there were not as informative as AM Auto.AM Auto was straight up with me ,gave me a 3yr warranty as I wanted.so far my car Iis running fine and I would recommend to anyone looking for any car parts to contact this company first.Thank youn
8/3/2021 - Kenneth M. - AR
The transmission worked perfectly, delivered in a reasonable time , great warranty. Will be using you guys again ty.
8/3/2021 - Mark C. - NC
Joseph was great to work with he explained everything to me He answered all my questions and everything he said happened. My car is running great. Thanks
8/2/2021 - Cynthia G. - FL
Well, the transmission is working awesome, The was that you had told me you already had one and would be coming out of Tampa, Florida nearly 6 weeks later we were emailed that it was now coming from California? This added about two more weeks of waiting for something we had already paid for and had a mechanic standing by to do the work?
8/2/2021 - Jason M. - TN
Well the transmission seems to be working quite well, I had my mechanic put a new filter and fluid in it and then afterwards after I drove it home and tried to activate my warranty. I read the fine print and i discovered it needed to have new seals in order for the warranty to be valid. My mechanic informed me he would of done this had he known before hand but he did not see any point in changing them. With that being said, it took 2 or 3 weeks for you all to clean and inspect the transmission prior to sending it to me. Why wouldn't you take the seals out and then ship it to me? R/ Jason McCarroll
8/2/2021 - JERRY H. - AL
Everything was good had too wait a bit to talk to someone but I understand they were busy all went good
8/1/2021 - Erica Y. - CA
I loved my experience with am auto parts they were fast straight to the point very helpful if I had a problem or question they answered it buy the time I was done with the whole process they felt like I had known them for years and was able to feel like they were an extended family I would order from them again and again.my mechanic even told me the engine he put in for I got from am auto was a very good engine he asked were I got it from.so thank you am auto you guys were great.thanks Justin you made me fell like family.
8/1/2021 - DOUG T. - GA
I was very pleased with the experience from start to finish. Would recommend and will use again!
8/1/2021 - PATRICK E. - AL
Everything was great, Motor runs good everything excellent
8/1/2021 - Dennis P. - CO
The service is excellent 👌AM Auto parts tanks
8/1/2021 - ANTHONY F. - FL
Your guy was great, the service was very pleasant and professional, engine runs great, thanks
8/1/2021 - TERRY H. - MS
The service was very good and shipping could have been a little better but I did receive my engine. I would buy another engine from this company.
8/1/2021 - S K. - GA
Good service, fair price and delivery on time
7/31/2021 - Abram Z. - TN
It did take a longer than expected. But the sales team up at a.m. Auto parts know their stuff. They contacted me and ask for specific details about the production dates. I was only aware of the correct year but not the correct month, but they are really experts at their craft. They let me know that I wouldn't have to know some more details about the production date found on my car. As soon as they have the exact information they needed my order was shipped out within 24 hours. Thanks again, Abe.
7/30/2021 - Doug Q. - TX
Got the engine installed and it ran great! Customer communication and shipping was fantastic! Will use AM for all my used parts.
7/30/2021 - MIchael W. - GA
We purchased a transmission and it has been great. Customer service was very helpful and answered all questions quickly and efficiently. The only complaint I had was the shipping was slow. At the end of the day when shipping is free why complain. Will definitely order again.
7/30/2021 - John C. - VA
The transmission has been installed and works very well. The total expenses are excellent in the results.
7/27/2021 - Corey w. - GA
The motor works ,but the bottom pans were bent. I had to pay the mechanic 180.00 to swap out the pans...I sent the pictures in a email July 7.. You guys said you would take care of it, as of today I'm still out of 180.00 because the bottoms pans were bent.
7/27/2021 - DJ M. - KS
You guys are GREAT i will always purchase my engines and transmissions from you guys.
7/27/2021 - Arsim q. - NJ
Part came on time and the service was excellent! very satisfied...
7/27/2021 - LARRY M. - VA
Everything is good with the engine I purchased from you guys you all service was great the only problem I had was with the delivery company my delivery time was changed three different times I finally got it I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone. Great company.
7/27/2021 - Lee H. - MD
Great service reliable product! Highly recommend
7/27/2021 - Miguel G. - NJ
Great experience fully satisfied I really recommended it.
7/26/2021 - THOMAS t. - IN
First time ordering, went pretty well
7/26/2021 - JAY O. - TX
So far so good engine running great, time will tell.
7/26/2021 - Charles L. - NM
Wow $1000 cheaper than local junk yard for new tranny. AMUAP first to offer online quote, took a chance and they delivered seems to be working well. Also easily registered for the 3 year guarantee. Thank you AMUAP 🙋🏻‍♂️🏎 ✅
7/25/2021 - MARTIN C. - NY
First, it was nice to find a part for the vehicle. 2nd, was noce to deal with your company and sales team. So, it was a great all around experience with the whole process from start to finish. The transmission is working perfectly as promised. Thank you.
7/25/2021 - Albert D. - VA
Thank you for your help with my transmission. Doing business was fast and easy and the salesman was helpful and knowledgeable. My transmission was delivered promptly and without any problems. I would recommend you to any of my friends and family.
7/25/2021 - Arthur a. - SD
Shipped in a timely manner, price was reasonable. Still waiting for my mechanic to get it installed ! It’s hard to get anything done this day and time . Was pleased with your performance, will be making more purchases in the future!
7/25/2021 - Joshua W. - NJ
Was a great experience from beginning to end. Very knowledgeable on the parts department side. I received a great product and a very timely manner. I would recommend A & M Auto Parts to anyone looking for engines or Transmissions. Thank you very much ANM me and my family appreciate it very very much thank you very much Joshua walrath
7/24/2021 - Jesus M. - CA
Hy thanks for take care the engine I bout from you, first won’t turn finally I make turn and my customer is happy, engine is power no burn oil and he is happy I am to and thanks tu you guys. Jesus MARRON.
7/24/2021 - Jaraune H. - TX
AM auto parts are the best. I purchased a engine from them for my 92' Buick Roadmaster and received my part sooner then expected. It had low mileage and overall was a great experience.I received my invoice in hours and my payment wasn't pulled from my card until my order was ready to ship. The customer service was great and I will definitely use them again and refer all my friends and family. Thanks guys I'll give you 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7/24/2021 - SHERLONDA W. - GA
Great car is running have to fix my relay for my damn but overall motor is fantastic… but still not driving until I fix the relay..
7/23/2021 - Glen C. - FL
I am very happy with the transmission I purchased. The shipping took a little longer than I expected but all is well. If I need a part I will look you all up.
7/23/2021 - William K. - FL
Paul was right on with the order and paper work courteous Got the motor as promised ,clean Will order again if need be Thx William Kanzenbach
7/23/2021 - Samantha W. - FL
My experience with AM Auto parts was a life saver! They gave me the lowest price on a transmission and even divided the payment so that I could make the purchase over 2 days time! Nobody can beat their price and service! Thanks AM!
7/20/2021 - Donald J. - TX
I’m really happy with the transmission received from am auto parts is working great thanks
7/20/2021 - Krystyna M. - CT
The service was quick and easy. The product arrived at my door in great condition even for the part being an old part it was very clean which made installation much more easier. When i contacted customer service with a question, they were able to answer all of my questions quickly and efficiently. I was very happy to have found this company for what i needed. Prices were excellent and very affordable. Products were shipped very quickly and efficiently. Even the shipping company that they went through were excellent to deal with. Definitely not something that you deal with on a daily basis. If i were to recommend a used auto part company for anyone that was looking to purchase a used engine or transmission for there vehicle, i would most definitely refer them to this company. Its not often that u find a company that is willing to go the extra mile and offer you a quality service like the one that i myself experienced from this company. I was hesitant on buying anything used, especially a transmission, however, this company was able to put my fears to rest and i am most grateful for that. Thank you. I hope that this review will put some other people's fears at ease when it comes to buying used engine or transmissions for there vehicle. This is the place to go and the people to see.
7/20/2021 - Jamie H. - CT
The car has been running perfect after having the new engine installed. I have no complaints whatsoever!! I would definitely refer a friend.
7/19/2021 - Jennifer j. - MD
Received in a timely matter.put transmission in about 3 was ago and it has been great every since customer service was very helpful during shipping process
7/19/2021 - ANTONIO M. - SC
So far so good im quite impressed very very more likely I'll be doing business with you guys in the future.👍🏽
7/19/2021 - Gary B. - GA
It was a very simple process and I received exactly what I ordered. The motor I purchased is running perfectly.
