Recent Reviews
10/1/2019 - Dana S. - Oh
I’ve purchased an engine and now my second transmission from AM and had great results!
9/30/2019 - Devin O. - GA
I was surfing the internet in need of a good used transmission for my 1999 CRV Honda. There was one company I found that had a great price but didn’t provide a professional website that made me feel comfortable enough to purchase from them. Your company professional website and friendly customer service made it easy, and my very first time experience ever purchase any type of used part from out of state. The delivery process was easy and received my transmission in less than two weeks.It driving and pulling well feels like a newer car again. How can I not consider or recommend your company to others when the need arise. Thank you great experience!
Devin Atlanta, GA
9/30/2019 - CAROL G. - AL
I ordered a motor from AM and it took a month to get it. They were nice about it and let me take my time having it put in my truck. All turned out ok. Thanks for a good running motor.
9/30/2019 - Kha l. - Oh
The part is good. But the shipping too late
9/28/2019 - WYATT W. - AR
After checking locally for a Transmission for my 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty with no luck I hesitatingly decided to to search the internet for options. AM Used Auto Parts called me within minutes and told me they had a perfect match with 46,000 miles on the trans. I had a couple of other options call also but I liked the warranty that AM offered. After deciding to go with AM my transmission showed up within days! Kyles Repair Shop put it in for me. The transmission has performed flawlessly. I saved a lot money, got my truck rolling again and couldn’t be happier! A win win for all!! THANKS AM Used Auto Parts!!!
9/23/2019 - Edward M. - Fl
My experience with AM auto parts was top notch. I could not have asked for a better experience. From the first phone call to the delivery. If I ever need ANYTHING else for my 650i I will be contacting them. BTW the used engine runs like a new motor...

Very very satisfied customer.

Thank you so much AM auto
Eddie St Pete Florida
9/23/2019 - HUDDY S. - KS
The shopping experience was great! Very Helpful in selecting the right motor.
9/19/2019 - waathiq a. - Ga
At first my engine light kept coming on for minor replacement and I was worried, but after I got all the kinks out this engine is better than the new engine I originally had. The best I made.
9/18/2019 - Tela Q. - IL
It was the best experience I ever had. Every one was polite and patient with me. My engine was perfect no problems with the engine and I'm actually buying another engine for my second car.
9/17/2019 - Richard c. - Michigan
Ordered a motor from here had real low miles and the price was better than I've seen got it delivered with no hassle motor runs great... I also like that there is a 3 year warranty with it.
9/17/2019 - Jessica S. - FL
So glad to find this place! The price was lower than the others I found. Paying was simple and tracking the shipping was easy as well. Received the used engine, installed it and the car is running like new. I highly recommend using this company!
9/16/2019 - THOMAS W. - MS
I appreciate great customer service from Brian sale two he was very helpful and courtesy during my experience ordering of the engine very helpful and knowledge of the information he provided thanks again
9/15/2019 - KATHY S. - TN
We thank you for all your help for getting us are engine it was a every nice and clean we would buy again if needed to you all was great have a have a nice day
9/14/2019 - MICHAEL R. - FL
You guys did a great job and got me a great used tranny for my 2007 Ford Fusion. I would recommend you to all my friends. Michael Russin
9/10/2019 - Tasha H. - Mi
My experience with getting my transmission was very easy and they where very friendly and helpful and I would recommend them to anyone I know.

9/9/2019 - Jay R. - MD
Transmission was delivered on time. Everything is working had a very good experience.

Thanks Jay
9/9/2019 - Greg . - Ga
Transmission showed up on time and after installed worked and went down the road. Good experience.
9/8/2019 - Randy . - Indiana
So far I’m satisfied. Haven’t had any issues yet. Hopefully it works until we get a new vehicle down the road. It fit perfectly and was shipped and received on time. They were good to work with and answered all questions we had regarding the engine
9/8/2019 - Paul H. - nc
It was very easy no hassles every time I called I got good service and I am very satisfied with tranny so fare thanks
9/7/2019 - Paul E. - TN
Went smooth! First trans was damaged when and cause some pulled and caused some delay but they made sure I received one that was good. Working well now.
9/7/2019 - Elizabeth D. - AZ
We are happy with our purchase and had great Custer service. They were knowledgeable and helpful with our needs. I will keep this company in our file for future purchas!!!
9/6/2019 - Dwight H. - California
I must say it took me awhile to find them but I made the right decision. Making sure I was actually buying my transmission from a reputable company was the most important thing for me. I received the transmission as described a week late but still a reasonable time considering it came across the country. I would not hesitate to use them again.
9/1/2019 - Jean F. - oh
Andy sold the engine to me over the phone. He was very forthright on the info he had on the engine. The price was the best I’d found anywhere. He had it shipped to Columbus Ohio and there were 0 glitches. I’ve referred other people there already.
8/24/2019 - Harold W. - va
AM Auto Parts has outstanding service, professionalism and know their business inside and out. The engine we received for my wife's Prius has been outstanding and we will only be using your services moving forward. Thank You

Kind Regards,
Harold W
8/19/2019 - WILLIAM R. - GA
Everything went great Bryan always takes care of me is just a small hiccup on it the last order I ordered was post be 1215 they charge me 1399 which it would be taken care of but besides that everything was great
8/18/2019 - Deangelo T. - Ar
Parts came on time and good customer service
8/17/2019 - Jesse J M. - NJ
You guys were great part came and was as described after putting in The part worked as it should.
8/14/2019 - Bernadette H. - Fl
I had a great experience with the purchase and the delivery of my engine and my sales rep was very helpful and professional.
8/14/2019 - PAUL N. - OR
The parts are more affordable than other company. Overall of the process from purchasing the part and receive it is very quick. The only problem I have to get my car on the road was, I need to recode my replacement part to the car's computer. If i received a head up from the representative, it will save me a lot of trouble. Overall, I'm very satisfied, definitely my first choice and recommended when it comes down to use parts.
8/12/2019 - Kenneth p. - Mo
Arrived on time and everything was there. Will use them again in the future.
8/12/2019 - BILLIE W. - TX
I have been recommending you to everyone I talk to! I’m trying to get considering buying a third motor from you. I’m really pleased so far. I think your slightly used motors are a great alternative to a new motor & much more affordable. Thank you very much, for helping resurrect 2 much needed vehicles, for 2 of my family members so far & if the engine in my 2003 murano goes, like I said, I’ll be buying # 3, in less than a year! I think that satisfaction, is an understatement.
8/12/2019 - MANUEL M. - FL
I search several locations around Florida and the Price and Mileages of the engines I found was ridiculous. When I saw AM price and mileage, I was skeptical.
They were write, 1 minor issue, theirs delivery truck appears to have some issues and it took a little longer than usual to arrive but the Quality of the Engine is amazing and my Expedition is back on the Road as new. I think Bryan is the name of the great Agent that assisted me. Keep doing a great job. Thanks
8/10/2019 - Sharon W. - LA
I placed a order you all found me the right transmission was shipped in a timely manner.and it runs great thank you for your help in satisfaction
8/10/2019 - EDWIN D. - FL
Great place , first time i got a motor and got the right one , installed the engine i got from here and sounds like factory so quiet . I will buy from here in the future projects i do with engines . Thank You
Very Happy Customer

wife is Happy was her truck
8/10/2019 - SHANTU S. - MD
Excellent customer service and attendance to the customer's needs. The sales associate provided expert information related to the part that I purchased and was knowledgeable whenever I had a question. I would definitely recommend this company for future purchases.
8/9/2019 - Mani p. - tn
Good customer service
8/7/2019 - Tina B. - WV
i got a good deal on my engine ,shipped on time liked the no core charge runs good
8/7/2019 - Frank O. - la
8/5/2019 - DANIEL P. - FL
Perfect service,
8/5/2019 - Juan M. - CA
Engine was purchased and delivered promptly. Engine was as described and works great.
Only improvement could be communication of shipment after deposit accepted. Eg shipping in two days
8/5/2019 - Albert H. - Sc
It was great engine running fine with my warranty
8/3/2019 - david m. - nc
It was what I expected, great service and terrific parts.
7/30/2019 - Kristina G. - KS
Engine was delivered on time, and it seems to be running great. Thank you!
7/30/2019 - Dexter T. - NC
Joseph was very helpful. The motor and transmission work very well. As of yet I have no problems with either. Would recommend you to other
7/29/2019 - Annette G. - IL
Trans fro my 207 Santa Fe was great, she dropped in like a charm and runs great. I can really feel the difference. Excellent transaction and speedy delivery, wished my mechanic had the time to install within the allotted time so that i can obligate the warranty. It is what it is.. and I am happy with everything. Will continue to purchase any and all i can from AM. PS will need new brake and rotors soon and I know where to go now.
7/27/2019 - Hal M. - Oh
Excellent experience - the person I talked with was knowledgeable and very clear about what I should expect. The engine arrived on the date and in the condition I was anticipating, without a hitch or a problem. The price was the best around for the mileage and 3-year warranty. I would definitely go to AM Auto Parts again!
7/22/2019 - Gabe R. - Ia
Service was good with AM auto parts. I received the part in a timely manner and any follow up or conversations I had with them were professional and well handled. I recommend.
7/20/2019 - Richard Z. - CA
Happy the car is on the road again
7/20/2019 - JOHN W. - ME
Professional customer service
Found the correct transmission quickly.
7/19/2019 - Andra N. - ca
I had a great experience with am used auto parts! The quote was given to me quickly. The price was pleasantly surprising compared to any other company I found online or in store. The engine was delivered in good time and is now installed in my previously non working car and is working ! Thank you am used auto parts!
7/19/2019 - Shirley J. - Louisiana
I've had one issue wrong transmission it was corrected then I received the right one my car has been running right ever since. I had a couple issues where it skipped other then that it's running good.
7/18/2019 - JOSE R. - GA
I like the service the people they are professionals to speak to customer I have mechanic chap and this place is the only I cooled For service thank you all
7/14/2019 - GREGORY H. - CA
Knowelable staff and courteous. Kept me informed on the status of my order. Received a good engine in a timely manner. I will not hesitate to purchase more products from your company. Thanks for your help and support. Sincerely Greg
7/14/2019 - RON F. - VA
Great service, transmission was as described, shipped in a timely fashion . Would recommend to Family and friends, Ron Frank Sr. Virginia
7/6/2019 - Freddy S. - NJ
Hi guys I bought a motor 2 years ago for my HONDA civic is running 100% two months ago my transmission went down I called you guys and my car is back in the route running 100%
thanks AM of course I will recommend you guys, Parts with guarantee
I'm satisfied 100% was deliveried in time
7/6/2019 - RONALD T. - DE
Baught a transmission from these guys about three months ago for my 2001 GMC SIERRA 1500HD. These guys made the transaction absolutely perfectly, the price was fair, customer service was great, and shipping was fast! My truck now shifts smoother then ever and if your in need of a engine or transmission I'd recommend you check these guys out because ever if I need an engine or another transmission for any of my vehicles this will definitely be my go to again!!
7/6/2019 - Larry M. - Me
Dealing with the sales person was a very easy and prompt experience. He was knowledgable and curtious. The Transmission was shipped on time. The only problem was packaging. The transmission could have been better secured to the pallet and the torque converter should have been secured to stop moving during shipping. It had moved around enough to tear the pump seal that needed to be replaced. Delivery was prompt and is working great.
7/2/2019 - rob b. - nj
All is fine with the engine 3 thousand miles driven and not a drop of oil or coolant used easy pick up at terminal also. Thank you all
7/1/2019 - PHILYNSIA J. - FL
Everything was great I have purchased several engine and transmission and never had a problem
7/1/2019 - JOHN K. - IL
I was very Happy with my experience AM AUTO PARTS. The Sales men Awesome SERVICE DELIVERY, a three yr. warranty nobody came close TO YOU. I will recommend you to anyone that should ask, I KNOW WERE TO GO. Thanh you John Karas
7/1/2019 - BRAD D. - LA
Came on time a little dirty an rough looking but runs good happy with it
6/30/2019 - Marlon T. - Florida
My experience with this company is excellent,I'm so glad I found this company online. I've gotten a email back and a call with a great price on my engine for the eclipse I bought thank you for a great price and free shipping
6/21/2019 - KEVIN J. - IN
So far so good, the engine I bought is holding up and performing great. My warranty is activated just like they said. I have no complaints.
6/21/2019 - Roger W. - OH
My experience was very good. engine was in good condition low miles and runs great. I will be doing more business with you in the future.
6/20/2019 - Osvaldo m. - TX
Delivery was faster than I thought it would be.part came in as far so good
6/18/2019 - CECIL M. - GA
AM Used auto parts I found had the best value for the lowest mileage engines available on line. Sales was very knowledgeable and delivery was very fast. I would recommend AM Used Uto parts.
6/18/2019 - Ladonna O. - Fl
Very satisfied customer had quick response on questions and delivery was success and engine success . very pleased with the service I got from this company thank you for helping me keep my car on the road
6/17/2019 - Mack P. - In
Hi,my experience with AM USED PARTS was great, it was delivered to the shop in a timely fashion, only down part is that who's ever doing the delivery in the truck ,should inform us if we will need a forklift to unload the engine, due to what kind of truck is doing the delivery. Overall it's a great engine.
6/16/2019 - DEIDRA O. - LA
I was very please with my part that I ordered. Y'all was fast and fair with things. Me. Bryan Johnson assured me of what I was going to get and got it. Thanks for doing the people right. I will sent y'all new customers because y'all are the best. Thanks again
6/16/2019 - Brin T. - VA
Thanks for the fine service, and attention to detail your customer service was great, I will be looking to do business with you again. Once again thanks so much.
6/15/2019 - James S. - In
Runs good but 2 out if three motor mount bolts were broke off not pleased about that
6/11/2019 - NELSON S. - FL
Customer service is excellent. They are a pleasure to talk too and also very knowledgeable. 100% recomended.
6/11/2019 - James B. - Sc
Great Experience at AM Used Auto Parts, got a great low mileage engine for my sons Genesis!
6/9/2019 - Robert N. - tx
I purchased a 4.6-3 valve V8 motor for my 2007 Ford explorer. The customer service representative was knowledgeable and found a motor with 60,000 miles which I purchased for $995. This included a three-year warranty. It took several days for the motor to be ready for shipment, but was delivered in one day once ready. According to my mechanic it looked as though the motor had been idle for an extended period of time, therefore, he used the fuel rail other components from the old motor and it runs perfectly.