7/19/2021 - Edward S. - FL
Transmission works great. However, I had to pay extra money to pay $160 extra to fedex to the service shop that was charged for the delivery. I called and talked to AM and they told me to email the receipt from fed ex to a bogus email address. I tried to fax it to the fax number, and The UPS store couldn’t get it to answer. The UPS store then called the AM phone number and nothing. I’m in need of a 4l80e transmission now, and I’m not sure what to do. Hopefully AM will read this and make it good, and I might buy it from them.
7/19/2021 - lashon b. - MS
The experience was very professional. All were knowledgeable about the entire process. I am pleased. Good job.
7/18/2021 - Michael r. - NY
I had a great experience transmission run great like 👍 I will definitely refer a friend great customer service keep up the good work
7/17/2021 - John T. - MI
Bought 2013 3.6 with 32k on it. Had it put in and my challenger runs like a brand new car. If I ever buy another engine it will be from AM auto parts. The engine was listed with only 32k miles on it. after having it installed. My challenger runs like a brand new car. Thanks, Joseph, and the crew at AM auto parts. You are now my go to guys for awesome running engines
7/17/2021 - RICK S. - OH
Fast, easy, friendly, helpful, great quality at a great price. I would recommend AM USED AUTO PARTS to everyone anytime.
7/17/2021 - Perry I. - PA
I purchased a transmission from AM Auto Parts for my 1998 Ford pickup after much searching other outlets. The service was very professional. My part was shipped in a reasonable time. I was informed of where it was with the tracking information. My part was delivered in good shape to my mechanic and was installed without any issues. I would certainly consider ordering from them in the future. Thanks for the fine service. Terry Irwin, PA.
7/17/2021 - Teresa m. - SC
I love the vtech four cylinder motor it run great
7/17/2021 - Troy C. - SC
I think my purchase was a great choice. I have nothing but great reviews for the company. My engine runs great. Shipping took a little longer than I would have liked but other than that it was a smart choice to go with.
7/16/2021 - Wayne S. - FL
So far so good with the engine, impressed with the 3yr unlimited mileage warranty, process to buy and get engine went well.
7/14/2021 - Michael C. - WA
Joseph was awesome in helping me match the engine to the vechicle. Also helping us through all the things that came up. All the Covid craps, in shipping it snowed in Texas and that delayed shipment for a week . Then we missed the rescheduled shop time as to allow for shipping delays. Finally installed and running well, You came highly recommend and I will pass the word along for you. Thank you, Michael Corded Ferndake, Wa
7/13/2021 - JOHN K. A. - TN
Engine was in excellent condition and priced right. I would highly reco mmend this company!!!
7/13/2021 - Jesus m. - CA
Got good deal on a used engine with very low mileage with a longer warranty compared to others seller had more cheap engine but very high mileage. 3month warranty.. thank you for the great deal I'm very happy with my purchase..
7/13/2021 - Eric D. - CA
My experience was good. Part I ordered was what I expected and they kept me informed of the shipping status. I would order from them again. Thank you
7/13/2021 - James R. - AL
Very pleased and will use again when I need something else
7/12/2021 - L C. - MT
AM Used Auto parts is an excellent place to buy parts from and deal with. I have bought one engine and one transmission from them. Both items have performed great! I am getting ready to purchase another transmission from them. They are timely and professional. I would not deal with anyone else.
7/12/2021 - RICAHRD A. - NY
Purchased a used Acura V6. Most affordable and shipped promptly to my mechanic. Great motor and warranty process was simple and straightforward
7/12/2021 - John A. - TX
I ordered a transmission for a Dodge Charger last month, received it in a few days and had the car back on the road in 2 days after that. Smooth, quick, and inexpensive transaction. I recommend using AM Used Auto Parts anytime you are shopping for auto parts.
7/12/2021 - David K. - NC
Excellent used motor. Shipped and received in a timely manor. Installed and runs perfectly.
7/11/2021 - Bradley D. - LA
I purchased a engine for my truck with AM Auto Parts. The engine was shipped and arrived by freight delivery to the mechanic shop just as agreed. I have had the engine installed and have been very satisfied thus far. I have already recommended others in need to give them a try. I will happily use them again in the future if I ever need them again
7/11/2021 - ANGELAFAYE P. - LA
My experience with AMAUTO PARTS was very prompt & courteous!! Thanks To Bryan😊🙌💪!!! Price quote was reasonable, & I am content, thusfar!😊
7/10/2021 - Walter F. - OH
Thank you for the 7.3 engine. Works great but the trucking company dropped it and damaged the oil pan and one header. Had both replaced and put a claim in to the trucking company for the damages. All good now. Thanks again. Walt Fleak
7/10/2021 - KENNETH H. - KS
Tranny working great. Thank you very much. Will b doing business with you again.
7/10/2021 - JUSTIN K. - FL
My motor worked very good and been Recommending y’all for any parts
7/9/2021 - Jack b. - CA
AM Used Auto Parts: Reference # O3124101 You provided very good parts and service. Part was received in clean and on time. Installation was quick and without a single problem. Communication with sales was in a timely order and all questions were responded quick. The post installation checks were without error codes and shifted smoothly through all gears.My customer was very pleased with the transmission you provided. Thank you: JD Motorcycle Jack Ballard
7/8/2021 - WILLIE C. - SC
My experience was good with the purchase so in the future I would be a repeat customer
7/6/2021 - WILLIAM G. - MI
Was great, I was a little concerned as they had a warranty on a used part that normally wouldn't be covered. The part arrived sooner than I expected by 4 days, and it works better than the part that was replaced, before it needed replaced. Will definit ely be a return customer.
7/5/2021 - RAQUEL V. - MD
Excellent!! Transmission work no problem until know.The Department team always updates my order.
7/5/2021 - JUSTIN D. - GA
Great transmission, prompt delivery to my door! Great price would buy from again! Thanks!
7/5/2021 - MARLENE G. - OH
They were friendly and very easy to work with! Package great and arrived on time! Excellent!!
7/5/2021 - Matthew W. - FL
Well the service was very good and the motor I purchased has been working great so far the only question I have is my brother just bought a motor from you all also but he said that in order to get the warranty you have to register the motor with you all in case something happens so it's covered and I never received any paperwork or was it automatically done when I purchased the motor back on I think it was on 5-5-21 and I was just wondering what I need to do to make sure that if I have any problems with it that it is gonna be covered by the 3 year unlimited milage warranty thank you and hope that I don't run into any problems if I have to have something covered:.
7/4/2021 - Saul S. - IL
Thank you fornthe transmission. Everthing is working.
7/4/2021 - Mohammed K. - NC
Thanks for a wonderful customer service. The engine and transmission I bought for my Dodge Grand Caravan 2011 is running very fine fir now and it an excellent customer service in the delivery system. The supervisor I interacted with has an excellent communication skills in customer service. Thanks, Mohammed, Charlotte, NC.
7/4/2021 - ELBERT C. - SC
The experience from initial phone call about a replacement engine was as described with no hidden or additional costs for on-time delivery of product. The engine was professionally packed to ensure there no shipping and handling issues. Once engine were inspected and installed, the Amuap agent was very instrumental ensuring that the warranty process was completed and on file. Overall a great experience for a online major purchase. True professionalism at its best. I have been driving the vehicle now for over two months without any issues. Highly recommended company…
7/4/2021 - IBRAHAM A. - FL
Very good prices, professional staff and reliable source to buy engine and transmission. Happy 4th of July.
7/3/2021 - Norman D. - GA
I'm very satisfied with the Engine and service i received if I had a question about something all I had to do is and they was there and with a answer great prices and awesome service keep up the good work .
7/2/2021 - Jeff B. - MO
experience was good. received engine as promised. only thing worth mentioning is i didn't receive documentations stating mileage of engine. engine does run as stated. no engine lights.
7/1/2021 - Patrick H. - TN
Received transmission . Prompt shipment. Transmission shifts well. So far so good. Will recommend.
7/1/2021 - Patrick H. - TN
Received transmission . Prompt shipment. Transmission shifts well. So far so good. Will recommend.
7/1/2021 - Jamain W. - LA
Good service and great products. Shipping was a little slow but not because of the company. My engine is installed and running perfectly. Will recomend.
7/1/2021 - TYRON W. - OH
So far im okay with delivery have not installed Transmission yet waiting for a off day
6/29/2021 - Chad H. - OR
Great service, The part was available and shipped out fairly quickly. The pricing was better than anyone else's. Would purchase again from them.
6/28/2021 - JAMES R. - AR
Bryan was the best.
6/28/2021 - Attn R. - TX
I had no problem ordering the transmission i needed for my Honda Civic. Brian was knowledgeable and friendly. And he did a good job.
6/27/2021 - Georgiana B. - SC
They guys were great, knowledgeable and very helpful in me purchasing a used motor for my Ford F-150. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and be a return shopper. Thanks again for a great product at a awesome price. Robert Ballenger, Greenwood,SC
6/27/2021 - ROBERT R. - LA
I was looking for a year specific engine and with the help of AM they were able to locate and ship an engine to me. It was as promised and after a few minor repairs, the engine was installed and runs perfect. Thanks AM for your help.
6/26/2021 - JANNETTE M. - AZ
My first engine was no good, but it was replaced right away with a different one and it’s doing great. Pleasant and helpful
6/25/2021 - Feras J. - MI
The transaction was pleasant with Paul EXT# 4078. I received the engine and it ran good. I tried contacting Paul and left several messages to activate the warranty and did not get a call back. I am not sure if my customer's warranty was activated on that engine and I got too busy to keep calling and leaving messages.
6/25/2021 - Gregory P. - NC
I am totally happy with my Chevrolet 5.7 Vortec engine. It was supposed to have 90,000 miles on it and because it is a 1996 I decided to reseal everything. I pulled the heads to replace the valve seals and couldn’t believe there was no wear in the piston bores and not even a scratch. I pulled the pan and discovered it is a very rare 4 bolt main block. The vortex heads are perfect, so I touched up the valves with lapping compound. I went ahead and replaced all the bearings. I bought the engine for $1,000 and put $200 in parts, I could sell it for $2,000. It would have ran fine if I would have just installed it and it would have gone 100,000 more miles, but it will go 200,000 miles by rebuilding it for $2oo. It was from a van so I can’t use the exhaust manifolds which is a shame because they look new. I feel like I got really lucky, and I got it in 1 week, Thanks
6/25/2021 - ish S. - FL
Engine runs great came in rough very dirty rusty condition took extra hours to clean it up. Also had problems getting shipped on time was two weeks past original delivery date order dept and shipping department people were very courteous and friendly every thing worked out good quality slow delivery would still recommend your company to my friends and family. Sincerely , Stephen Gavras
6/25/2021 - Rick M. - AL
Excellent service and price! Had to change delivery location and all that was handled in one phone call. Received engine as promised. Clean and runs great Great business experience!
6/22/2021 - JESSICA D. - LA
I thank you for get my engine and transmission to me on time and have a 3 year warranty on everything.
6/22/2021 - Jeff M. - VA
I had a very good experience It was one of the easiest times I've ever won online and bought anything It was shipped in a very timely manner Very pleased with the motor that I purchased And a gave a friend Is the company's name and he purchased a motor for Is a BMWAnd he is very pleased as wellSo overall it was a very good experience and I'm very pleased with the motor of purchased and the warranty that come with itAnd the sales paper was very polite and very helpful and I thought it was a very good price along with a 3 year warranty couldn't have been pleased any betterThanks again for everything if I ever need anything else I will purchase from you all
6/21/2021 - GEORGE C. - AL
Engine came on time and in good order.
6/20/2021 - Tyson B. - ut
I had a great experience. My salesman was very knowledgeable and helpful. Any questions I had were answered in a timely manner. I got a good low mileage engine that I currently now running in my truck.
6/20/2021 - TIMOTHY P. - PA
Very happy with my purchase everything is running fine
6/19/2021 - Michael C. - TN
So far, so good ! Your sales associate was professional and courteous. Second time I have used your company for major purchase. When in need I will definitely use your services again, thank you.
6/19/2021 - RONNIE M. - PA
AM used auto parts was the first company to respond to my needs of a Transmission for my 06 Nissan Xterra. The team you guys have was awesome 👍. Everything happened exactly how you said it would. Got my transmission in great time and in great condition. I would not hesitate to purchase auto parts or recommend AM to friends. Thank You for your service and help.
6/18/2021 - Sylvia C. - SC
I am very happy with the transmission purchase from AM , the salesman was straight to point of what had the warranty, shipping and most of the price was Awesome and reasonable. In the near future if i would need any auto part or my family or friends they will be highly recommend. And the staff was nice patiently
6/18/2021 - Mary O. - MS
The engine was shipped in a day and arrived at the repair shop in less than a week. Engine was in great shape and was secured to the pallet for shipping. The engine was installed and runs great.
6/16/2021 - Jerry C. - OR
EXCELLENT !! Very clear and to the point . Sales Rep was professional and very helpful .The product arrived on time and well under buget . I would highly recommend going this avenue . VERY PLEASED ! THANK YOU GUY's at A M AUTO PARTS
6/14/2021 - SCOTT C. - GA
Absolutely a great place to work with . If I need to again I definitely will use them for my automotive needs
6/14/2021 - CANDACE L. - NC
My experience with AM Auto Parts was fantastic. Within minutes of searching for the part I needed, AM contacted me. The sales person I worked with was outstanding as well. Brian Johnson was very helpful and answered every question I asked with knowledge. I would highly suggest to anyone looking for parts for their vehicle to my family and friends and anyone else asking. I'll definitely be using them again if another vehicle issue comes up! Thanks so much!!
6/14/2021 - Employee Mike D. - SC
The process from start to finish was easy as it gets. Started out by giving the sales rep the VIN # and then was quoted a great price. Purchased a transmission with a 3 year warranty. Transmission was shipped to our facility and we installed the transmission. Everything works perfectly. Would recommed
6/14/2021 - loubert v. - FL
My experience was formidable with AM Auto Parts , the engine is working pretty good
6/13/2021 - Rachel M. - WI
I was in need for a CVT transmission and AMauto parts was quick to respond with the best price and warranty. Shipping was extremely fast. If I need to, I will definitely go through this company again.
6/12/2021 - Anitra I. - NC
The product runs great! The delivery was fast. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone.
6/12/2021 - Joshua K. - TN
The motor came quickly and looked great . it was installed and ran perfectly fine. I have not had any issues since it was installed.. Thank you . Will use in future for any other motor swaps
6/12/2021 - Matthew P. - Montana
Good experience, satisfied customer here. Ordered a new transmission for my Ford Explorer Sport Trac and wasn’t impressed when the unit came in. The fluid was burnt, had a sweet smell to it and the valve body gaskets were on their way out. But after a new gasket set and fresh fluid installed it operates like nothing happened. My truck is now back on the road! All it needed was a bit of regular maintenance and it was good to go. I’d recommend to anyone.
6/11/2021 - JAMEY T. - CA
Thanks again
6/11/2021 - JAMEY T. - CA
Thanks again
6/11/2021 - Alton H. - NC
As soon as my transmission gets installed I will notify you when it's done.
6/11/2021 - Kennard R. - PA
I am not what you would call a car guy but they answered all my questions and help me thru the process. Everything went just the way they said. Thanks for good customer service.
6/11/2021 - Marva B. - MN
It was great your customer service was fantastic the engine is running great and the price didn't break me. Thanks for the great service
6/11/2021 - Dalton U. - NC
The engine is in my truck and running great there was a couple things broken but they were all easy fixes!
6/11/2021 - William S. - NJ
Very knowledgeable staff courteous.very thorough double check every to make sure you would receive your purchase and that it matches up to your vehicle!
6/10/2021 - STEVEN J. - AR
Very impressed with the transmission & service, if I need another one I will come back
6/10/2021 - Steve G. - VA
Wonderful the way you guys handle customers thank you guys.
6/10/2021 - Tracy L. - GA
My experience went great I was helped more than I expected since I'm so far away I hope everything goes good when I install them thanks for everything
6/9/2021 - ROBERT B. - MS
Yall great customer service and support . I had a great experience with yall
6/7/2021 - Anthony M. - FL
We purchased an engine for my 2008 Grand Vitara. Let me tell you from the beginning up until the engine was delivered was an easy, friendly experience. The engine came with all the wiring intact. My master mechanic said he has never in his 25+ years seen an engine come so complete as this one. My little SUV runs BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you to AM Auto Parts!
6/7/2021 - Timothy M. - FL
Very good experience .
6/7/2021 - RONALD B. - AR
Great communication and service. Brian Johnson was on top off all the order submitted. Very professional and on time with delivery. I would trust use AM used auto parts again and again. Thanks so much Ron Barker order # 03113020
6/6/2021 - CHASTINE G. - LA
Over all good strong motor so far the pulling of the motor
6/5/2021 - Inal G. - NJ
i am not doing it only for the drawing,exellent customer service and happy with my order.
6/5/2021 - Charles B. - KS
The motor is tight runs great needs a little tuning for minor issue left bank a little rich. No complaints
6/5/2021 - ROBERT D. - NC
Service was very helpful. I received the correct part in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. Will use AMUAP again.
6/4/2021 - Charles I. - PA
Hello. the price was good and the garentee for a year is very good the part work out werll and runs good.
6/4/2021 - Charles I. - PA
Hello. the price was good and the garentee for a year is very good the part work out werll and runs good.