I would definitely recommend Amuap for price, service and quality.
6/7/2019 - Kenneth Y. - Mn
I ordered an engine for my 2004 Honda Pilot and it came much quicker than expected! Very professional and I am satisfied! Thanks!
6/3/2019 - IMPORT T. - Tennessee
6/3/2019 - GARRY K. - TN
6/3/2019 - Robert G. - Florida
Quick response and delivery. Engine is installed and working great so far. Was not able to meet the deadline to have a warranty due to mechanics schedule but overall a very good experience. Price was excellent also.
6/3/2019 - Melanie R. - GA
I ordered a transmission and an engine. Both were a great price and fast shipping. Yet both were extremely dirty. They both worked out well in my vehicles. I would recommend this company to others
5/31/2019 - CHARLES J. - CA
I am surprised I was so a very good engine what low miles and a great warranty thanks a lot a a m appreciate it
5/31/2019 - ANTHONY G. - AL
Great customer service and choices of products.staff very knowledgeable of my customers needs.always have a open door policy.easy to reach,this is my first call for getting the ball rolling,
Anthony. Commercial mgr
5/31/2019 - Karon A. - TX
Ordered & received a engine in a timely manner & a reasonable price. The staff was very helpful & was very knowledgeable. Wonderful place to shop!
5/28/2019 - JERMIAH H. - KS
Friendly service. Vary fast and Knowledgeable staff!!
They found me a great price on a low mileage used engine.
5/28/2019 - Daone B. - Michigan
My engine came on time, the delivery guy even helped me get it to my garage. The engine works just fine and my car is running just fine
5/25/2019 - Patricia J. - Ga
The first time I spoke with an AM rep I was impressed very professional.He knew was he was talking about. Understood my need and came through.The staff at AM is great thank you
5/18/2019 - Joe V. - tx
Its was a great deal very satisfied will do more business wit am used auto parts..thanks alot joe vela from texas
5/18/2019 - Gabriel C. - CA
Good service, helpfull customer service.
5/18/2019 - Wanda L. - ga
Your company has an amazing associate named Joe. He was very helpful and answered any question I had with quick knowledge. He informed me of the full warranty, delivery information and any requirements I would need. I recommend your company all the time. Thank you
5/18/2019 - MARIA S. - GA
Great customer service response time and follow through with your representatives. The product was exactly as promised and since my experiance I have informed my employer. We change engines and transmissions very often in our work and have since made another purchase. Thanks AM!
5/15/2019 - Mark J. - tx
The part arrived in a timely manner, it was the correct part and the customer service was good.
5/13/2019 - RHONDA G. - GA
Friendly and helpful customer service and a reasonable time frame on delivery.
5/13/2019 - Coty B. - NC
My transmission was delayed a day because of weather hit as soon as it happened I was notified about the change in statutes!! This is the best decision I’ve made in 2019!!
5/12/2019 - Javier G. - fl
the service was excellent the engine is exact to the one that orders this in very good conditions everything was excellent
Thank you
5/12/2019 - Marc D. - CA
I had a great experience and customer service was very helpful and couldn’t have been nicer in regards to assisting with my purchase and they were very knowledgeable
5/12/2019 - KENNETH H. - FL
Though the trans was a bit expensive shipping was included in this price. The trans looked wonderful and is performing as expected. What can I say. I'm impressed so far. I hope it last as long as I expected the original one with only 93000 miles to last.
5/6/2019 - KYSHON D. - NY
I paid the total in payments which was just perfect. At first I had doubts but after the shipment the motor was changed and started on the first try. Motor camewith all wire, looms and plug ons I was impressed. I would definitely recommend purchasing your used parts here because I’m about to purchase another Audi motor in a few weeks .
5/6/2019 - Angela H. - Ca
I was and I'm very please with my purchase so far the vehicle is running great with you transmission I purchase , very fast shipping and very easy to register the warranty papers Thank You Angela
5/6/2019 - Derek B. - oh
Bought this engine and it runs great. There is only one issue I have and that is it took my mechanic longer to get this put in my vehicle due to being busy.
5/5/2019 - BERTI W. - NY
the sales person bryan was the best i had no worry with him and i would recommend very professional
5/4/2019 - JASON E. - GA
I enjoyed the quick response and great customer service. The transmission that I got was in great condition and time perfectly. I especially like the three years warranty that came with it. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family.
5/3/2019 - Aimee R. - C?A
Great engine and great service!! Thank you AMUAP
5/3/2019 - Michael J M. - WA
I bought a transmission for my truck.It took a while for it to get to me because of shipping issue; something about the trucking company not picking it up when it was ready to ship.After three weeks from my order date, I was happy it was the right model and year for my truck. I installed it and the transmission works very well and I am happy with the purchase. It is a good used part at a reasonable price and I will use you again.
Thanks, Mike
5/3/2019 - LORI M. - VA
The people at a m are very helpful,nice to work with. Got me my transmission fast with a great warranty. Thanks a m
5/1/2019 - Marvin G. - Ga
I am totally pleased with my experience with your company . The sales department was very helpful , the transmission arrived on time and worked properly after it was installed . I would recommend your company to anyone .
Marvin Green
Bishop Ga
5/1/2019 - Shane B. - Colorado
You we're great definitely will be buying other things from you when needed the sales rep I had Brian I think is his name was great you help me out everything that I needed and it works like it's brand-new so I just want to say thank you for everything you guys did
4/29/2019 - CHARLOTTE J. - FL
I was very happy with the excellent service provided. Bryan Johnson , my sales rep , was extremely helpful. My mechanic was impressed with the part and my car is running great since he put it in. I will use your company for future needs !
4/29/2019 - MARK P. - PA
The entire process was quick and painless, the transmission has been installed for a month now and running great so far
4/28/2019 - Reginald e. - ga
Very happy with my engine run gd customers service and fast shipping
4/28/2019 - Juan J. - TX
My experience purchasing a engine was just simply easy.I ask for what I needed year and size of engine.Got my answer purchased track delivery, picked up engine in station closed to my home.Now my GMC is back on the road working excellent feel good and happy will really and honestly recommend my family and friends to give AM Auto Parts a chance and consider when looking to purchased quality for used parts.Great customer service.

Thank you, AM Auto Parts
Juan D Jasso
4/27/2019 - MICHAEL T. - CA
My experience with this company was fantastic. They not only worked with me on price but also helped me avoid a residential delivery charge by arranging for pickup of my engine at the trucking terminal. The installed engine runs better than expected.
4/27/2019 - ROBERT L. - KY
It was very easy to do the purchase and everything worked well and delivery was fast. Great job! Thank you.
4/26/2019 - REMBERTO R. - UT
I'm so happy with the engine that I bought from your company, is exactly what I was looking for, I'll already recommend you with friends and family, thank you.
4/24/2019 - Yvette P. - Pa
My Experience was very professional very pleasant and very smooth, I loved the customer service and was able to speak to someone every time I had a question. I will refer the company to others. I am truly satisfied Thank you
4/8/2019 - John G. - Ct
I received the engine with the front of the block cracked . I contacted the sales men Joe and he did his best and got a replacement. I waited a couple of weeks. The replacement came in good shape and I am very happy
Thanks to Joe
4/7/2019 - Zachary S. - NY
Excellent parts fairly quick shipping great warranty overall very happy with my engine purchase will buy parts from again
4/7/2019 - Ernest b. - va
The part I bought has a 3 year warranty that I may never need because it's holding up very well.
4/7/2019 - CLIFFORD H. - FL
Warranty, affordable and reliable.
4/7/2019 - WILLIAM B. - PA
I’ll start by saying that it was a blessing and my good fortune to find AM Autoparts online. You had exactly what I needed at a price lower than any other place I searched. Bryan Johnson was a total professional and made me feel like he was genuinely interested in solving my need for a new transmission and not just making the sale. The free delivery and warranty was also a real plus.

My transmission has been installed and runs perfectly. You guys saved me around $1000.