6/4/2021 - Colin S. - PA
Purchased an engine from your company. With ordering you can get all the help you need. Your sales team takes the worry out of buying. I would back your company anytime. Thanks for an easy transition and help!
6/4/2021 - Gregor S. - TN
I bought a used transmission for a 2097 Altima. Although it took almost a month to arrive, it seems as though it had been carefully checked to make sure it was in working condition. It is running perfectly.
6/4/2021 - Ryan T. - Utah
Hi. I had about as good of an experience as could be asked for with AM Auto Parts. I talked with them on the phone and they were very friendly. They gave me advice and information in a courteous and polite way. I thought that their Ebay page was very easy to understand and resourceful. If I had to give them a grade overall, it would be an A!
6/4/2021 - Manuel A. - NC
Absolutely excellent service and had the transmission I needed for the best price I could ask for. I will definitely be shopping with AM in the future. I have also never received a part so quickly and the process was extremely simple.
6/3/2021 - ANDWAR P. - SC
Good job finding me an engine at a good price .............
6/2/2021 - van S. - GA
Great engine runs well
6/2/2021 - Robert A. - Texas
Reference # O3098298: the transmission I got is working good. Customer service was good could have got here a little quicker other than that everything was ok. Thank you have a good evening.
6/2/2021 - Montana C. - Maryland
You answered all my questions and help it get to the house quick as possible I thank you for that transmission is no problem runs good thank you again
6/1/2021 - Rene c. - TX
the folks at AMUAP are always spot on!!!
6/1/2021 - ANTHONY C. - FL
good company bought many engines and transmission always stay behind there engines and transmissions will continue doing businesses with them
6/1/2021 - Charlie T. - LA
My experience was excellent every time I email something I get a response right away when I call I get an answer immediately.
6/1/2021 - Travis J. - AZ
The transmission I bought was the exact fit for my vehicle. I paid a little more than I budgeted for but it was worth it to get quality. Shipping time was just right. I had no problem with my purchase or dealing with customer service. I will definitely buy from your company in the future.
5/31/2021 - Linda P. - OK
I am well satisfied with the transfer case I bought from AM auto parts. They shipped and I recieved it with no problems. Thank u AM auto
5/31/2021 - Scott W. - TX
The engine went right in with no problems.
5/31/2021 - DAVID D. - OK
Great experience really friendly staff and helpful
5/31/2021 - KASANDRA P. - NC
Easy shopping experience for someone who doesn’t know much about car parts.
5/31/2021 - DEVIN S. - CA
Great company. Engine arrived in perfect condition. Would recommend 10 out of 10.
5/31/2021 - ANGELINA B. - FL
Everything was great from the beginning to the end
5/31/2021 - Therom S. - CA
My shopping experience was great. I got the correct part needed promptly and it’s serving the installed vehicle very well. Thank you for selling quality used Auto Parts. Theron Sanders Sr. Atwater, CA.
5/31/2021 - shcharansky V. - SC
Great Business...
5/31/2021 - PABLO V. - FL
Great job finding me an engine, the The sales person think it was Bob was very Knowledgeable and they were two assessment I also spoke to someone regarding an activated my warranty I emailed my information but I haven’t got a confirmation on my warranty it’s been about 3 to 4 weeks maybe longer so I’m not sure so I’ll follow up with a phone call but everyone was very very nice and very professional and the engine is really really great condition I really appreciate it do you have my recommendation
5/30/2021 - TERRANCE C. - GA
My experience was totally awesome. Reps were friendly, timely, and gave sons advice. Product was delivered within timeframe promised and the right item the first time. No long waits on the line and able to speak with a pleasant well informed rep each time I called. Thanks for your outstanding service.
5/30/2021 - Patrick J. - wa
I purchased a transmission from another transmission shop, when I brought one from you, it felt more personal. You have a 3 year warranty, last company had 30 day warranty and my transmission lasted 8 months, I am retired and don't drive that much.
5/30/2021 - Adam s. - GA
The service was excellent and the motor is a good and strong. The shipping was on time and plus they give you day to day updates on your shipment
5/30/2021 - Anite B. - TX
We were very impressed with your employees. They were very informative with everything I asked them. They were friendly and respectful. The shipment was fast and on time. My mechanic said everything was wrapped up nice. And my car drives great now. So thank you AM Auto Parts
5/30/2021 - SILVIA M. - CA
My experience was very good from beginning to end. The people were very knowledgeable in regards to the part I was looking for , everything was done in a very timely manor and everyone I spoke with were very pleasant and helpful. I would definitely shop and refer customers to AM Auto.
5/30/2021 - JOSEPH L. - LA
My engine is a charm runs like a hummingbird I love it and I will buy another and tell everybody I know about how you guys have grate service and dam good parts
5/30/2021 - Jamie R. - TN
Delivery was well handled. Everything seems intact. Will install the trans soon and hope all goes well.
5/30/2021 - Jamie R. - TN
The delivery was prompt and everything looks very well so far. We are working on getting them installed and hope to be as pleased with the performance.
5/27/2021 - Orland O. - SC
Y’all were super nice helped me with everything I asked delivery was super easy no problems at all so thank you very much for making buying a motor super easy
5/27/2021 - RAUL D. - KS
It have been a good experience buying an engine from you guys the emgone I did buy is been rinning good
5/27/2021 - Kenneth C. - VA
My experience is great. I have brought 3 motors from y’all.
5/27/2021 - Barry D. - TN
Great experience. Very helpful. Transmission came to me in a safe manner.
5/26/2021 - Rene C. - TX
we've been working with you for many years. service is always great.
5/25/2021 - Ron D. - KS
I am very happy so far, the engine is running flawlessly. I talked to Joseph Miller today and he looked up my 3 year warranty and told me it is activated. I am very glad I bought the motor from you all. Thanks for the great service.------Ronald Dole
5/25/2021 - Sara W. - Va
Quick, easy and any question I had were addressed professionally. I would use your services again and recommend you to my friends. Andy
5/25/2021 - THOMAS S. - LA
Bryan was very knowledgeable and helpful, and the transmission arrived at the time promised. It was an exact match and performed perfectly. I am glad that I gave them a call!
5/25/2021 - RANDY C. - ME
Was great service and fast delivery. We did have to pay extra when we got the motor home because of a couple broken heads off the screws. We would definately buy from here again.
5/25/2021 - JOSE L. - TN
It is a totally good experience in prices and quality of parts and above all the attention provided by the staff tak
5/25/2021 - HILDA L. - CA
Fast dependable and honest
5/25/2021 - Josh M. - KY
Service was good and transmission works great ... thank you
5/25/2021 - Troy a. - Iowa
Your team was very efficient an very helpful with my engine and it got to me in a timely manner I'm referring all my friends and family who's interested in new / used parts thank you .
5/24/2021 - ANTONIO C. - MS
My name is Mr. Cole. My experience with AM used auto parts was fantastic. They made sure I had the right part, and they shipped it out sooner than I really expected. I will be shopping with them again.
5/24/2021 - Macius J. - NC
Thank you
5/24/2021 - GEOVANTE G. - LA
You gave me a good 3 years warranty and low mileage and. make me happy
5/23/2021 - JEFFEREY A. - NY
Great service from sales to delivery. Engine went in great and Camaro is on the road with the top down.
5/23/2021 - Liam Q. - CA
Our experience dealing with AM Auto Parts could not be improved. The communication, price, shipping, and value was exceptional. The transmission we purchased works absolutely perfectly. I recommend AM Auto Parts whole heartedly and will gladly do business with them in the future.
5/23/2021 - Andre W. - OH
The engine can in a decent time and it was as I expected to be good job
5/22/2021 - David S. - FL
I was very pleased with the price and service. I ordered an engine for my 2011 Ford Edge and it is running great. I will use them again if I need any more parts. The great overall experience from ordering to shipping and the engine was cleaner and better than I expected. Thanks
5/21/2021 - MARLON S. - GA
I am very please with my purchase
5/21/2021 - Ken k. - MI
So far so good. Was shipped timely and professionally. Engine is in my Suburban and runs well, except for the oil sending sensor will need replaced. No knocks or tics. I would use you again, if needed.
5/18/2021 - Christopher R. - NC
I was very pleased with the courtesy and service of the salesman. Also, everything from delivery, quality, and warrantee activation went as promised. so far, I would rate AM auto parts with an A+...
5/18/2021 - Ginny B. - Tennessee
I have experienced great customer service and product on time as expected with each purchase.
5/18/2021 - Natalie C. - Pennsylvania
5/18/2021 - JAMES R. - KY
The communication and expertise of the customer service unit was invaluable. The transmission was received in good time and condition. After installation of the transmission everything worked and continues to work well. Your help is greatly appreciated.
5/17/2021 - Deon K. - VA
Ordered a engine it came on time warranty activation was easy so far its been a good experience.
5/17/2021 - Les S H. - VA
My experience with AM Auto Parts was excellent. The CSR was very helpful, knowledgeable and gave me all the help I needed to make a good purchase. Thanks.
5/16/2021 - MARK J. - PA
Transmission good but no drain plug Most likely because junk yards today must drain all fluids Funny that they don't save them like I save screws and bolts that I might need years down the road
5/16/2021 - Meredith B. - LA
Service was good and delivery was prompt. As well as, full of detailed information about the part I purchased. The transmission seems to be working well so far.. Thank you for yalls service . I would definitely recommend your company and would use it again , if necessary..
5/16/2021 - Willard S. - NC
Hay the best price I could find and the easiest place to get what I was looking for they answered every question I had to make sure I was getting the right part thanks for everything. I would remind buying from AM Auto Parts.
5/16/2021 - CRAIG A. - KY
Everything about my experience with AM Auto Parts was good. Customer Service, Fast Shipping and any and all questions answered in a timely manner. Will be coming back with any purchases I have in the future.
5/16/2021 - anna C. - MT
Engine runs decent. Company answered all my questions any time I called. Great prices and arrived in the given time frame. Only down side is it comes from Florida so my mechanic could tell from the salt water. And the previous owner never changed the spark plugs so those had to have a special tool used to get them out. Overall I am pleased with my purchase and my son is happy to have his truck back!
5/16/2021 - TIMONTY V. - ID
Happy with engine purchases
5/15/2021 - Brandon M. - PA
Getting my transmission for my 4Runner was rather quick! Which is GREAT! Just a quick call, they had the part I was looking for with a reasonable price! It got here within 2 weeks and mind you I’m in California! So 2 weeks flew by quick! I’m getting the transmission mounted in about 5 days! All thanks to AMuap!
5/15/2021 - John M. - NE
Your sales people are very helpful and not pushing also your guys prices are very reasonable cause out where I live the engine was going to cost me $2,500 with 96,000 miles and no warranty where your engine only cost me $1,495 with 36,000 miles on it with a 3 year warranty plus you guys had it delivered to the shop that put it in and after he put it there was no problems at all thank you guys keep up the good work
5/14/2021 - Scot B. - OH
Absolutely beautiful experience the motor was exactly what I order shipped in a nice crate low miles I will order Again and I will be telling all my friends thank you so much
5/13/2021 - Ricky f. - TN
Am did a great job getting my engine to me , but due to sickness in my family I haven't gotten it in my truck yet, thanks to all the staff for being so kind,I'm hoping to get my truck running this week, but hat's off to everyone
5/13/2021 - BRIAN W. - MN
They were very helpful once we had the misunderstanding was cleared up. The shipping date was correct and on time. Regrettably the shop to where it was shipped to hasn't put the engine in yet, so I don't know how the engine performs. If I were to order another engine or parts I would use AM Auto Parts again.
5/13/2021 - Richard B W. - AR
Process was easy to make the purchase. The sales rep I talked to was great!
5/13/2021 - Willie M. - TX
Engine is in and running pretty good so far, thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.
5/13/2021 - RONALD M. - CA
I am happy with the motor i finely received. It took over a month for it to arrive. The first motor they ordered the wrong one so they canceled it and forgot to inform me of it. That was the first two weeks. So i put in the second order which was twice the money of the first. Two weeks i get the notice it has shipped. one week goes by and i call and am told they are prepping it for shipment. one week later i call and am told its in texas . one week later i get a notice that it is at the local carrier but they can't deliver to a private residence. i let them know i will pick it up their. i contact carrier they know nothing about it. i contact you guys again you you tell me its on its way from florida. WHAT THE #$%# . One week later yay it arrives. You guys put me thru hell but the engine is working out just fine. Installed it my self , just got smogged , running just fine. Thx Ron
5/13/2021 - Darrin L. - Ca
Everything worked out great! Got here in a timely manner and car is running great.
5/13/2021 - Al G. - GA
5/12/2021 - Jacqueline F. - NY
Amazing service. Great quality transmission.
5/11/2021 - Joseph . - MS
Y’all shipping was fantastic. Did take a little longer than expected but I got my engine so everything is ok
5/11/2021 - Lloyd F. - MS
My transmission is working fine, I have no problem so far.
5/11/2021 - Shoncarter J. - MS
Great experience. Have referred 3 friends already
5/11/2021 - Barry Vacek M. - TX
Hello all at AM used Auto Parts. I hope that y'all are doing well and business is good. I have to say that I do appreciate doing business with you and it was a pleasing experience and Joe was very helpful. Massage a small problem with getting the engine delivered the first attempt of the truck was too big or something I don't know but anyway it got here and it's okay, it does have a little salty environment corrosion but it's okay it's going to work out good,again I thank you and y'all have a good week. You will be recommended. Until next time y'all take care and God bless. 😎 P.S. although I never win anything I appreciate you entering me into the sweepstakes. Maybe my luck will change hahaha.
5/11/2021 - LAWRENCE O. - LA
I am very happy with you guys. Your engine and transmission be good and we love the 3 year warranty you have so thank you.
5/11/2021 - David B. - MS
My experience was awesome and outstanding. I had complete access to help along the way as needed. Everything was easy all the way to the payment process with any hesitation. Here, you can't go wrong with whatever part you choose. Thanks for all you do and for making the process as simple as it gets.
5/11/2021 - SHARRON C. - CA
I purchased an engine for my 2008 dodge averager I live southern California the engine only had 51 thousand miles it's like new. It's the best thing I done this year. Because here in California they wanted to charge me almost 2 thousand for a engine with 98 thousand or 104 thousand miles. They also shipped to the shop for free. AM is the best Thank you Guys Bryan was my sales guy and he was so polite and very knowledgeable. Thanks again
5/10/2021 - David B. - GA
Purchased an engine for my sons 2007 Nissan Maxima. The step by step purchase and shipping process was well informed, quick, and effortless. My son is back on the road and loving his car. Thank You.
5/10/2021 - Dennis J. - TX
Got a good transmission at a great price. Shipped it to me halfway across the country for $0.00. Don't think I could have done better or had any easier of an experience in my transmission adventure. Just wish they would have installed it for me! Dennis E. Johnson
5/10/2021 - Amadeus J. - TX
I am pleased with my purchase. Joe was pleasant and very explainable about the engine, warranty and when it will arrive. I will be making another purchase will soon. Thanks again
5/10/2021 - Lizbeth M. - PA
I appreciate ur services if i ever need any more parta i wont hesitate to contact you again may God Bless Y'all
5/9/2021 - Princess B. - MS
I had a great experience with AM auto parts. They have really good parts with the warranty. I've gotten a transmission from those guys and it work great, all my parts I needed was on the transmission . It was really great
5/9/2021 - Billy M. - MS
I purchased a used transmission for my 99 Mustang.. I was gonna have a garage do the installation but due to the wait to get it into their facility I chose to do it myself. . I am 64 years old and on disability for my heart with a difribulator. , but I'm not dead yet. I have always done everything to my 97 Chevy C3500 crewcab. So with their waiting list and all I chose to install it myself. I have purchased 4L80E transmissions from Chevrolet and installed them in my driveway at home and they gave me warranty just like if they had done the work. This mustang took me a couple of weeks to do since I work six days a week and ten hours a day. I worked on it as I felt like it and made sure I did everything correctly. A couple of days ago I drove it to work.. Everything seems to be doing great. Everything I was told during the purchased worked out just as I was told. The delivery was smooth and on time. So far it's doing as I had hoped. Thanks for helping me out and getting me back on the road.i would recommend you guys to anyone looking for automotive parts
5/8/2021 - Jeremy S. - OK
BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT!!!!! GREAT EXPERIENCE thanks to this company & its customer service. The best product & prices in the country
5/8/2021 - JEREMY S. - OK
OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE!!!!!! Best money spent on my car. The only negative was a delay by the transport company but it was understandable. I purchased a motor & transmission for my suv that is used for deliveries & hotshot. I believe the vehicle runs better than new. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THIS COMPANY! First class company & customer service! This is the BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCKS!
5/8/2021 - Dan T. - TN
Just got the Nissan back yesterday.
5/8/2021 - Glenda h. - NC
Happy so far. Actually in the warranty process trying to get to a specialist because my throttle valve cable broke and the throttle position sensor needs to be replaced or properly adjusted.