Thank you for everything.
WD Brown
4/5/2019 - Donald P. - wa
Worked with Andy. All business and confident trans would work . Subaru wanted $7800. For new. Got this 25k used transmission in and running great for $1800. Thanks.
4/5/2019 - Larry C. - MD
My experience withAM auto parts was a good one. I had to buy a transmission from them for my daughters car. The process was fast and efficient, and once it was shipped I was able to track it. It came was delivered and now she’s back driving.. thanks AM for your committed service
4/5/2019 - JAMES W. - VA
engine was just as described.runs great,not one issue since installation.customer is very satisfied..thank ya'll so much....
L-A Repair Service LLC
4/1/2019 - Robert C. - MD
My experience with Mike was great very informative and understanding straightforward type guy . Thanks Mike
4/1/2019 - discover . - NC
I am very satisfied with the way you handle purchase transaction of my engine. Customer service people was courteous and professional.
4/1/2019 - DARLENE D. - CT
Pleasure doing business with your staff. Delivery was great. Would definitely recommend your company
3/29/2019 - MARK F. - TX
The transmission was exactly as advertised,other than the extended wait time for shipping everything was excellent. i would recommend you to anyone who wants a quality part at an affordable price.
3/29/2019 - Mark B. - South Dakota
Good customer service. Have yet to install engine....dont know how good the engine will be.
3/29/2019 - Gary W. - NJ
Thank you so much. Everything going very well with engine. Did everything go threw with warranty. Thanks again.
3/26/2019 - Georges M. - ma
I am so far very satisfied with my transmission purchased,the garage I used to install it last month stated that everything looks clean and was so impress considering the price that I paid asked me about reference.As of now there is no complaining everything works as intended.
The only issue I ran into, was when to activate my warranty after installation, I emailed the sales/responsible parties but didn't get a feed back of warranty being enforce/activated.Hopefully we don't run into issue before it expire.
3/25/2019 - JOHN W. - TX
I was always answered quickly and courteously and am very pleased with my transmission,extending the life of my car and saving me thousands.Thank you,John Withers
3/23/2019 - Kathy P. - CA
Unfortunately the engine we bought was not what we anticipated
but upon calling , Bryan took care of the issue
and issued a refund check for the full purchase price .
Stood behind their guarantee!
3/20/2019 - Leah R. - AZ
End result was great, I ordered a motor for my 03 Ford F-150 , 4.6l v8. I purchased on dec 26th so I was expecting some delay, my motor showed up on Jan 23rd at a freight yard close to my city. It was not clean at all, still dripping oil. But the plus side to that was I had a lot of spare parts to work with in the end. Long story short my truck is running great, better than before. For the price I paid I couldn’t be happier. Thank you AM auto parts!!!
3/19/2019 - ROBERT R. - FL
Easy ordering and fair pricing. Thanks AM Autoparts!
3/19/2019 - Floyd s. - Sc
Great company to buy from. Fast shipping and great customer service. I've bought a few motors from them and have not had any problems with any of them.
3/18/2019 - Jack S. - pa
I had a little trouble with the paperwork going to the proper place,but after it was shipped the delivery company did a fantastic job on the delivery.
3/17/2019 - Phanuwat . - Washington
Awesome engine, only thing was the shipment was delay.
3/15/2019 - ROSEMARY P. - NY
I purchased a transmission it is in my truck working fine its been about a month now. One thing I will say is delivery time was outstanding it arrived a week before I even expected.
3/12/2019 - EDURADO R. - CO
Perfet place to buy used transmission
2/13/2019 - Jim C. - Fl
I give your service a five star rating. The transmission was as described and works perfectly. The price with shipping was very reasonable. For me, the total cost was less than my other quotes. I'll be doing future purchases with you as the need arises.
2/13/2019 - Gary B. - MI
The engine performs fine and I am satisfied ! Thank you for the follow-up !??????
2/9/2019 - JOSHUA S. - FL
Best place to get used part got my car back on the road with in a few days after buying my part and the shipping was fast as well ty for the best buying. Ever
2/9/2019 - Carlos I. - NE
My over all experience was good. Mike help me out answered all my questions. I forgot to order a left gate truck to deliver. I called back and they added so there'd be no problem when it was time to deliver the engine.
2/6/2019 - Jesse P. - CA
2/4/2019 - Cayla A. - NY
Great experience! Top notch trani!
2/3/2019 - Marty R. - NC
My part was on time true professional.
2/3/2019 - Reuben l. - oh
Great experience. Salesman was very patient and knowledgeable.
2/1/2019 - roberto h. - fl
i have good experience,the par is in optima condition and my car run good,than for you service.
2/1/2019 - George H. - oh
service was excellent
1/29/2019 - Brian K. - OK
Sales rep was easy to talk to and get a hold of for any follow up. Part came in as scheduled. Whole process was smooth and easy.
1/28/2019 - CHRISTOPHER W. - NC
1/27/2019 - Jeremy R. - NY
I was looking for a used transmission for my 02 F-150, and AM Used Auto Parts had an excellent quality replacement with very low miles, which they offered at a highly competitive price. The part was delivered on time, and I installed it myself. The part runs beautifully, and I got it in just in time for the winter weather. Although I am hopeful I won’t have to replace a transmission or other major powertrain component in any of my other vehicles anytime soon, I will certainly contact AM Used Auto Parts directly with my part needs.
1/27/2019 - Jim J. - Fl
Service and paperwork where great and streamlined, Customer service personnel helpful, but delivery was way pass from the estimated delivery time.
1/27/2019 - Karla S. - ga
Everything was great, transmission works perfect,received on time, price was the best, thank you for all the help
1/26/2019 - DAVID A. - FL
Very nice, my sales person brian made everything nice and easy. Bought engine and transmission from him recently
1/25/2019 - Josue C. - PR
1/25/2019 - JAMES P. - CA
Most affordable used transmission I found after calling 4 different parts dealers. Transaction was quick. part was delivered quickly and works great would do business with your company again and have recommended it as well
1/20/2019 - FRANKIE M. - FL
best service, super great prices and great quality and Engines and transmission. Will recommend. The best.
1/18/2019 - Shirly c. - ut
Shopping experience was easy and everyone I called to talk to was very nice and helpful. Like that the part comes with a warranty and so far the part is working like a charm! Thanks again and I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone who needs auto parts ??
1/17/2019 - E JAMES W. - MAINE
Well, the motor is in my truck and I am very happy with it. The service I got was phenomenal. I have already recommended this company to a couple friends I know that are looking for a motor, transmission etc. I have no complaints about any part of my purchase.
1/10/2019 - Bertha P. - GA
i give am a 5 star on they service all the way around salesmen was perfect will def do bus with again a+
1/9/2019 - VERNON J. - VIRGINIA
My experience with y’all has always been a great experience, you guys are always a professional helping me find the right parts that I need,customer service is a A+ to me thanks a lot.
1/7/2019 - TERRANT E. - OH
I would like to thank you guys for making the process simple and easy albeit me living in Ohio. I felt comfortable buying the engine bc I used to live in Tampa. Brian was very helpful and easy to communicate with. He helped me along the way and even talked to my mechanic. Thank you
1/7/2019 - JOE H. - MO
I must admit I was skeptical about buying a used transmission online. I found an independent mechanic to install it and everything worked out fine. Ended up costing less than half what the trans. shops quoted which was more than the value of the car. I wish I would have gone this way when replacing my Nissan trans.. Live and learn. Thanks amuap, good deal !
1/7/2019 - Floyd S. - SC
Great job. Delivery is fast. Will be doing more business with yall.
1/5/2019 - Michael S. - la
Shipping was as discussed at purchase, no probkems I was very impressed. Product was easily tracked and on time.
1/4/2019 - Clifton W. - LA - Louisiana
First let me say thanks to A&M auto for their support. I first went online to view offers on a transmission that I needed that same day I received a call transmission and a email the guy I talk to was kind and told me everything I needed to know I I ordered the transmission and it was delivered to the shop I gi e A&M auto 5*****
12/31/2018 - DORA A. - IO
I purchased an engine from AM Used Auto Parts and, being a first time buyer Bryan Johnson made me feel very comfortable. Bryan was very polite, informative, helpful, and quick to help. There was one time I needed help and another one of your sales representative was very helpful. I will recommend your business to all my friends and family
12/29/2018 - John C. - Ga
The experience great service inceditably great delivered promptly an on time I have spread the word about AM AUTO PARTS FRIENDS say their next purchase will be AM!
12/29/2018 - Maria G. - line
I have a very good experience very affordable and super great customer service!!!! I live in Seattle Washington it arrived very good serenely I use there services again 5 stars thank you very much. HAPPY HOLIDAYS
12/29/2018 - Reyneldo M. - ca
Parts are clean and good quality, pleased with purchase. Shipping took a little long but packaging was good . Need lift gate on next delivery.
12/24/2018 - Glen D. - NJ
12/23/2018 - Ken S. - CA
I was very happy with the price of my transmission, especially in comparison to other vendors. The delivery came just as was promised and most important, the transmission was complete and has worked perfectly.
12/22/2018 - David d. - la
Very good to do business with. ENGINE RUNS GREAT.
12/21/2018 - CHUCK P. - MI
I have purchased several engines from you. The last one I received was damaged in shipping. I called and complained. I felt I needed some compensation. Chuck Pelham
12/20/2018 - PHILLIP S. - SC
Very pleased, Shipping took a little longer than expected but all in all pleased, Thanks
12/18/2018 - KATHLEEN H. - NY
The service was great when I ordered the transmission. But, delivery was conjumbled. They were supposed to contact the person that the tranny was being shipped to, but did not. Then they tried coordinating w/ me for the delivery- which I had 2x previously specified- and I caught attitude w/ whomever I was speaking w/ b/c had put in specific delivery instructions and corrected them 2x due to employee error.
12/18/2018 - HOPE D. - NJ
I was very pleased with the young man that took care of everything for us... it took longer to get the transmission than expected but that was the trucking company and not you. I have referred you to others as I was totally satisfied with your company. Thank you very much
12/16/2018 - Christopher S. - OK
I was initially skeptical of the purchase, because I had never purchased an engine. Additionally, we reside in Oklahoma and ordered the engine from a supplier in Florida. Needless to say after reviewing the engine and the installation of the engine we are very pleased and have already recommended AM Auto Parts to a family member and friend.
12/16/2018 - David B. - az
The sales person was knowledgeable and the process was quick
12/15/2018 - CATHERINE T. - CA
Engine took longer than expected hopefully all works out well
12/15/2018 - Melinda D. - Ia
Excellent customer service and products to match. Thank you!
12/15/2018 - Kearra G. - Kansas
Engine was delivered in a timely manner and performed really well. Thanks so much for taking care of me!
12/11/2018 - MICHAEL H. - VA
There was a lot of email trouble on both end , however the salesmen went out of their way to clear this up .i was vert disappointed in the packing of the shipment . I have finally installed the unit and it appears to work fine.
12/10/2018 - BARB J. - OH
12/10/2018 - Enesto G. - ca
Very professional
12/8/2018 - Mary D. - Nevada
Customer service was adequate
12/7/2018 - Katina P. - Ca
My experience was excellent . The representative that helped me was very helpful and professional. The part came on time and my mechanic was very impressed. I've already referred to company to others.
12/6/2018 - PRISCILLA A. - TN
Had very good experience reps where good and there whenever I need info trans was delivered in great time and is and running good give perfect score on all levels thanks am auto parts for making my purchase so wonderful.
12/4/2018 - ELISHA W. - GA
I had A GREAT experience with AM Used Auto Parts. When my SUV needed a new motor I panicked but was referred to AM to get a used motor. My mechanic said the motor was in great shape, shipping was seamless and I’m back on the road safely. Now I recommend them to everyone who mentions they may need a car repair.
12/4/2018 - Steven E. - Illinois
So far so good. I would like to receive the acknowledgement of the receipt of my work receipts and my 3 year warranty, but the engine looks clean and operates well so far. I have purchased two used engines and a used transmission despite the bad reviews posted online, and have so far ben satisfied with the products delivered for the price charged. have not yet had experience exercising the warranty but hopefully if needed I will be able to write a good review about that experience as well. My mechanic had to make some adjustments to his instal became some things were not provided with the engine, but it did not cost me much more than his original estimate. The online reviews must be from people who did not have the kind of luck that I have had. Right now,I stand by AMU auto parts. Steve Egan Riverside, Illinois
12/4/2018 - Wudineh K. - Mo
Hi, I just like the wonderful customer service and a good part I really appreciated but yhe duration to get the part is a little bit longer. Bacause of my work habit I know more than 200 plus drivers and gave them your everything. Hopefully they gonna shop from you.
12/3/2018 - KIMBERLY D. - LA
Customer service was excellent. Fast shipping... Transmission runs great!
11/30/2018 - claude h. - North Carolina
I would like to thank you all very much for the prompt ness and the time along with the effort in getting me parts as quickly as you all did .i would to praise the stafffor there knowledge and information about getting me the engine and transmission as soon as they did. Thanks
11/27/2018 - ANDY M. - ND
I enjoyed the pricing end the delivery was quick. All in all, my experience was great
11/27/2018 - EDWIN S. - FL
My experience with Brian Johnson is a very good one. He is courteous and efficient and his prices are lovely. Professional service service always
11/26/2018 - SUNNY S. - LA
11/25/2018 - Jose g. - ca
Please note that I was very happy with the service and part. However, trying to maneuver that warranty part of the transaction was troublesome and as such I couldn't secure the warranty. Hopefully, the tranny will work fine and I won't have to hope that I had the warranty.
11/23/2018 - Joe l. - Co
At first everything was great,Then it took 10 to 14 days to ship,When picking motor up from trucking company motor was just strapped to pallet with 2 plastic bands and shrink wrap no protection,Trunking company used their straps to keep motor on busted up pallet,Hope it runs have not had time to put in car yet so warranty expired.Joe the salesman talked liked the motor came with 3 year warranty BUT you have only 15 days to put motor in and send picture of your mileage, Motor was clean and looked good just hope it runs?
11/21/2018 - PAUL A. - VA
Excellent my rear end was in excellent shape. Good people to work with. I would do business with them again.
11/20/2018 - Clifton H. - FL
I got a used transmission for my 2000 Excursion, and it showed up at my mechanic's shop in great condition and in a timely fashion. Works like a new one, and AM saved me a ton of money! I hope I never have to use them again, but if I do, it's good to know they are there for me!
11/18/2018 - George I. - SC
Customer service was good but when I received the motor the throttle body was cracked and broken and I was disappointed in the fact I was paying for a complete motor in good shape.
11/16/2018 - Craig W O. - NE
In a word GREAT!!!!!
11/14/2018 - Debbis B. - Co
The transmission works great. It was delivered on date given. Very pleased and will go to you next time we need a used part.
11/12/2018 - JAMES . - NC
Experience was great....

Good Price on Motor..

Great Help from your sales person and great delivery time...

Would call on you again if I ever needed additional parts....

11/11/2018 - CHRITINA M. - KY
No issues from purchased part! Great warranty with part. Overall I'd recommend to family and friends
11/10/2018 - Sandra G. - Va
I have to say I am very please on all aspects of this purchase from customer service. To timely delivery’s and quality product. I would recommend your company to everyone. As a matter of fact I tell everyone I meet how pleased I was about price also. Thank you very much. Have a blessed day
11/4/2018 - SUNNY S. - LA
11/4/2018 - Wendell A. - Tx
Easy to order and my engine is in good condition and shipping is free ??
11/2/2018 - ELIZABETH P. - NC
I received a top quality engine at a fair price! Brian was so helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend purchasing an engine from this company!!
11/1/2018 - Barbara R. - NC
I had a wonderful experience with AM Auto Parts. I requested information online and received a prompt reply with a personal call and email. Everything was as they described and the motor runs great! Above that was the friendliness and respect of the staff. Great customer service.
10/31/2018 - RONALD P. - MD
The price was unbeatable plus low miles...recieved the engine quick and delivered to the address I requested with no problem.
10/29/2018 - SUNNY S. - LA
10/29/2018 - JOHN R. - NY
Engine running great! Problem was in shipping. Explicit instructions were given. Carrier had an 80 yr old owner at the delivery location unload engine and was very rude! The inconvenience could have been totally avoided. Luckily, other issues didn't occur.
10/29/2018 - Victor S. - Tx
Fast and great price
10/27/2018 - KURT B. - MA
Unfortunately the transmission I purchased arrived damaged and could not be installed and had to be returned, HOWEVER the gentleman I dealt with throughout the entire sales process, Mr. Bryan Johnson, was extremely helpful, professional and responsive to my inquiries and questions. As a result, I would definitely call AM Auto Parts for any future needs for my vehicle.
Thank you,
Kurt Bunting
10/25/2018 - Moises O. - TX
order was shipped as stated
10/23/2018 - SUNNY N. - LA
10/23/2018 - Robert K. - co
AM contacted me with a quote in response to a nationwide search for a replacement engine. Every contact was helpful and inspired confidence. In particular, the original engine spec that was distributed was incorrect, but AM was able to correct this. The engine arrived on time, was successfully installed and the warranty activated. A seamless and positive transaction over the phone and via internet from beginning to end.
10/23/2018 - John C. - Tx
It took longer to get it delivered but overall experience was good. People there were very help ful
10/22/2018 - MATT M. - MO
Done a great job shipping
10/22/2018 - Bonney W. - Mo
It was everything it that it was suppose to be ,good friendly service and arrived on time . Would definitely call them again.
10/21/2018 - MICHAEL S. - MS
Not A bad experience at all matter of fact I called the guy he was busy and told me he would call me right back he did just that found me a motor had it shipped with no problem
10/21/2018 - Tim R. - Fl
It’s a good transmission so far!
10/20/2018 - SUNNY N. - LA
10/19/2018 - Terry L S. - CA
Very pleased with purchase engine is purring
10/19/2018 - Muhajir I. - WA
Good experience
10/18/2018 - John p. - Ca
The purchase was easy and awesome. The salesman on the phone were great!! I will purchase from them again if needed. I needed to purchase a motor from Tampa because my sons car was broken down in Tampa Bay. This company delivery a low miles motor to a shop where my sons car was getting repaired. Everything turned out great Thank You again AM auto parts Jack Phillips Moorpark Ca.
10/16/2018 - George . - Missouri
I had a great shopping experience,was treated great and the transmission was good and thank those involved
10/15/2018 - Bob H. - Ks
I got a prompt - and the only response, to my search on the Parts Hotline. They were helpful and very clear in explaining policies and procedures. They were also the lowest price for a low mileage engine I found. The engine showed up a little early and was 'as advertised'. Good experience! Would do business with them again.
10/15/2018 - Dowayne M. - FL
Good morning I normally don’t do reviews but I will take the time to say that not only was this an awesome transaction in terms of mike finding me exactly what I was looking for but he took the time to explain how everything worked and eased all my concerns. Sent me pics of everything and even explained how the other dealers couldn’t deliver what they engine runs great! Thanks again
10/15/2018 - Malinda Q. - tx
great service. part came in on time and in great shape.
10/15/2018 - QUAMAINE W. - NC
Thanks the engine been running good glad I made the purchase. Quamaine Williams from Winston Salem, N.C
10/15/2018 - ROBERT A. - CA
good experience. had previously ordered a transmission for same car. Service by representative was professional.