5/6/2021 - JOHN S. - SC
Very happy customer service was awesome and very informative transmission fit like a glove ty
5/6/2021 - LINDA M. - MI
So far i have been very happy with my engine
5/6/2021 - Kenny S. - MO
I'm very satisfied with my purchase and my car is fixed and it is great thanks again 🙂 I know now what I need I can get through you and I trust you guys with my order and I will continue to use you guys if I ever need anything else again thank you and God bless you all
5/5/2021 - RONALD B. - FL
I spent many weeks searching around on the Internet for a quality used motor and picked A&M and I’m very pleased that I did. My engine is running perfect started right up after installation and have zero problems. I think you very much for prompt shipping and supplying me with a good quality motor. Thank you very much
5/4/2021 - Scott . - RI
You was great. And do whatever it will take to make the customer happy and satisfied. I will recommend you to all of my friends and family for they’re used car parts.
5/4/2021 - Joel F. - CA
Yes engines that I bought been good and good customer service thanks.
5/4/2021 - Kiffin B. - TN
second purchase, again, great price, great warranty, great delivery, transmission works as it should only hang up was charged twice by a technical issue and the only way to be refunded was to wait for a physical check no way to put the credit back on my card :(
5/4/2021 - Jeremiah C. - OH
i will recamend AM Auto parts you guys were able to help me get the right transmission for my car and it shipped when you said it would and arived in a timely manner for macanic to install car runs like a dream again thank you
5/3/2021 - WARREN W. - TX
All worked out well Thanks
5/3/2021 - Terral J. - GA
Great seller, and very helpful would definitely recommend!
5/3/2021 - JOHN P. - AL
I purchased a transmission from you. Delivery was as scheduled. Had transmission installed, changed filter,fluid,and gasket. Transmission worked as it should,and have had no issues. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Staff was very friendly,helpful and knowledgeable. I will do business with you in the future, and I've already recommend you to others. Thank you for your help. I give 5 star.
5/3/2021 - Clem S. - SC
My experience was good. Paul was very helpful throughout my experience. Thanks
5/3/2021 - Donald A. - FL
I have ordered 4 engines from AMuap all were shipped and received in good condition and good communication.
5/3/2021 - SHOSHONEY P. - TN
Good service
5/3/2021 - Martin C. - AR
I was very satisfied the staff was very knowledgeable and helpful i would recommend am to anyone they answered all my questions each time I called . I
5/3/2021 - NICOLE T. - AL
Happy with my decision to purchase my transmission from you all .... Reasonable price excellent service thank you.
5/2/2021 - Nortoh A. - MA
We received great customer service and was informed of every step from ordering , testing the part and shipping.
5/2/2021 - DANIEL K. - KS
Got it on a good time price is right engine runs like a brand new one glad you guys had one thank you
5/2/2021 - WILLIAM C. - AL
The delivery was delayed but,overall my experience with AM was a pleasant one.everyone was very nice and professional . you will have my business again if and when needed.also I have been referring your business to all my friends.
5/1/2021 - Arthur V. - TN
The experience I had with A&M was a good one I had purchased a trans from another company online which was not a good one they kept telling me my part would be there in a few days which never happen they to my CC and now I’m fighting to get the charges reversed,but you guys came thru for me it showed when you said it would.
5/1/2021 - Romone B. - MO
I can say onhestly I was please with the service and engine my car runs good and I'm a happy 😁 buyer am used auto parts they got the parts if yo car don't start!!! Money
5/1/2021 - Robert C. - IL
My experience with AM was very good. I dealt with Joseph miller in sales and he was very helpful. He was able to help me make sure the transmission I was buying would be the right fit for my car and after the purchase the communication to let me know when and how it had been shipped was very helpful and professional. I would highly recommend AM to anyone needing car parts and on top of the great service and quality parts the price along with the great warranty they offered was the best I could find, so thanks .
5/1/2021 - Lori B. - MI
Thank you for selling me a good running motor at a very good price.Before I found you I was finding motors that were high mileage for a much higher price.You sold me my motor for either $1250.00 or $1200 I'm not sure because of everything else I had to buy but the motor only had 71,000 miles with a 3 year warranty.And once I paid for it the motor was here in a matter of days.From the time my Santa Fe broke down to being fixed was only about 11 days.I will recommend you to anybody I know looking for a motor.
5/1/2021 - Fred l. - CA
Well it took awhile longer for the engine to get here , I put new caskets and seals and water pump starter . It runs really good so far . I’m satisfied with it so far . I would recommend you guys to my friends . If I need anything else I’ll look at your site first thanks Fred Laughlin
5/1/2021 - Quinton h. - LA
Yea I b brought a 4.6 for a f150 hell that was a good purchase I thank every much for working with me
4/30/2021 - JACKIE D. - KS
Customer service was good and my engine I bought is running. Had an issue that was handled by the seller I talked to every time. Great service and glad I did my business here. I recommend that you by from here because I received a good engine and you can too. Thanks for the great services. My 2011 chevy cruze 1.4 turbo engine runs great and you have made me a happy customer. Thankyou again for getting back in my cruze because I do love driving it.
4/30/2021 - Ricardo A. - CA
Thus far, the transmission purchased is doing great. There were no issues with the installation. It was just a little unfortunate and sub-par expectation that it took longer than was quoted to actually receive the transmission.
4/30/2021 - Susan I. - CA
Good Day, First of all the motor and transmission worked flawlessly. My only concern is for some unknown reason the drivers axle is too short. After all checks of motor mounts and all came to the conclusion that this must be a JDM motor so as of right now I'm having a custom made axle so I can put this car back on the road. Thanks, Kirk
4/28/2021 - Mark B. - OK
Shipping was not good, the shipper held the engine several days due to not having a lift truck available, I had to call them 3 times and was hung up by Wes out of Glenpool Ok. When the engine arrived they didn't even use the lift truck and slid it into the back of my pickup with no problem, the service from AM auto was great. Shipping was the only issue.
4/28/2021 - Baseer G. - NJ
I had no problems at all, with the added bonus of receiving a perfect transmission!! Thank you AM auto parts!!!
4/28/2021 - FREDDIE T. - GA
The ordering process was easy, the shipping was delayed a little (understandable), but the engine I received was perfect,it runs great,my customer appreciate and love it
4/27/2021 - Will P. - NC
Thank you all, the transmission is working great, everything was done just like I was told it would be in the ordering process and billing and receving, very good, thank you,
4/27/2021 - Henry F. - SC
At first I was going to scrap the car and by a new car. After much thought and finding a motor at you location, I decided to forgo the scrapping and replacing the motor. I called J. Miller and he was most helpful
4/27/2021 - Rene c. - TX
Hello- i have bough many and engine from Bobby at AM auto parts- he delivers on his promise - we make a good team -will continue to do business far into the future-Rene --R&J Pickup Parts
4/27/2021 - Ricjard F. - NE
Your service was excellent. You delivered in a timely manner. When I had questions about signing up for warranty, I spoke with a live person. Warranty registration was easy. Overall, a very good customer service. Rich Flannery
4/27/2021 - WILLIAM S. - NC
You have the right products I ordered one based on door code Which did not match what was in car. However they gave me A refund.
4/27/2021 - LAQUINTA C. - LA
Glad I ordered from this company! Customer services was excellent, everything went smoothly, even the shipping , with no issues.. I highly recommend AM Used Auto Parts.
4/27/2021 - Nnancy B. - MD
Engine came as described nothing to complain about I have yet to need the warranty but so far so good
4/27/2021 - Frits F. - SD
We are extremely grateful for all the services provided to us, the only problem we ran into was the 3 week delay on arrival, not sure even now what happened but at least we received it...and super happy about the cost to ship it $0.00 that might have cost a small fortune to deliver considering we live right in the center of South Dakota and with the motor weighing 700+ lbs. we are satisfied up to this point in time, suppose the real test will be how the motor runs in our duel, we live in the country and have to haul our water for our system 1500 gal. to fill our tank..but you have a great day and pray for rain...!!
4/27/2021 - Lowell M. - SC
I would highly recommend AM Auto parts. I purchased a engine for a 2011 Nissan Altima. The mechanic was very impressed with the condition and packaging. They kept me informed on the delivery until it arrived at the mechanic. The vehicle runs like a new car. Thank you AM for your assistance. I saved a lot of money by purchasing from you.
4/27/2021 - JOSE T. - UT
I’m very happy with the purchase of a transmission for my 2014 Subaru, It came in a timely matter and secure, Thnks for your prompt and secure transaction, I will definitely buy from you again and recommend you to my friends. Joe T.
4/27/2021 - WILLIAM T. - CO
My shopping, purchasing and final experience with delivery were all hassle free and quite simple. The used transmission came exactly as it was described online, the sales agent was great and even allowed a nominal discount after some brief negotiating. I’ve recommended AM Auto Parts to a few friends locally and will continue to do so. Thanks for the excellent service, competitive price and simple approach at doing business.