10/14/2018 - SUNNY N. - LA
10/11/2018 - Jim K. - AL
I am really satisfied with the service that I have received from you and will always refer you to anyone who is looking for auto parts I just like to say thanks you
10/6/2018 - Mark B. - Florida
The buying was very simple. I was stressing over the purchase and y'all made the process stress free. Thank you for a great product
10/1/2018 - MILIYARD S. - TN
These folks are top notch when it comes to customer service. I bought a transmission and I received it after 4 short days. Thank you. You guys are awesome.
10/1/2018 - Tara N. - tn
Recieved on time and was exactly what was ordered - I was very nervous ordering a transmission off the internet but it been over a month and still working great ! Will definitely be back in the future !
9/30/2018 - CHRISTOPHER V. - TX
I purchased a Engine and I had a great experience purchasing my engine. It was installed with no problems and had a great warranty with it. If I need to purchase another engine or transmission I would purchase it from AM auto parts. BEST PARTS !!!
9/30/2018 - Val B. - Ga
Fantastic. I pestered them with a million and one questions. Everyone was answered to the "T". Engine was picked up and delivered in able time stated. If need one for another car I will look to AM first. Thanks, engine works with not problems. VAL
9/27/2018 - SCOTT K. - CA
Hi. The service was great. It was easy and quick and the pricing and warranty was very good compared to the other businesses I spoke to. I am still waiting on an email for the warranty information and certificate regarding the engine purchased but overall my experience was great.
9/23/2018 - Jaime H. - Tx
This is the 6-7th engine we have purchased from this company. We never have issues and we will continue to use AM Auto.
9/22/2018 - CLARITA S. - TX
I’m so glad and very happy that I found your company online to order the engine block my Mazda been not working almost 1 year to find that parts that I can afford cuz most of the online surfing that I did is too much and it’s not on my budget. now after 1 month that my co worker husband mechanic fixed it now my car is running good no problems at all and to tell you Texas summer is very hot and I barrowef my brother in law 2005 Toyota Corolla and the AC is not working but I don’t have a choice cuz I can’t afford to by or do car loan. I really appreciate y’all. Thank you so much ??????
9/19/2018 - Frank M. - NJ
It was awesome. Great service transmission was in great shape and works like a charm. Great communication and quality shipping.
9/18/2018 - marchella G. - MD
My experience was great
9/18/2018 - adam m. - PA
Excellent service and prompt shipping made this purchase a positive experience!
9/17/2018 - MARK T. - TX
9/17/2018 - Adam M. - tn
Your service was professional, very reasonably priced, and backed by a very good warranty. The part was shipped to the correct address within a reasonable time frame,and we are satisfied with the operation of our vehicle since the part was installed. I would definitely shop with your service again, should the need arise.
9/12/2018 - MICHAEL J. - NC
My experience with purchasing and motor from am used auto parts was excellent fast Dependable service is what I got I had no problem getting my motor it took a few minutes and the gentleman let me know what he had this is not the first time I have got a motor from am and it will not be the last
9/12/2018 - Jerry L. - ID
Engine runs strong did need to change some parts that were bad but runs like new. No complaints would recommend supplier.
9/12/2018 - two t. - ky
This was the third engine I have purchased from AMuap and again I have been very pleased with the quality, timing and delivery of the engines i have bought from your company. Thanks Again
9/10/2018 - KEYERIA J. - SC
I purchased a transmission and it got to my house in a good amount time . Every time I called it was great customer service, great and professional tone . This was one of the cheapest transmission I found and a friend referred me to this company . I want to thank y’all for all of your help ??
9/7/2018 - Robert G. - Fl
Replacement 5.7 Hemi for my 300C was delivered as advertized,
price was reasonable, the Warranty makes me feel better, never bought a used engine before. But back in car, over 1500 miles and runs like a Champ. Thanx guys. You helped save my 2005 - 300C that I love....
9/7/2018 - Denise S. - Florida
We had to replace the engine in my husbands Nissan Titan. Mike was the one who my husband was talking with and he was awesome. Very good customer service and was very friendly. Our engine arrived to our mechanics shop with no issues and so far so good in the Titan. If i would ever have to purchase a engine again (gosh I hope not)and or a transmission, I would buy from AM again.
9/6/2018 - Bryce D. - pa
Communication was poor, I had 3 different ship times and stories from various staff but the engine installed is working as it should, without any issues. I would recommend this company for an engine and would buy again if I ever need.
9/3/2018 - STEVE T. - TX
All I can say is they have been both courteous and professional in my dealings with them. Steve in Texas
8/31/2018 - Bily W. - TN
I had a great experience. Everyone was professional. I feel like everyone went above and beyond to help me locate the engine I was looking for. Even when I called to get updates everyone was patient and courteous and helped me with excellent customer service. It waIt was an honored to deal with you all.Im grateful and forever thankful..
8/31/2018 - Renya . - Fll
Sales guys are great. And are really good with follow threw. Wish the shipping process was quicker.
8/31/2018 - Jim P. - Tx
Thanks so much for all your efforts on solving my issues on this auto ! Joe was very easy to deal with and to talk to and was very helpful with all the steps and processes to complete my order ! Thanks so much for a very positive experience with all your help ! I appreciate the good job that was done by all ! Thanks
8/31/2018 - Mark F. - Oh
You guys were very easy to deal with. The engine I purchased is as expected. Shipping was quick and everything went well.
Setting up the warranty was seemed to go well.
Very happy with the whole process and the product.
Thanks so much!
8/31/2018 - CEDRIC W. - MS
I purchased my engine from amuap at a reasonable price with great customer service. My engine arrived on time and my vehicle runs great.
8/30/2018 - Anne S. - wa
Very helpful associate, decent prices, part came within the allotted time. Would definitely use AM used auto parts in the future. Thank you for your assistance in my time of need.
8/29/2018 - Devin Y. - TX
I had a great experience the transmission was a little rusty and the pan had big dent in it but got my micanic to install it and it’s working great we swapped pan with old transmission and all is working great. Definitely recommend yalls products shipped on time and kept me informed
8/28/2018 - KB GREY S. - VT
Recently purchased a 5.7 hemi motors runs strong shipping was a little longer than expected but turned out to be worth the wait. Would order from them again
8/27/2018 - Sharonda S. - fl
My experience with purchasing an engine from AM Auto Parts was amazing. They friendly and very helpful during the order process. My engine arrived in a timely manner and it runs great. The price was very reasonable
8/26/2018 - ROBERT B. - MA
Purchased a motor for a 2001 Mazda b2300 after months of searching very satisfied with service and shipping, motor has been operating excellent
8/26/2018 - BRAD B. - MI
This is the 2nd engine I've purchased from AM Used Auto Parts. Both engines were incredibly clean and super quality! I highly recommend you look to them for your used parts!
8/26/2018 - Elena I. - WA
The engine came shipping and everything was great but after installing the engine it was misfiring and bad compression over a engine that was supposedly tested so disappointed about that. But customer service was good at returning the calls on how to get the money back.
8/25/2018 - Destiny H. - TX
We have bought several engines from AM Used Auto and every purchase has been smooth. All of the employees are wonderful and extremely helpful! We will only buy from AM for all of our customers!!
8/24/2018 - JASON B. - VA
It took a little while but once everything got on track everything went well. Probably, need to be more responsive with the cousterm.
8/22/2018 - NAtasha H. - oh
I had in excellent experience with y’all in will shop with y’all in the future
8/21/2018 - David S. - WV
I am very pleased with the engines I received and it is performing perfectly! The wait time was a little longer than I was happy with but the end result was well worth it. This engine was the exact one I needed and no guess work about it! I would buy from you again! Love my engine.
8/21/2018 - Diane S. - Pa
I was really impressed how easy it was to order and receive the engine - I would certainly recommend you to anyone else I know who is looking for an engine like I was.
Totally a tumbs up for all who I dealt with . . .

Diane Swartz - note spelling NOT Swartza
P O Box 191
Canadensis, Pa 18325
8/21/2018 - Dwayne W. - IN
Very satisfied with my AM auto parts purchase. They were very prompt on shipping and replying to my email and questions. Iook forward to doing business with them in the future.
8/19/2018 - Stephen . - AZ
The service was great no complain
8/17/2018 - SUNNY N. - LA
8/14/2018 - ISSAC R. - FL
Excellent customer service, second to none! Knowledgeable, friendly and professional.
I will refer all my automotive associates and other shops, friends and family to you!
Keep up the GREAT job!
Isaac Reagan owner
8/13/2018 - Josie T. - Ma
My experience was very good with you guys the engine came just like you said and it's working awesome the only problem ones I sent back the papers from the mechanic for the warranty and the copy of the things I have to send back and I never got a response back but other than that everything is okay and I hope my warranty is up today thank you
8/13/2018 - Jesus M. - PR
They had the engine I was looking for and the shipping was fast.
8/12/2018 - Detmer R. - Arizona
very impressed with you customer service when I had a problem with the transmission they made sure I got one right away as soon possible and the engine running great thank you.
8/12/2018 - G edward Q. - ny
Everything went smoothly and was actually delivered before the scheduled delivery date. Could not have been happier.
8/8/2018 - R.M H. - TX
Great experience dealing with you guys. Order came in on time and worked great. Got a happy customer out of it too. Look forward to using y'all again. Thanhs
8/7/2018 - DOREEN R. - MAINE
I have to say i am pleased with the purchase of my transmission for my Honda Oddesy and Bryan Johnson was the perfect person to help me. So thank you for the help i will defiantly send customers your way.
8/7/2018 - nelson b. - Al
I received the engine when it was supposed to arrive so that was good. I had to wait to have it put in but I got it in and it runs great. thank you for the great customer service. Joseph was great he really di pay attention to my concerns and he put me at ease. if I had to have a con it would be I never got anything on my warranty if there was supposed to be any paper work on it.
8/5/2018 - Don T. - Tx
Without a doubt a pleasure to work with. Absolutely honest about the product, easy process. If I ever have a major automotive need this is my go to place Thank You
8/5/2018 - Tyrone F. - Tx
i have bought Sevres engines thy have all been great
8/1/2018 - Johnny B. - TN
Everything went well and fast. Person I talked to give me all the information I needed and answered every question I asked.
7/31/2018 - TODD L. - MS
I purchased a motor for a 2014 Nissan had it shipped to deal was a very
Fast and friendly experience. Sales was very patient and gave me all the
Info I needed to make it a painless purchase. The amount I paid for motor was well under what I was quoted fro a lot of other company’s. Motor was clean and it started and ran perfect. A great buying experience!!! Will
Make AM Auto parts the first call
7/31/2018 - Jeffery D P. - GA
Knowledgeable and professional, I am 100% satisfied with AM Used Auto Parts
7/30/2018 - Conrad C. - GA
Going good so far
7/24/2018 - Urane B. - Al
We had a great experience with the service that was given. Everything worked out well. Our transmission was shipped in the time frame you gave us. It was installed and is performing great in our car. Andy the sales representative was kind and assured us he would take care of us and he did. We will gladly do business with you again and recommend you to family and friends.
David & Yvonne
7/23/2018 - karen E. - tn
My experience was very good with AM Used Auto Parts. I purchased a transmission and it arrived in a timely fashion, the price was fair and so far the transmission is working wonderfully. Thanks!
7/23/2018 - trevor Murphy t. - al
I felt like I could have received my part alot quicker than I did but other than that I was ok with the service everyone I spoke with was very helpful and I will be recommending to my friends that they should use you guys when they need good quality parts
7/23/2018 - BYRON L. - LA
Hi, my name Byron Landry, and I purchase a motor for my son’ s car. Motor runs great, sales team was heart with help knowledge, and patients with work working with me, and I thank the team for that. Sales men was great about everything I have noting bad to say.
7/23/2018 - Wyley U. - GA
Purchased an engine for a customers cobalt and it ran top notch! Couldn’t beat the price or quality of service. Very satisfied.
7/22/2018 - STEVEN R. - CA
Would like to say that Brian is one of the most helpful person very professional the product was delivered on time ran perfect
7/22/2018 - Jeanette S. - FL
To A & M Used Auto Parts I bought the transmission from you about 3 months ago it was a zf6 56 speed for my 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty 7.3 L turbo diesel the salesman I cannot remember his name off hand I wish I could was probably one of the best that I've ever dealt with. He made sure he knew exactly what I wanted what I needed and what I was getting. I searched high and low for a used transmission or remanufactured. I found two in the state of Florida that we used and in someone's backyard. They were junk I checked every big used automotive place I could find no one could get me with that transmission for my truck then someone from Pasco Auto Salvage suggested A&M. It was a Saturday evening you are already closed so I emailed your company by Monday morning I had a phone call I had an estimate on the transmission used or remanufactured by Monday afternoon the purchase was made and I couldn't have been happier your staff is outstanding and knowledgeable courteous and very attentive to my needs. After the transmission was purchased they made sure it was delivered safely to my door the follow-up was excellent they checked on me every day to make sure I was satisfied until the transmission arrived I think your salesman and your company went above and beyond the call not only was it the right transmission it came with parts that I didn't even expect to come with like the clutch master cylinder not to mention it was spotlessly clean. I recommended to your company to anyone I know that needs used Auto Parts and I was also surprised that it came with a free year unconditional warranty which is very unheard of these days I wish to thank you and your staff for such a fun job and for such finde service. I would recommend your company to anyone. If at all you can look up the sales one by my name and the transmission I purchased please give him a big thank you for me I was very pleased with the transmission and still am and most pleased with the service and the care this man gave. Sincerely, Stanley Feret
7/22/2018 - JODY B. - MS
Differently our go to guys for our tranny needs.Super good service and very helpful. We thank you guys.

Country Garage..

7/22/2018 - GERALD R. - KS
The engine I bought was clean and works great
7/21/2018 - George M. - tx
Took longer than expected, I just started driving it today so I’ll have to see how this moter does, great costumer service.
7/20/2018 - Jocelyn . - California
I had a wonderful experience working with you guys. Do you have an awesome team of people working for you that are very helpful and fill-in any questions that you have. I sure will be having business with you in the future, and thank you again for being very helpful throughout the whole process. Altogether a very great experience shopping at AMused auto parts
7/20/2018 - Myesha S. - Ar
My experience was excellent, beginning from my very first call. I am glad that I chose to use you all, and I definitely will refer people to your company. Everything has worked fine with the new engine thus far. I will continue using AM Auto Parts in the future.
7/18/2018 - BARBARA M. - FL
Hello. I had been searching online for days looking for an engine and had received a few quotes. I received a quote from AM Auto Parts and it was the best price with warranty that I had found. I called AM and got my engine ordered. I received the paperwork by email I had to fill out. I filled it out and faxed it back that day. It was quick and very easy. About a week or so later my engine arrived. I also called AM about my warranty because it said I had 15 days, but my mechanic need about 4 more days to finish it and you said that would be fine. I felt so much relief that all of this was finally getting taken care of and how easy you made it. Thank you and I appreciate everything.
7/18/2018 - Brent T. - LA
Engine has been running great just as I was told it would. Great engine at a great price.
7/16/2018 - LOUIE S. - FL
Good transmission good customer service fast shipping.
7/16/2018 - ANTHONY H. - FL
The only issue I had was the shipping. I placed an order and needed a transmission ASAP. They were quick to take my money but had to call twice to find out the status as I received nothing. It took three weeks to ship less than 100 miles from my home. As far as the product, so far so good and give them a 10 for used parts.
7/16/2018 - STEVEN M. - AL
Great price and great service,I would recommend y’all to anyone.
7/14/2018 - Alan K. - Oh
Received the engine in a timely manner in good condition. Have driven it about 4 thousand miles so far and have had no problems with it. I am very happy with my purchase.
7/13/2018 - Heartsill G. - OR Kicks ass!They hooked it up with the best deal out there for my transmission for my 2004 F150 with a warranty and brought my truck back to life.I wanted to say thanks!
7/13/2018 - KENNETH B. - CA
Everything was just great. Terrific price way below competition. And, they allowed me to initiate my guarantee after the fifteen days that was normal because I was not able to install for close to thirty days after delivery. Nice firm to do business with and I would refer them to anyone.
7/13/2018 - JEFFREY B. - OK
I am very happy with the motor. It runs great. My mechanic took off the valve covers. Motor was very clean which showed us it was a low mileage motor. Would definitely use them again if I'm ever in need of another engine.
Jeff Bias
7/11/2018 - LEROY P. - VA
7/10/2018 - BRIAN L. - PA
your company was a pleasure to deal with and very knowledgeable. the transition was easy and the motor was shipped and delivered as promised. the price was great and the warranty was what made the purchase worth every penny. i will diffidently purchase from you again. thanks
7/9/2018 - Robert f. - Ms
I have received my product and gotten it installed. Everything has been working good so far. I give this company a 5 star rating... I am very pleased with it.
7/8/2018 - VINCENT R. - OK
7/8/2018 - Michael L. - LA
I purchased a transmission for my grandson’s 07 Chevy 4x4. It was a low mileage “re-manufactured” unit. It shipped from Wisconsin to Louisiana and arrived on the day they promised. There were no problems with the installation and it has worked great so far. I have had no problems with amuap would recommend them to others. Make sure that you return the documents for your warranty.
7/8/2018 - MICHAEL A. - NJ
very good
7/6/2018 - kenneth w. - la
Thanks for the engine and transmission vehicle is running great a lot better now then before if i ever need anything like this again yall will be my first contact thanks again
7/3/2018 - Richard S. - KY
Fast friendly service, answered all questions, replied to e-mails very quickly and fast shipping.

Was a pleasure to do business with your company.
7/3/2018 - Aaron D. - CA
Everyone was very easy to work with and very accommodating with what I was looking to do. Would highly recommend AMuap for any used parts. I know I will be using them again!
7/3/2018 - Sanford T. - ks
I was well pleased with the way Joseph treated me and made everything simple and easy,i am well pleased with my motor and have recommended plenty of mechanics and other people to the company,i want to thank you all for everything. From SanfordThompson
7/2/2018 - WILLIAM A. - NM
I was happy with the engine I got from y’all it’s in and running good thanks again. William allen
7/1/2018 - CURLEY C. - LA
Fine engine and I wanna thank y’all for your help
6/29/2018 - William C. - IL
Experience was great, excellent customer service from beginning to end. 100% satisfaction. Will recommend to my brother (who is a mechanic) to purchase engines from here.
6/29/2018 - JOSHUA O. - NC
I received very good help with the identification of what i needed for my car. They staff was very helpful. The transmission was shipped directly to my mechanic with no damage. Thank you for a easy and seem-less repair. Thank you.
6/23/2018 - MICHAEL F. - NY
Very quick getting part very helpful associates will use again competitive pricing.
6/23/2018 - James W. - GA
Engine ordered was just as referenced on phone.Salesman walked me through the description as what was needed and not needed and mostly everything was intact except for accessories which were switched from other engine.Compression was right on, on all cylinders as discussed;engine started and ran as should with great oil pressure and warmth up nicely,engine performed better than I hoped,really really satisfied!!
6/20/2018 - JAKE W. - SD
Shoping was great service was great . engine works great. i would do it again.
6/18/2018 - Angle G. - wv
I live be the 4.0 motor I bought.:. It’s doing good and got an amazing deal I would recommend u guys to anyone and I’ve gave out ur number and email address to many people.... thanks again I will be shopping with u guys for all my motors or anything I can get from u guys for my cares.... thanks again for awesome business
6/18/2018 - robert b. - fl
Andy Jackson Was very helpful during the whole process and I will contact your company if I need anything else. Thank you
6/17/2018 - John W. - CA
Company did as promised break customer support everything as promised I would do business with you again
6/15/2018 - Christopher D. - South Carolina
It was a very good experience. Joe was very helpful throughout the process. I recommend you to a friend, who also bought an engine.. Ty for all the help.
6/15/2018 - NANCY R. - MS
Awesome, I got a transmission guy to install n everything is doing Good. Very well pleased! Thank You Very Much!!!
6/12/2018 - CHARLES F. - MS
Very positive.Transmission arrived on time with no problems.I installed it and it works great.I am very pleased.I told all my friends about my experience. Thank You
6/11/2018 - EVERTADO M. - FL
6/11/2018 - Tyler r. - Iowa
I was shocked at the help and attention I got from AM Auto parts. Brian helped me diagnose if my existing transmission was good or not. I've never had that experience from any used auto parts yard. Generally you get less than 10 seconds, AM auto parts gave me 5 minutes, amazing! They really care. I got a great transmission for a great price, and a great warranty. I highly recommend them.
6/11/2018 - LILLY H. - GA
I enjoyed shopping. Bryan is a great help. We
6/11/2018 - RHONDA B. - GA
Customer service was all good and the merchandise was shipped and received in a reasonable time frame. Our business has made several purchases with AM Used Auto Parts.
6/10/2018 - ALBERT M. - VA
Transmission was priced very competitively, with a warranty, and delivered to the maintenance facility in a timely manner. After installation, transmission operation was flawless.
6/9/2018 - Jessica R. - Va
We purchased a truck from a friend for my 17 ur old son, we got a good deal on it because the previous owner had replaced the solenoids we just had to put the trans back in. Once we did, it had no reverse or 3/4 gear... the clutch was bad.... we looked everywhere local for the trans, looked online and AM sent us an email, the price was great, warranty was great. We purchased it, followed the warranty directions, my son now has a great running truck, one that’ll last him for a while with a little TLC as long as he keeps it out of the mud and behaves!! Thank You AM!! The Richardsons
6/8/2018 - Brendon G. - WA
Super simple. I went online to se what had to offer. Called them to order and my transmission and it showed up a few days later at the shop I had it shipped to. I had the shop install the seals that were required for the warranty and sent a copy of the receipt to to set up the warranty. Done and done. Super friendly,super fast, super simple. Thanks AM
6/5/2018 - Ernie G. - GA
Very pleased with my purchase. Good quality product. Shipping time was a little slow, but arrived in good condition.
6/5/2018 - MICHELLE L. - OH
Brian was great! He was always reachable to answer any questions and I'm satisfied thus far with my purchase.
6/4/2018 - WILLIAM H. - NJ
6/3/2018 - Debra F. - al
It was a great experience I live about 450 miles away no problem with shipment delivery was sooner than I expected.
5/30/2018 - GLORIA P. - CA
I am so pleased with my engine its fit perfectly in my 2004 Mustang Convertible I love it its running like a new car Thank You so much and a special Thanks to Brian who helped me Gloria Pierce
5/29/2018 - FRANK J. - SD
Wow this was a great moment. The service was amazing. After sending the first part which was wrong, Amup admitted it and immediately recalled it then replaced it with the right one all free of charge and timely. They are awesome. I can personally recommend them with no fear, They can deliver, trust me
5/28/2018 - Ashton M. - New Jersey
I love the service I love the engine and transmission that I received I had it shipped to New Orleans had it put in then went to New Jersey 1500 miles one-way 17 hours on the highway gas and go the motor and transmission perform very excellent
5/28/2018 - Deuan I. - FL
Great experience and the part didn’t take long to arrive, my transmission works fine.
5/27/2018 - Eathan P. - ks
Very happy with the experience. Got a great transmission delivery time was very fast and I had no problems with any part of the transaction. Thank you all
5/26/2018 - Michael C. - In
It was great and y experience was good but the freight company were terrible
5/22/2018 - Carl S. - DELAWARE
The purchasing was pretty cut and dry very easy and was shipped and delivered on time. The only hickup I had was the engine would not rotate to line up the transmisson. My mechanic called and was told what to do to unsieze the engine. I am happy to say the engine is installed and running fine looking forward to any future purchases I might need. I will note having a problem registering my engine for the warranty link wont go through.
5/22/2018 - Brian s. - CT
Quick service. The shipping company accidently delivered my motor to someone else and gave the wrong motor. AM auto was quick to get the issue sorted out and resolved. Would recommend and use AM auto again
5/22/2018 - ANYA N. - AL
AM Auto parts was a great buying experience, they had what i needed for a good price and i will definitely recommend my friends and family.
5/21/2018 - Denice M. W. - co
My purchase was a Chevrolet Avalanche 4L60e automatic transmission. The transaction was handled from start to finish very professionally. The transmission was delivered on time and just as described. I was pleasantly surprised by the professional fashion that the transmission was packaged for shipping and the sound condition it arrived in. I have purchased similar parts from other companies and been very disappointed in the way those parts were packaged and the condition that those parts arrived in.
5/19/2018 - Joseph M. - Mt
we ordered a used motor from Am Auto Parts and was many states away and Joe whom I spoke to was a very GREAT and friendly guy I stayed in touch with them on the part and got it and was very happy with the outcome and the service was spectacular I would definitely recommend them for parts. Totally satisfied customer.
5/19/2018 - Tim K. - Oh
Had a great experience with AM Used Auto Parts. Bryan Johnson was a pleasure to do business with and he offered a great, low mileage transmission with a phenomenal warranty at a great price. I would definitely do business with them again.
5/19/2018 - venetta r. - oh
My experience with you was very good my vehicle has been up and running for about 2 months and still no problems.
5/15/2018 - robert r. - alabama
I was pleased with price, service, and shipping. I was pleased about the 3-year warranty you included on my transmission I purchased.
5/14/2018 - Steve B. - OH
My transmission I bought for my 2003 Honda Pilot AWD is working great i got it installed the day after delivery and it’s been flawless. I would highly recommend you company to anyone looking for a part for their vehicle. I’m currently looking for another vehicle to fix up and should be in the market for another engine or transmission shortly. Thanks for great experience on my previous part.
5/14/2018 - Timothy C. - TN
I have been really pleased with my trans that i puchased from yall
5/14/2018 - Patrick K. - MA
Great price. Delivered on time. Could not be happier.
5/14/2018 - RITA M. - CT
Very friendly customer service. Unfortunately the wrong part was sent initially. The company did rectify that with free return shipping and the correct part was shipped. We had an extra car to use so the situation didn’t become completely uncomfortable. But it did take a month to work out the kinks. Would I use this company again? Probably due to friendly staff and three year warranty on my part.
5/14/2018 - Ariel S. - NC
Engine was in perfect condition. Came on time. Bryan was a great guy to work with over the phone! Thank you so much!
5/13/2018 - Chaun E. - Minneapolis
So far good thank god I received my 3 or warranty am thanks
5/13/2018 - MICHAEL N. - SC
The experience was great. The engine arrived on time and in terrific condition. The sales staff are very helpful.
5/11/2018 - Ervin H. - ks
Engine was as described, shipped on time and secured to pallet very well for safe shipping. Engine ran good and carried good oil pressure. Thanks!
5/8/2018 - DERRICK P. - PA
So far, the engine is in good working order. The purchasing experience was pretty painless. Thanks again!
5/8/2018 - JULIE M. - AZ
Pleasure doing business with you. Once tranny was in transit was able to track it all the way. Arrived in great condition. Thanks!
5/8/2018 - FELCIA G. - MA
I ordered both an engine and transmission from AM Used Auto Parts for my '04 GMC Denali. My customer service agent, Andy was patient and helpful throughout the entire process. My truck is back on the road and running like a charm!!
5/7/2018 - JOSHUA P. - SD
My experience was a great one, my order came quickly the price was great. I did have some issues that were handled quickly with my contact Brian who was able to direct me to help get my issues resolved. I would recommend AM to others. Just a good experience all round.
5/7/2018 - JEFF L. - TN
the people at am auto parts are very good at everything they did.jeff long
5/6/2018 - SKIP C. - NC
well I think u for the transmission , after it finally got to me ,,,took 2 weeks to arrive to me ,,,but all is good now ,,,Skip
5/5/2018 - Betty F. - Ca
Great and fast service and delivery service was right on time
4/29/2018 - Mark W. - Mn
I bought a motor am auto andeverything they said they would do they did I was very happy
4/28/2018 - MICHAEL S. - LA
These guys are a great alternative for our customers, they got me the product quickly so I did not have to hold up my bay. My company will use them in the future when we need another engine or transmission.
4/28/2018 - Martina Z. - Georgia
It is great to make busines with your compNy bryan is an excelent representative look forward to do bussiness with you again
4/24/2018 - Thomas R. - LA
The price was great, the communication was great and the product was as described. I could not have asked fora better experience.
4/24/2018 - Cristian M. - CA
This is one if the best place to get your parts for your vehicle. Good running parts and everything that is positive.
4/24/2018 - DANICA F. - FL
Very helpful and easy to order engine shipped super fast.Our contact was super helpful and answered all of questions. If we need another engine again will shop.
4/23/2018 - CARMELO T. - FL
Grate experience with the yard and staff. I'm aways in a classic car shows an rambling were my parts came from... I tell every one, you guys back words with action an guarantees and no bull shit, strait to the point .🎉..old school parts with old school busines. I raise my glass to you.