4/27/2021 - ROBBIN M. - VA
I was very please with the service, and Bryan Johnson was very informative and addressed all of my concerns. I would like Mr. Johnson to know he gave me peace of mind with my order, being I had never done this before and had fears. I express my fears and he talked me through it and explain your mission as far as what you company represented and the quality your company stood by. Thank you very much
4/27/2021 - Russell O. - GA
My shopping experience was great they sent me the right engine and when the engine didn't work they refunded my money and the price was better and lower than others I would recommend men them to my friends
4/27/2021 - Tedd a. - UT
Transmission works good but had to take it back out to replace front seal and pump gasket
4/27/2021 - CHRISTOPHER H. - NC
I have purchased several Engines & Transmissions from AM Auto Parts! I have never had an issue or concern! I am a dedicated lifelong customer! God forbid something were to happen and I ended up in a wheelchair I'm certain that they could get parts for the chair also! LOL
4/27/2021 - WILLIS W. - CT
Very well service
4/27/2021 - CHAD F. - NC
AM offered 3yr warranty on engine where as other places I checked only gave 90 days at best. Engine is running well to date, currently at 3 months after installing the replacement engine.
4/27/2021 - ALICIA F. - LA
These guys are a great alternative for our customers, they got me the product quickly so I did not have to hold up my bay. My company will use them in the future when we need another engine or transmission.
4/27/2021 - GERMAINE H. - PA
At first we had a shipping issue,I guess my transmission was left on the doc ,but it was saying it was ship, but after a few days of conversation back snd forth, issues got resolved transmission got shipped it's in my truck and it's running fabulous thank yous!¡!¡¡¡!!!!!!!
4/27/2021 - RICARDO M. - NM
E estado muy satisfecho con mis compras y mis garantias todo a sido muy relajante respecto alas compras gracias amauto 🥰
4/27/2021 - Ira H. - AZ
Ordered a transmission got wrong part ..emailed and they fixed the issue promptly.would use them agaiy
4/27/2021 - Wiley S. - IL
They was very professional and quick service, so far the motor is working fine . I would say it's 5star and I would recommend this place to anybody who needs a motor or transmission.
4/27/2021 - LISA C. - VA
It was great got it quicker than expected
4/26/2021 - Kiana E. - LA
I have nothing but outstanding things to say about my experience! Great customer service, detailed description of the items you are purxhasing, and very knowledgeable reps! That is why I have made three purchases and continue to send business your way! I bought two engines and a transmission which are working like new. Thanks for the outstanding customer experience!
4/26/2021 - Brian B. - NY
This company was very strait forward and very easy to deal with .I will definitely be getting more parts from them in the future. I would definitely recommend getting your motors from this place.
4/26/2021 - . -
Seamless experience. My rep was very knowledgeable and answered all of my concerns. I will definitely use this service again.
4/26/2021 - DENNISE R. - GA
I appreciate the good job Brain done. I live all the way in Georgia and my son needed a engine first and then a transmission. Great job. You all were referred to me by a friend. Thanks again. I am sure we will be using you all again in the future. Took my card with no problems and delivery was done very successfully. Good job AM used auto parts. Keep up the good work. I would recommend you all to anyone who is in need of parts. Thank you Thank you Thank you.. Thank you. Did I mention thank you..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I do not know what else to say. Pleasant experience know doubt about it. I hope I win the drawing. Great team work seems to go a long way with your company which is very rare in today's world. Outstanding service from begin to the end.......................................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........................
4/26/2021 - CHRIS C. - TX
The buying experience was very positive. We received the engine and installed it and seem to be running fine but have not been able to drive for long period due to brakes and other issues. The gentleman there Bryan I think who sold us the engine and everyone there were very helpful and supportive and seem to answer all of the questions we had. Thanks for all the support might need another engine or transmission someday.
4/26/2021 - Keiara A. - KY
My experience was great motor came very well
4/26/2021 - ERNIE G. - CA
I recently purchased Two transmissions and one engine and they worked fine I was very pleased with the timely delivery also my customers are very happy, will purchase more in the future
4/26/2021 - Lorenzo J. - FL
It was great customer service and the part was as described and i will order from am auto again
4/26/2021 - Cesar R. - CA
So far no probz
4/26/2021 - PETE L. - ND
The Motor is great, it's everything I was told it would be. Thank you, from a very satisfied Customer..
4/26/2021 - JOHN P. - MA
Not bad it just took to long but I am happy with the engine
4/26/2021 - Bob A. - MI
4/26/2021 - Jacob . - NY
Ordered the tranny got it fairly quick had a problem with the overdrive clutch rebuilt it and every shifts
4/26/2021 - Robert S. - CA
Transmission works great . However the shipping method you used buy strapping it To a shitty pallet kinda sucked . I expected a little more than that .
4/26/2021 - MARK A. - NY
So far so good, but I was surprised you shipped it with the oil still in the engine, as it made quite the mess when we unloaded it from the carrier. Mark O3047416
4/26/2021 - David R. - PA
very kind very quick very good service thank you
4/26/2021 - ADAM Y. - WA
It was a pleasant experience. The product showed up in a timely manner. My only issue was that it wasn't strapped very well and had fallen over and broke the distributor cap but not a huge deal.
4/26/2021 - Dave T. - WA
My experience was great, Bryan Jonhson, was the salesman that answered my questions and yeah it was pretty painless. I might be calling him on a transmission I need to rebuild or replace But I would use y’all again!!
4/26/2021 - Don D. - GA
My experience of purchasing an engine was good i purchase an engine for my 2004 Ford Explorer with an 3 year warranty that’s make feel at least the company is concerned about how long they want the motor to last an they stand behind what they sell an not giving you an 30 to 90 days warranty like other places was I received an engine with good miles an warranty customer service was great the company let me pay my engine off bi - weekly payments that worked in my budget great company.
4/26/2021 - Claribel G. - TN
Great Service
4/26/2021 - SHARRIE A. - GA
I have never purchased a transmission over the internet before and I was kind of hesitant however the process was seamless. The customer service reps were very detailed and answered any questions or concerns I had. AM Auto parts emailed me all of the documents and did a great job walking me through the contact. Thank you for a great experience. I highly recommend AMUAP for all of your auto parts needs.
4/26/2021 - JAMES G. - MS
I had real great experience with am used auto parts . My motor is running good and the transmission is running smoothly .thanks for the great part and service
4/26/2021 - Tiffany D. - TX
The process was quick and easy. The representatives were very helpful and knowledgeable. The shippunh was on time as promised. I had a great experience and will use this company for all my auto part needs.
4/26/2021 - Abdul D. - VA
Great customer service and friendly service And everything was great no issues for calling them or Asked them for any suggestions thy r great I will give Them 5 stars
4/26/2021 - Quentin B. - WI
So far haven't had any problems with this engine. The service was awesome. I'd buy another engine from them if I needed one.
4/26/2021 - JAMES S. - LA
So Far, Everything Is Going Smoothly!
4/26/2021 - Stephania U. - PR
Warm greetings! You have great customer service and great engines. I will do business with you guys over and over again. Many thanks and God bless you all!
4/26/2021 - ROSCO S. - GA
This was my first time using AMautoparts and the people salesman was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend AMautoparts to my friends and family, they answered all my questions and kept me updated on my shipment from the time my part was being pulled to the time it was shipped! Thanks AMautoparts I will continue to shop with y’all, you all do a great job! Keep up the great work!
4/26/2021 - Julie M R. - PA
Was pleased
4/26/2021 - JOSHUA C. - MI
Was a little skeptical about buying a motor from out of state but this company made the process so easy everyone I talked to was very professional and my motor came quick the warranty process was painless thanks again Joshua clark
4/26/2021 - Ornell S. - SC
Everything came on time the item was wrap tight an transmission is working perfectly thanks will do business again
4/26/2021 - Marcus P. - CO
I highly recommend this engine company. Knowledgeable reps, quick response, fast shipping, accurate description, high quality above what I expected. It’s my feeling that out of 100 purchases , every single purchase would be the same high quality service, accuracy, and satisfaction. I Absolutely definitely recommend. Marcus Prom
4/26/2021 - ANTHONY C. - FL
good company bought lots of engines and transmission from am auto parts 5 star company bryan has always answer my questions thanks
4/26/2021 - DIANNA B. - OH
Runs Great very pleased
4/26/2021 - Rosalie C. - IN
I am extremely satisfied with choosing you. I will only choose you for any engine parts or transmission parts. Thank you for being the most Top number one auto parts.