4/20/2018 - Shawnell V. - pa
Am Auto Parts is an amazing trust worthy professional company. I needed an engine for a 2011 Chevy Malibu for the right price and fast. I was scared to death to order such a large item online but AM Autoparts representative Andy made everything seamless and for a great price.
4/20/2018 - tamara c. - ?
The transmission I bought works great thank you guys will make purchases in the future with you
4/17/2018 - TRACEY B. - NY
Customer service was great but had shipped me a bad transmission so I waited 2 weeks for another one.. all in all I got my truck running again but went without my truck for over a month
4/17/2018 - DAVID G. - OH
everything went very well it was all just as described and customer is very happy with the purchase motor was pulled professionally not hacked to pieces no abnormal noises no smoke will be back definitely
4/16/2018 - Michael K. - Florida
Transmission works fine and it was a good price for it..The communication from your company to me regarding it was somewhat lacking. I understand that the man I was dealing with went out sick, but no one filled in for him while he was out. Every bit of communication between us was initiated by me in order to find out what was going on with it. That part of the deal could have definitely been better, other than that, I have no complaints.
4/16/2018 - RANDY M. - TX
The transmission workd great yall did a great job... thanks again
4/16/2018 - David S. - va
Great to deal with. Made sure I was ordering right engine. Quick delivery and engine runs good.
4/14/2018 - James E. - OH
Experience was great. Inquired by email and first thing next morning I had a call back. Price was more than fair considering in the jam I was in I could have been raked over the coals. Communication was great, shipping was fast. Engine arrived was faster than I expected. My mechanic tells me it was a great find and wanted to know where I got it so he can start using them as a vendor. Hopefully I will not need a new engine again, however, I will tell anyone who needs one, or a transmission, where to go. Thanks!
4/13/2018 - Kevin F. - PA
very accessible. Great customer service and good merchandise.
I am very happy with the engine and the warranty that I have received.
4/11/2018 - Lisa C. - ga
I'm a very pleased customer. During my search for a transmission I called your business and spoke with Joseph and he is the best. Very knowledgeable of all parts and vehicles. He made my purchase simple and I was very relieved to have a transmission and it's working great!
Thank you AM you're the Best.
4/10/2018 - Chico d. - MS
Great service and price was also great. My part arrived on time and work perfect. It could've been clean up but only thing hthat really matter is that it work.
4/8/2018 - Domingo C. - California
Exelent servise thankyou
4/8/2018 - CHARLES W. - MO
shopping for my new engine and buying it was so easy especially with the help of your sales staff. I am very pleased with the engine and was really surprised with the timing of the entire process. From the time I purchased it to the time it was received in the shop took less than 2 weeks and the engine works great... thank you for all you did for me , especially the comparatively low cost of it all.
4/3/2018 - edwin b. - al
Great experience. All descriptions were accurate the personal I dealt with were friendly and knowledgeable, Shipping was as described and on time. Motor was installed and runs great I am well pleased with with the whole transaction and will defiantly use AMautoparts when the need arises Thanks Ed Burke
4/1/2018 - michael t. - WI
Very good experience. Your rep stayed on top of everything and made the purchase pretty seamless. I will definitely look to you guys first next time I need engine or tranny.

mike t
3/31/2018 - BRAD M. - GA
It was a great one
3/30/2018 - Long T. - CA
I purchased a low mileage engine with a 3 year unlimited mile warranty. The engine was delivered to the mechanic shop without a lift gate (this option was not offered to me) and they were unable to deliver it the first day. After I paid them another $120.00 for the re delivery with a lift-gate, they came back 2 days later delivered the engine.
I had the engine installed and it was an absolutely great engine. The BMW mechanic said that the engine really sounds the way it should and that I was lucky I got a good one!
Over all I am very happy, with everything. I just would have liked to know about the added expense of shipping and the extra 2 day delay because I wasn't given the option of using a lift gate on the delivery truck.
3/27/2018 - Jeremy i. - Il
After purchasing my vehicle I had it gone through at the shop who does all my work. As they were changing the oil they noticed some metal shavings on the drain plug which followed by finding metal and brass from the main bearings in the bottom of the pan. After searching for a replacement engine online and Local finding only extremely high mileage no warranty replacement engines this gentlemen emailed me stating they had a reasonably low mileage engine for (well in all honesty) midnight salvage price and they’d warranty it for three years!!! I can say I would have paid twice as much for what I got. Great service. Excellent communication. One English spray person handles your order with a direct line to them with no wait or hassle. Beyond happy with my engine. Thank you!!!
3/25/2018 - Scott C. - oh
Service and communication very professional.
3/23/2018 - DAVE D. - AL
As usual the engine, transaction, and service were excellant... Always enjoy dealing with AM. Thanks
3/23/2018 - Mark P. - WY
I have purchased a transmission for a ford focus and also an engine for my S10. I must say the engine arrived in excellent condition. After installing it the engine ran stronger and smoother than the original engine when the truck was new. I am very happy with this engine.
The transmission that I purchased for the focus I had installed by a shop in town. when i went to pick up the car the technician told me that the transmission was in excellent condition "very clean" on his test drive the transmission shifted and performed perfectly. When I told him where I purchased it, and for how much. He couldn't believe it. The technician also said " for that price you stole it". My wife is the primary driver of the focus, when I gave it back to her she said it just like it new.
so of course if she is happy I am happy also.
3/23/2018 - Robert B. - ID
service was very good, shipping was very slow, engine turn out to be in great shape
3/20/2018 - Alysha D. - Nh
They were very helpful an very pleasant I would definitely call them again if I need parts again.thank you so much
3/18/2018 - David G. - NJ
I am very satisfied because I receive a great engine for my truck and I can recommend to anybody who needs an engine or transmission from you guys; thanks for you service. David
3/18/2018 - STEVEN R. - CA
I have worked with brian several times he is very helpful and professional at what he does very pleased with all the engines and transmission I have purchased and recommend AM auto parts to everyone
3/17/2018 - Dillard L. - TN
Outstanding service! Transmission is working well after installation. AM will be my go to for used parts.
3/12/2018 - denise w. - ny
Great service to help me find the right engine delivery time and everything the flywheel was bent alil due to it being strapped to the pallet it was om but other than that it was a great buy. Would definitely order again
3/6/2018 - michael s. - texas
The engine was delivered on time. It runs beautifully, I am completely satisfied, and would recommend you to anyone who needs a major component for their car.
3/6/2018 - DANIEL G. - GA
Great Products Fast Shipping
2/27/2018 - Michael M. - mi
Ordered a used engine from AM recieved the motor promptly and fast had it installed and all i can say is the engine has ran great since day one. Great price fast shipping good people to work with will use AM as my go to place from now on and have recommended them to many other people and mechanics.Thank you AM
2/21/2018 - JOYCE S. - NH
Good service and fast shipping.Good clean part and very little per service.
2/21/2018 - Mark F. - ga
Customer service,order process and product itself were all outstanding
2/20/2018 - Terry D M. - SC
Purchased a 1995 Chevy 2.2L engine. Fast shipping, engine seems to be running fine for now. Just have 125K miles on it Good price for motor and it fits and works. Thanks
2/20/2018 - james h. - ky
I highly recommend this company for all your automotive parts. The customer service was helpful as well as friendly and their prices could not be beat. Their delivery service was awesome as well having my parts delivered on time and even having customer service contact me before hand so I would no the exact time to be waiting... Thanks AM Auto Parts for going the extra mile and for having customer service that can't be beat.

2/19/2018 - Anthony N. - Tx
Got a good price for a under 100k motor and mechanic able to get it swapped out for me, running great!
2/19/2018 - Kenneth M. - FL
My engine purchase experience with AM has been great from parts search to delivery. Thank you.
2/17/2018 - Joshua m. - Pennsylvania
Great purchase, good communication all the way through was very happy with my expierence
2/16/2018 - LEROY H. - KY
There are many people in this world who are flat out liars and cheaters especially in the automotive industry! These are the horrible horror stories that you hear about the people who take advantage of their customers and the list goes on!
Well! You don’t have too worry about any of those things when dealing with any of the consultants that work for this company and everything that they offer is true! There warranties are real! And there engines are top of the line I have been nothing but satisfied with everything that I have purchased!! I am 100 percent satisfied with the professionalism and business acumen that these guys have! They have been nothing but helpful and reliable! So don’t even waste your time with doing business anywhere else but here! Do yourself a favor and you will never have worry again ! Everything that they say is true, every engine and transmission is guaranteed how can you miss? You can’t I dare you to do business anywhere else and be happy with them you’ll see that everything I am saying about them is true! Thanks for being 100 with me and being real! And keeping it real! My experience is this? Everything that they say is true and when doing business that means everything to me and my pocket book! You know what I mean! And it gets better with time!
2/16/2018 - Michael S. - Louisiana
These guys are a great alternative for our customers, they got me the product quickly so I did not have to hold up my bay. My company will use them in the future when we need another engine or transmission.
2/16/2018 - JOHNNY K. - NV
i like am auto parts for thay have the best cusomer servies i have ever had and i like the engains becuse thay come with 3 year woranty thanks am auto parts
2/14/2018 - KEVIN H. - NC
Awesome Customer Service. Bryan is Top Notch! Thank You and I will be doing more business with yall. 5 STARS.
2/12/2018 - WEBSTER F. - MS
the is working out fine for now. the sales person was very helpful and courteous and he answered all my questions.
2/12/2018 - Demetruis W. - ga
the transmission I received is working fine so far great warranty
2/12/2018 - CYNTHIA N. - AR
Reference ID# 1747998
Andy Jackson was really good to me and took care of all my needs. My first transmission was no good so I called and spoke to Andy about it and right away he got me another one sent out. I truly appreciated all his help in my process of getting a new transmission for my truck. I would would use AM auto parts again in the future and recommend you all to my friends and family.
Thank you all for everything. And Thank you Andy Jackson for dealing with me I know I can be a pain at times.
2/9/2018 - CORTNEY G. - MS
My shopping experience with you’ll was great! Had no problems tracking my order. Will definitely shop with you’ll again if needed and refer you’ll to others.
2/6/2018 - JUSTIN S. - MS
Overall, no complaints to speak of. Transaction along with communication went smoothly.
2/5/2018 - Roderic R. - CA
I am very pleased with the service I received and also the product I purchased..I will definitely be shopping with AM again in the future.
2/5/2018 - HECTOR M. - WY
My experience with you guys was an excellent customer service prices were reasonable parts showed up on time I recommend you guys too my mechanic friends so the next time that I need parts for my vehicles I'll definitely go call you guys call you guys again
2/5/2018 - HECTOR M. - WY
My experience with you guys were through great customer service Parts got on time I'm very happy with you service I've definitely do business with you guys again
2/4/2018 - Joyce W. - NY
Mike Smith was great and he was very knowledgeable, I will us this company again and I will refer it to friends and family.
2/3/2018 - Michael S. - Louisiana
These guys are a great alternative for our customers, they got me the product quickly so I did not have to hold up my bay. My company will use them in the future when we need another engine or transmission.
2/3/2018 - ALFIE C. - MD
Oh it’s awesome experience to buy a used engine to
Your company a very helpful sales person and very fast
Delivery and good product nextime when I need engine
Or transmission I used to by am used auto parts.
Thanks you so much.
1/31/2018 - Christine H. - WV
U all where ever good to me ...thanks
1/30/2018 - JOSH W. - MS
Great customer service. After having issue with first engine they quickly replaced with another. Great a++++
1/30/2018 - Nely h. - ca
I can't say enough about the service and the product that I received, our daughter's engine died and we were feeling hopeless. We searched and found engines with high miles and priced very high as well. We found AMUAP,the price cannot be beat and the engine has very low miles and runs like new, in fact my mechanic could not believe himself what I paid for the engine. I would recommend to anyone who needs a quality used engine to call AMUAP first!!!
1/28/2018 - Michael S. - Louisiana
These guys are a great alternative for our customers, they got me the product quickly so I did not have to hold up my bay. My company will use them in the future when we need another engine or transmission.
1/27/2018 - Ricard L F. - mo
I have no complaints on the engine u sent me... Rich
1/26/2018 - DANA S. - OH
I purchased a transmission for my van. So far everything is working ok. The only complaint I have is how long it took to get it shipped to me, it was like 2 weeks,now in defense to you guys thanksgiving fell within that time.
Thanks again
Dana Smoot
1/26/2018 - Charles M. - oh
Everything went ok engine is running very good. But it took 2 weeks for them to ship it I had to call back 2 times after it was paid for and got a run around by the first person. But after that it was shipped and packaged good. So thanks
1/26/2018 - Ritchie P. - TN
They did everything they said they would I hope to do business with again
1/18/2018 - Christopher D. - GA
My experience with purchasing purchasing a engine from you all was very easy and turned out to be a very good investment I've had no problems at all I would recommend y'all to anyone looking for parts
1/15/2018 - sandra d. - Al
Hello, I bought a engine from you guys and it was shipped in great timing. It works great. I will be back to get my transmission if they have some in. The price was in my price range and the 3 year warranty I could not find one better than that.
1/13/2018 - Isarael v. - tx
Great service
Very nice agents
1/12/2018 - Adam M. - MN
This item was excellent and working perfect and the communication with sales rep. Was fast and I advise people to shop here for their vehicles parts.
1/11/2018 - Robert P. - oh
The engine was delivered in a very timely manner to my mechanic with care. My mechanic was impressed and verified the engine to be in great condition. Our car runs better than ever and the price was very competitive. Thank you.
1/9/2018 - Charlotte T. - NV
Thank you. Your services and timely delivery was Splendid. The engine was just placed in the car due to mechanic illnesses. But the over all engine seems to be great. Thank you for your business and I would recommend you and your company's service for tome to come.
1/8/2018 - Virginia C. - SC
well I did get the engine and it is in my 2007 VW the people I talked with and made my purchase through did their job well they were professional, soft spoken, kind and all they needed to be now the performance will tell the story. At least I have three years to find out.
1/8/2018 - RICARDO G. - FL
I was very satisfied with the purchase of the engine in AMAUTOPARTS.
I had a good and timely advice and answer to my questions.
The dispatch was made promptly.
I would buy spare parts with them again.
1/8/2018 - Christina N. - NC
I am very empress with AM auto parts for being so prompt in sending my transmission to my mechanic
1/2/2018 - JOHN M. - GA
A very nice, efficient experience.Rep was very polite and did everything to accomodate my needs. I would recommend AM auto parts to others!

John Morris
Jackson Ga.
1/2/2018 - LETTIE W. - LA
It was great engine working wonderful would tell my friend about the company.
1/2/2018 - BRENDA T. - AR
Received motor in timely manner and was as described no problems sales person was more than knowledgeable .thanks
1/2/2018 - CHARLES P. - NC
it was very good great
1/2/2018 - John S. - ND
The transfer case arrived as promised, but was the wrong one. You rectified the error by getting the correct one promptly sent. Thank you for your integrity and great service. I will gladly recommend your business! Thanks again, J. Smith
12/31/2017 - JL j. - co
Transmission is working fine,just a little slip
12/31/2017 - JAMES H. - AR
I want you to know that you are a great company and you have done everything you should to get me my orders thank you very much
12/30/2017 - Colin H. - oh
My experience was ok but I don't like they way you handle your warranty. Other than that it went ok under the circumstance.
12/25/2017 - Elton T. - KS
Great parts, but customer service could use some work. Engine arrived in great shape, but after promised date
12/25/2017 - Michelle . - GA
Bryan was very helpful and courteous before, during, and after my purchases. I received notification and tracking information of my purchase with estimated arrival time. He answered all of my emails in a timely manner. AM Auto Parts is the best salvage ever!
12/24/2017 - Debra T. - Iowa
This is 2nd time I have had Joe find an engine for our family. Last year a 2001 Chrysler 300. This yr a 2006 Pacifica. Joe located low mileage engines, promptly shipped them directly to my mechanic. The 300 engine has been running very good, has a small oil leak. Easily repaired. The Pacifica engine was installed 2 weeks ago. It has no flaws are all. Runs great. We are very pleased with the service (Joe) and the engines. Thank You Deb & Steve Thomsen
12/23/2017 - MICHAEL T. - TX
Pretty good experience. I enjoyed the staff who helped as my credit card company had to be fruad-protection leery. The part itself was fabulous.We bought a transmission and it runs like new. It even helps the engine run better! 3 year warranty to boot. Yeah, I highly recommend these guys. great help and a great product.
12/23/2017 - Curtis M. - MA
I had a good experience with the purchase. Good customer service. I had a problem with the first piece of merchandise but I understood. The part was replaced very quickly in a timely fashion. I just never got the warranty information that I asked for three times I'm still waiting for it. Thank you
12/22/2017 - James A. - Tennessee
Quick shipping. Great service
12/20/2017 - JESUS J. - NJ
He comprado 4 motores y me asalir o muy bien
12/18/2017 - ELDRED S. - NY
I had ordered an transmission from you and its the best thing i did you have sent me a good one with low miles i would tell anyone about am antoparts help them out and get what they need from you guys
12/18/2017 - Ted P. - Tx
Your engine pricing and shipping costs are good. Your communication about the visa form not so good. Shipping takes longer than you tell us. So far the engine we installed is doing good. Have not heard back from you about reimbursement for a crack on the engine block that we had repaired here locally.
12/18/2017 - William . - TN
I am very happy with the used motor I purchased. It ran perfect from the time of startup as advertised. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of used parts. I was treated very well and beyond my expectations.
12/15/2017 - MATTHEW M. - MS
Awesome service & great engines & transmissions. I bought a motor from you guys & a friend of mine has bought several from your company. Look forward to doing business with u in the future. Not really. Lol
12/15/2017 - Niveria D. - MA
great customer service, got the right transmission the first time and at a great price! And its working great. thank you!
12/15/2017 - Jimmy G. - ma
Thank you so me with my trasmision for my honda pilot that work perfect
12/12/2017 - DAVE D. - AL
As always, my dealing with AM Used Auto Parts, was completely satifying. Dealing with Brian over the years has proven your company is honest and fair. Any problems I have encountered are always dealt with quickly at no extra cost to my company. Keep up the great work,
12/12/2017 - Casey C. - CO
Engine runs well
12/10/2017 - Mary H. - Or
I didn't think I would have to order a transmission from Florida, but Jeremiah helped us out big time. Thank you.
12/8/2017 - Richard H. - OK
Was completely satisfied with speed of service and the cleanliness of the engine when it arrived. Will use you in the future.
12/5/2017 - Richard S. - Al
Purchased a used engine and it was a 5 star purchase. Price was great, they were helpful and very responsive to questions and my engine got here exactly when they said it would. Can’t ask for a better experience with online purchasing.
12/5/2017 - DARREN T. - WA

You have done what you said, you would. I appreciate doing business with you and will continue to purchase engines and transmissions from AM.


Darren Talley
White Tail Transportation, Inc.
12/5/2017 - Bill M. - KY
i have purchased 2 complete engines from AM with great outcomes from both engines, a v6 for a lincon MKZ and a 4.2 v-6 for a ford truck. both doing fine and were reasonably priced and delivered as promised. We will do more business in the future... many thanks.
Bill M
12/5/2017 - WARREN B. - GA
Transmission arrived on time and installed by specialist. It has been over 2 months with no problems. Very satisfied. Ray B.
12/5/2017 - DAVID H. - GA
It was great I have my truck runing gud
12/4/2017 - Bonnie M. - MN
The experience was good but the product had issues, we worked thru them. The company I think is a good company and would use them again
12/4/2017 - Fabian D. - la
It's was good and people was excellent help
12/4/2017 - Zachary r. - Nj
Good service great people
12/3/2017 - Mark K. - Mo
Took a little long to get the engine ., but after you explained why I was satisfied. ..

DO you have a engine for a 2002 Passat station wagon 1.8 turbo Volkswagen. ..
Repeat customer discount apply
12/3/2017 - MICHAEL A. - NJ
Tthe transaction was one of the best. Thanks to Bryan Johnson who assisted me in the purchase to get a very good transmission for my vehicle. I will always recommend this company or website to whoever might be looking for a part to buy.Thanks.
12/2/2017 - Dave Hughes H. - Mi
Hi all went real smooth and the sales person did a great job on answering all of my questions and concerns. Shipping was on time and warranty was put into motion right away. Had a great experience and would recommend this company to all I know or hang around with. Thank you again. From Dave Hughes.
11/27/2017 - JEFFREY T. - OK
Enjoyed the experience buying my 1996 chevy S10 mini trucks' engine. Delivered on time and received exactly what was promised. Already gave out your co. name and phone numbers (ripped off the top of my signed payment agreement, that way numbers don't get written wrong), to a customer where I work.
Although I have many issues with that engine, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! Poor workmanship in swapping out the engines in my truck. Engine mount bolt improperly installed, resulting in the major oil leak from the oil filter after 2 weeks on the road. Spark plug wires laying directly on the engine mount caused the miss firing two weeks after that. Etc....

What can i say, life's full of adventure. Just keep smiling. Thanks for the engine!
11/27/2017 - Grant M. - LA
good customer service
11/27/2017 - James w. - Hi
I believe you will never find a better deal on used car parts than you will with AM Used Auto parts! Great experience! I will for sure use them again!
11/26/2017 - jerry h. - la
Great service answered all my questions and engine was in great shape as told it would be and delivered on time. Greatly satisfied and will be shopping with you again.
11/25/2017 - CHAD G. - TN
I recommend Am auto parts i bought a transmission for my dodge dakota i haven't had any problems thanks Am
11/24/2017 - Rich C. - Vt
Engine Was Clean, No Broken Parts, No Wires Cut. Ran Great. Have Bought A Few Engines From AMuap And So Far Have Not Had Any Problems.
11/24/2017 - ROBERT M. - NC
Thank you AM Used Parts for an excellent low mileage used transmission for my 2008 Dodge Caravan. Thank you also for the expedient shipping. Youre a awesome Company and deserve the utmost respect for your professionalism and customer service
11/24/2017 - Kenneth e. - ms
Dependable,reliable,andhelpful. I got a good motor and transmission for a good price.
11/24/2017 - Glenn B. - Texas
Excellent transmission super experience
11/21/2017 - Billy M. - MS
I purchased a transmission for my wife's car. It shipped quickly and there have been no problems. I am very satisfied and will likely purchase an ending for my truck this spring. You can't beat the price with a warranty. I'm a very satisfied customer.
11/19/2017 - ROBERT F. - FL
Thanks! Despite hurricane Irma, you got my transmission to my mechanic and saved my daughter’s beloved 98 New Beetle from oblivion for a few more years!
11/18/2017 - Edgardo . - Georgia
I'm so far happy with my engine I got ,got little disappointed with the person I deal with ,before I order my engine was answering fast l
11/16/2017 - Matthew M. - Ohio
Everything managed to come together. Matt
11/14/2017 - Peter K. - Ga
It was good
11/13/2017 - David T. - WV
I was and am very satisfied with my engine purchase. It arrived when promised and in the condition as described. I have and will reccamend AM Used Parts to anyone looking for a quality used part at a good price.
11/13/2017 - Larry m. - fsdg
Part and price were without equal,shipping took longer than expected... transmission is running well with no problems;in less than three months have put 3,000 plus miles on it!
Will buy parts in future from AM
11/13/2017 - Glen P. O. - ka
I had a good overall experience and the transmission I purchased has been performing well after the installation. Hopefully it holds up and I do not have to use the warranty. I would recommend A&M Auto to others in the future.
11/12/2017 - Paula B. - WV
My shopping experience with AM Auto Parts was a very good one from the beginning to the end. They are very fast in getting whatever you order to you and are very helpful in making sure everything is right with your order and if it isn't they will make it right asap. I highly recommend this com[any to anyone in need of parts,,,large or small.

Paula M. Burns
11/6/2017 - JOHN H. - OK
the team is really great. i purchased an engine for a gmc envoy. knowing nothing about motors the team guided me threw the process.
11/6/2017 - PAMELA P. - NC
I was very happy with the service,over all I will recommend your business to my family and friends.
11/5/2017 - Roselyn B. - ca
Excellent customer service and easily reachable by phone when I had a question. Engine arrived and was installed into my truck. Runs perfect. Very happy with AM Auto Parts and would definitely use them again if I needs an engine or transmission.
11/4/2017 - JASON B. - UT
The motor looked rebuilt...good price!!
Bryan was great to deal with. I highly recommend them!!