4/26/2021 - Greg M. - CA
1994 Ford Ranger 4.0 4WD. Used AT and TC were exact replacements for original trans. Smooth on take off and stop in drive. Nice, (modest) upshift/downshift points. Basically performs like a complete remanufactured trans for 1/4 the cost. Delivery took longer than estimate but was worth the wait. Greg
4/26/2021 - Dale H. - OR
I thought it was to good to be true. Great deal Fast shipping great warranty. New transmission All the way to Oregon shipping was free.and it Was then tyranny I needed and drives GREAT. I WILL BE COMING BACK.
4/26/2021 - Steve W. - SC
Fair pricing and so far so good. Have had the transmission installed about a month ago and it is working well. Would buy from again.
4/26/2021 - Jerald H. - AZ
Good communication. Price was pretty fair. But the main reason I selected AM was the warrantee. I could find no other used parts provider with anything close. It gives the buyer peace of mind. Overall good experience. The shipping was a little slow and arrived several days after the original estimate said
4/26/2021 - tim M. - NC
Easy order and quick delivery.
4/26/2021 - DONNA T. - VA
Wonderful experience order a transmission and had it in a week I would recommend AM to anyone
4/26/2021 - Steven S. - TX
Engine arrived on time and it runs great. From sales to delivery, this was a smooth process.
4/26/2021 - Joshua N. - FL
Great service prompt delivery highly recommend
4/26/2021 - Dale F. - GA
Peace! I purchased a transmission and engine the company is fast on shipping and also give warranty for three years if something goes wrong in the future.I recommend this company to every one who need reasonable prices on cars parts!!
4/26/2021 - Thomas L. - AR
AM was quick to respond to my request and had the engine I needed. The engine was exactly as described and is performing well. There was a glitch with the web site and I was billed twice. The Staff at AM got right on it and sent my refund immediately. They were very courteous and polite and went the extra mile to make things right! I highly recommend AM Auto Parts and would use them again.
4/26/2021 - Lucia M. - KY
I am a single mother and my engine was totally damaged. it was a very expensive repair according to what I knew. AM Auto Parts was my best option and price. My car now works very well and I am very grateful for your guidance in all the questions I asked. it was worth every penny on this investment!!
4/26/2021 - Janeen p. - OH
Very professional! Joseph had excellent communication and professionalism. My only complaint is turn around time for warranty. Between shipping, and waiting on garage, my car was still in the garage when details were due for warranty.
4/26/2021 - Dean M. - OR
Quite pleased with engine. Shipping was longer than expected Probably due to weather More power, better fuel mileage,less oil Consumption.
4/26/2021 - Alicia L. - NY
Service was great. The only thing I misunderstood was my shipping fees but that was quickly resolved. Thank you.
4/26/2021 - FRED R. - AL
My 2002 Olds Bravada Transmission was shipped and arrived on time. Since the installation it has performed perfectly and runs like a brand new transmission. I submitted the invoice from the installer's automotive shop and instantly received conformation that the 3-years warranty was now enforce. The $750 I paid for the transmission was well worth it and allows me to continue to drive my older vehicle for many more miles. If I ever need another engine or transmission, I will contact AM Auto Parts first. Randall Hughey, Tallassee, AL
4/26/2021 - ROBERT H. - MI
The sales guy brain awsome to work with motor runs great and the only problem was I ordered it for a 2010 Buick enclave got motor fast 3 days but it was a Camaro. Otor had to change way more than swapping acouple things it cost me more money to change intake and exsaust manifolds ac pump different and sensors different i would like to buy another motor from you guys but better be for what I order for i buy and sell cars if it cost more money to swap parts instead of swing motor and out dorr would be perfect i got picks of motor shipped and stickers saying 2010 Buick enclave thanks for fast and good sales 👨
4/26/2021 - ann a. - LA
You guys are wonderful. Engine was shipped fast. After replacing all required seals warranty came with the engine. Engine was installed and has been running great! Great sales/service team took care of customer needs!
4/26/2021 - Frederick P. - NC
Very pleased with the parts received. They have great communication on when the product was shipped. Works fine. I will definitely buy from them again.
4/26/2021 - Richard T. - WA
Excellent!! Prompt service, excellent price, speedy delivery, thorough process and engine runs great. Very satisfied.
4/26/2021 - Alex a. - CO
Very Nice And helpful. Nice to keep getting updates. Thank You
4/26/2021 - Kevin C. - OH
I purchased an engine for my husband’s car and he absolutely loves it. He said his car runs perfectly!!! Even the mechanic who put the engine in the car told my husband he has a great wife because I picked a a great engine.
4/26/2021 - Joshua N. - FL
Good sales staff part was right took a little too long to ship
4/26/2021 - JAY A. - FL
Love my engine!
4/26/2021 - DEETTA J. - MD
My experience with purchasing my transmission for my Chevy Cruz 2011 was nice I have not had issue so far with the transmission thanks guys you rock...... Deetta j
4/26/2021 - ANTHONY E. - IL
Customer service is beyond excellent!!! Bryan answered all my questions and I got my transmission all the way to the shop in Merriville,IN. with no problems or delays. I highly recommend AM auto parts for your car needs, you will save time and money.
4/26/2021 - Jacquelime R. - NJ
Very nice thanks
4/26/2021 - ERNIE R. - TX
Excellent service and knowledge!!!! 100% recommended!!! These people really take good care of the customers.
4/26/2021 - Lauri L. - MN
Staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Thank you.
4/26/2021 - JAMES S. - TX
Very pleased with all aspects of my experience with you guys. Transmission is performing as it should.
4/26/2021 - ZONETTA V. - NC
4/26/2021 - Dale C. - GA
Great transaction, transmission is working great and the delivery was very quick. I’ll be back if I’m in the market for another transmission or engine.
4/26/2021 - Eduardo T. - MD
4/26/2021 - Christy L. - TN
I ordered a transmission for my 2007 4Runner. It was delivered promptly as I was told it would be. I have been driving it since it was installed and I have been very satisfied. It changes gears very smoothly and performs very well. Also, I thought the price was very fair. I would recommend this business and if needed I will order from it again. Thank you.
4/26/2021 - Christy L. - TN
I ordered a transmission for my 2007 4Runner. It was delivered promptly as I was told it would be. I have been driving it since it was installed and I have been very satisfied. It changes gears very smoothly and performs very well. Also, I thought the price was very fair. I would recommend this business and if needed I will order from it again. Thank you.
4/26/2021 - Mario L. - GA
Transmission was great and sales person was very helpful
4/26/2021 - Mario L. - GA
The transmission works very well and the sales person was very helpful
4/26/2021 - Marion R. - SC
You guys are professional, kind and send out parts in a timely manner. You guys saved my life!
4/26/2021 - Steve G. - MI
My experience was great. The staff member I spoke with on the phone was very helpful even when I had to call back because of a mistake on my part. Payment was simple to make, delivery was on time. The engine I received was complete and is running well
4/26/2021 - S. -
Very professional staff was very helpful and my part was delivered on time and they stand up for there valve thank you am auto parts for my transmission
4/26/2021 - SUSAN V. - OK
The whole experience was great! If I ever need an engine or transmission in the future, I will come to you guys first.
4/26/2021 - Carl C. - LA
It was a pressure doing business with good folks like y’all I will be using y’all in the future I like y’all’s business it was a great deal for what I spent
4/26/2021 - CARY F. - CA
Great product. Thank you AM Auto Parts!!
4/26/2021 - a a. - AK
Everything was great! Shipping took a little longer but thats my fault for ordering around the holidays. Engine works great and very happy.
4/26/2021 - TODD S. - IN
Communication could be a little better, either then that everything was great
4/26/2021 - CEDRIC S. - AL
Great prices on auto parts friendly customer service and quick delivery time i love this place its great for all your needs
4/26/2021 - Kaysa D. - LA
Good Experience and I’m glad I could buy a engine and transmission at an affordable price!! Thanks A lot!! Nice Doing Buisness With AM Auto Parts!!
4/26/2021 - Harold Y. - TN
Hi....I was extremely happy with the service. I was kept updated and things moved along. more importantly, I got what I ordered/truck engine and now my truck is up and running! I will definate use again myself and recommend to friends and family.
4/26/2021 - NICOLE A. - FL
I was very happy with the customer service Bryon provided. The sjip time was longer than I had anticipated, but that was due to the weather. Which was not anything Bryon could have expected. I would like more info regarding my warranty and if labor is covered in the warranty. I may be reached at 850-597-4747. Thank you. G
4/26/2021 - Don T. - CO
It took a bit longer than I expected but due too bad weather not on lack of effort from AMUP. Sincerly. Mr.Donld James Thomas
4/26/2021 - STACEY P. - AL
Awesome service!
4/26/2021 - Sam M. - VA
Everything is working fine
4/20/2021 - RENEE W. - WA
pure goodness
4/20/2021 - BOOKER F. - CA
Engine was great.