Jason Bennett
10/31/2017 - DAVE S. - FL
10/30/2017 - John R. - NY
Bought a transmission. Ran great had an issue with it after installation tried emailing like the warranty info says but system was down called and spoke to sales rep got it all straightened out they are sending me the part I need to fix it waiting on email confirmation when I get part good customer service from jo miller
10/23/2017 - Tania R. - MO
Engine was as described, but when it arrived it was quite dirty. Salesperson was helpful and prompt with answering questions. Overall a positive experience.
10/19/2017 - LEROY H. - KY
Great! A&M Auto Parts is the best! Thanks for the help!
A&M Auto Parts Team is the very best too do business with!
Le Roy Harrison
10/18/2017 - PHIL G. - FL
Could not be happier with the service and quality I experienced with AM Auto! Best price after an extensive search, Engine arrived promptly, and was exactly as ordered! Installed and warranty activated. It is reassuring to have a company to do business with and not have reservations! Looking forward to future purchases!

Thanks again! Phil Graham
10/17/2017 - johnathon j. - west Virginia
It was a very good experience it was easy and any questions I had they would answer right away I would recommend them to anyone and I will be using them again thanks
10/17/2017 - Tyrone b. - SC
I like the deal and will continue to shop with your
10/14/2017 - Clarence b. - Illinois
The serve was great I thank you very much . I mite buy something in them future.
10/10/2017 - KEITH W. - NC
Had a great experience with my purchase. Good communication. One slight hiccup but nothing major. Very happy with my experience
10/9/2017 - CHARLES C. - TN
My experience with your company has been a positive one I would recommend your product and your company including your service to other people it's a good product keep up the good job thank you...Charles Clemons
10/9/2017 - Phil J. - Ms
My experience with AMAUP was a smooth one. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend this team to anyone with automotive needs.
10/7/2017 - Arturo h. - tx
.Everything went well on my engine purchase . The engine arrived on time just as you said and best of all the purchase and tracking of my engine was so easy and thanks for your friendly and helpful service . I would and will definitely recommend you all to anyone in need of your services.
10/7/2017 - CIERAHARRIS . - NC
thanks for everything . engine running great car drives well..
10/6/2017 - Jerome M. - la
Received the motor in good condtion.Sales team was great.I have recommend your organization to all my mechanical associates. thanks for a great experience.
10/6/2017 - KEITH W. - NC
Great experience, engine runs great, transmission shifts good..... Would recommend buying here... Great communication....
10/2/2017 - Lizettre A. - fl
Excellent service, good pricing, and good timeframe for delivery. Unfortunately, I am having issues with the new transmission. It kind of "slips" every now and then. It has not done critical stuff yet, but I am going to contact you since I was given 3 years warranty to see how we can prevent any further damage.
Thank you,
10/1/2017 - REGINALD M. - GA
It was a pleasant process and the transmission is working as expected.
10/1/2017 - Ronnie A. - NC
I was very pleased with the transaction engine was delivered on time and runs good and friendly and helpful staff.
R. Alexander
9/28/2017 - David A. - CA
My name is David Avalos i was very uncertain about ordering such a large car part on line a transmission and so far away but when it got to my work at Toyota of Riverside service department man for the price and convenience also my part was very clean I will always shop at this place I have already referred a few people to this place Thanks for the great service .
9/26/2017 - Reginald w. - Fl
My expirence was a pleasant and professional one. From the time that my order was taken until I received my engine. The engine that I purchased was in good condition and is working quite well. I would recommend Am used parts to everyone. I would purchase from your company as well again as well.
9/26/2017 - Joel T. - ca
Very easy and as described. Fast shipping received within 2 weeks. Friendly customer service. Highly recommended. I would used them again.
9/25/2017 - Ricky . - va
The engine was delivered as advertised. Everything worked as it should. Got my truck up and running. I have put about 4000 miles on engine so far. I would highly recommend your services anyone that needs good quality parts.
9/25/2017 - Gerald l. - La
It was my first time ordering a purchase so large I didn't know what to do. I was given a sales representative that I was able to talk to that handled my order from start to shipping. He made me feel at ease with my purchase. I would recommend your service to anyone I know who have to order an engine or transmission.
9/25/2017 - Lucy Ann h. - ca
9/22/2017 - Anothy B. - IN
Took a while to install but when I did, it ran great. Very happy with the engine
Thank you
9/21/2017 - Pedro L. - Texas
9/19/2017 - Joyce J. - TX
Dear sir, my experience with purchasing my engine was a very pleasant event and I AM SO PLEASED with my engine . My car is back on the road as if it had never been shut down for the time it was out of commission.
J Jackson
9/19/2017 - Selena B. - AL
the service was great, my engine arrived as promised, I was able to receive my warrenty for 3years. and as of now I'm back on the road thinks to AM Auto Parts.
9/16/2017 - WILLIAM C. - FL
I and my family business have purchased several engines from AM and have never been disappointed in the product we have recieved and more times than not it is in better shape than I would have ever expected. Thank you for being there and easy to deal with. I have tried and have been unable to beat AM's price and thats even with shipping... included.. I love that part...
9/12/2017 - LOU H. - TBD
This is the best company out there to buy from, I have bought (2) engines from them with real low miles and have had nothing but great service! They shipping is included in the price, the folks at AM Auto Parts are very helpful in finding the part you need. They call you, give you tracking numbers for your shipment. A start to finish company on every transaction! You won't be disappointed with AM Auto Parts. You can see on their website when the part is being pulled and ready for shipment.
9/12/2017 - SHAWN M. - KS
Was all good need I say more thank you
9/11/2017 - Walt E. - Tn
They did a great job the engine was great it fit with no problems. the price was good too
9/11/2017 - Danny K. - ks
The Engine is running great ordering it went smooth thanks. D.J.K.
9/11/2017 - KATERI P. - CT
All went well with the install car is running good.No leaks thank you
9/10/2017 - DAVID P. - SC
My experience with AM used auto parts has been great. There was no problem when making the order, delivery was fine and so far engine is functioning fine.
9/10/2017 - John L. - la
AM was very easy to deal with. I am extremely satisfied with the engine I purchased. Thank you .
9/8/2017 - LEON W. - MS
Thank you for finding me a great transmission I greatly appreciate it and I will do business again with you
9/7/2017 - MELVIN C. - OH
It was a very wonderful experience. Your staff were polite and knew exactly what I needed and never once asked me to buy anything else. Very polite staff. Always kept me informed of when my motor would be shipped and were a day ahead of the shipment date getting it to me. Very reasonable prices. Really got a laugh out of the R AND L trucking driver who delivered my motor. I live on a narrow street and he made it to my house, unloaded motor, then went and turned around at the township building area and made it back out to the main highway. He said it was an experience trying to get that 18 wheeler down my street. Over all it was a winderful experience to deal with AMP auto parts. I recommend you to my friends and family. Signed. Melvin R. Conway jr. 9/07/17.
9/6/2017 - Yvette e. - Tx
I would like to thank you for helping find a transmissions for my car. You guys work fast and are very nice. Thanks
9/5/2017 - FREEMAN L. - CA - California
The engine was delivered as promised to my mechanic. Since the install Iv'e driven over 1000 miles and everything seems to be fine. Everyone I spoke with at AM was helpful and professional.
9/5/2017 - JULIO P. - NC
It's just one word: AMAZING...! From customer service through the delivery time. simply AMAZING. I never thought that buying with you will be so simple and easy. THANKS
9/5/2017 - Gerry N. - Georgia
The experience was great, they told me what they had. I match it up with what I needed, paid it was promptly shipped. I will recommend them to my friends. Back on the road in no time. Thanks A M auto parts
9/5/2017 - ROGER G. - MS
Good quality parts at a good price
9/4/2017 - GILBERT H. - NC
I have gotten several engines from AM Autoparts good always been in good condition low mileage and that ones wasn't right as I had no issue getting credit for him
9/3/2017 - ANNA MARIE S. - MD
I am very pleased with AM used auto parts. My vehicle needed a new automatic transmission. I found the part very quickly. A knowledgeable customer service agent contacted me quickly, answered all of my questions, and explained how shipping would be handled. My part arrived earlier than I thought it would. The guarantee is exceptional- I couldn't be more pleased with AM Used Auto Parts. Thanks for being a GREAT American business!
9/1/2017 - Nicholas H. - Pa
Delivered to PA from FL in just a few days. Trans shifts smooth, and has a great warranty. Couldn't be happier. Thanks!
9/1/2017 - Thomas B. - tn
I was very well satisfied
9/1/2017 - Brandon e. - nc
very helpful and useful staff when I vamr to finding me yhe motor and making sure that it will fit in my make and model of my truck keep up the good work
8/31/2017 - CALVIN P. - FL
Brian was the representative I dealt with in Tampa. He was very helpful and knowlegable. And represented your company very well. Thanks for your concern. Calvin
8/30/2017 - Thomas s. - IN
Engine was clean and newer than expected.
Had to exchange a couple of parts from old engine but runs great v
Already drove from Indiana to Florida and back with it no problem.
Would highly recommend
8/30/2017 - ANDRE S. - DC
It was an experience for me because the first engine that was sent had a crack in it I called Amuap back sent them pictures an they sent me another engine immediately I was surprised but they were great I wouldn't go any were else for anything concerning car parts
8/29/2017 - Philip D. - CT
After an initial mistake regarding the type of transmission, the sales department stepped up to the plate and made good on getting the correct unit to me in a timely manner. After proper prep, the unit has been in for over a month with no issues. I would use AM Auto parts again.
8/29/2017 - Snow N. - TX
The engine is still good now.
8/28/2017 - DArryl g. - co
I purchased an engine and I am very happy with the quality and would recommend buying from you any time!
8/27/2017 - Bobby B. - Tn
Well seems the engine is a good value but your follow up from emails from me are poor or next to none!!
8/26/2017 - WILTIA H. - AL
Hello,my name is Wiltia Lanae Harmon I purchased a transmission from you all I think two months ago and the overall experience so far is great I hope it continues to be that way and the customer service was outstanding everyone I talked to was nice and generous.
8/26/2017 - MICHAEL H. - TN
Everything seems to be going alright I have no complaints, looking forward to doing business with you again.
8/25/2017 - Charles S. - ms
amuap is a great place to get the parts you need,they will give you expert answers and do what is right in all situations
8/23/2017 - Joyce H. - az
Thank you for your outstanding service I have no complaint on my engine
purchase. I have no need for a three year warranty at this time, I will be
trading in the Toyota sennia for a new model. The van is running great,
please thank my sales rep Andy for his prompt response to my quote request
for the purchase of the engine replacement. An comment from my
mechanic,that the engine wasn't property sucure for shipment but he didn't
find any damage after close inspection. Thank you for that the service was
a rating of 4 1/2 🌟 you guys are awesome thank again. Joyce Hobson
PS will use your service again if needed.
8/22/2017 - DONALD G. - MA
From start to finish AM Used Auto Parts was friendly, helpful and competitive.

I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

Very highly recommended.

Don Green
8/21/2017 - DAVID E. - AR
Great service fast shipping..It has been a couple of months and the engine is still running fine..
Thanks Dave
8/21/2017 - Jon M. - oh
The service was great, very knowledgeable and professional, asked the right questions!! And made sure I got the right parts, thank you you can be certain if I need anything else I will be calling you first. Thank you jon!!
8/21/2017 - RICHARD G. - NC
The engine is working good
8/21/2017 - Roy W. - KS
After ordering my motor I could not beleave how quickly it was here. Thanks for being so prompt and getting it straight to my mechanic. Roy
8/18/2017 - JOHN f. - CT
The phone ordering and the delivery were easy enough. It was the correct transmission and the mechanic did not relay any installation problems. It MAY not be the highest quality replacement as it does buck and often does not shift in to higher gears easily. I cannot discount the fact that it could be something else wrong with the vehicle. However, I am satisfied with the results. Thanks for the chance to relay my thoughts on the process. I would use your company again and would recommend it to others.
8/16/2017 - Destin T. - pp
I had great customer service with extensive help verifying that the transmission was the right one for my vehicle. I would refer anybody, friends, and family both to buy from AM auto. Shipping was also very convenient and I am proud to have felt with AM Auto!
8/13/2017 - Warren N. - VA
So far, I am very pleased with my engine and transmission that I purchased. They both came in a timely manner and have been performing great. Thanks so much.
8/11/2017 - DARREN T. - WA
You have done what you said, you would.
Thank you.
8/10/2017 - ROBERT W. - WV
It has been wonderful experince. The product has performed as advertsied. I have reconmened you to many of my friends.
8/9/2017 - Rodney D. - Mo
Hi and god morning, I bought a motor from your company little over a month ago.the ship sent me a transmission that was to to Little Rock Ark,But they got in turn around and in a few days I received the motor.I had the motor put in and we started it up and the motor runs great and is a strong motor. Thanks for you help and your far prices on motors. Rodney Dempsey
8/9/2017 - Robert . - Mississippi
I have been meaning to leave a review so here goes, my Acura TL engine arrived on time, clean and as stated in communications. one down side is all the required steps for the warranty to be valid. ASE certified tech to install, shop receipts and so on. I understand you have to require that stuff to protect yourselves and the BLESS THEIR HEART...folks that seem to be everywhere and spreading. no ASE patch or printed shop receipts to say I know what I am doing but that is a non issue as long as the engine is good. Well I am glad to say the engine you sent was installed and purring like a kitten within two days of receiving her. I have put close to a thousand miles on her so far and could not be happier with your service and the engines performance. She runs like new and hauls ass too! Thanks for a job well done and I will be contacting you again for more of the same. I have and will be suggesting people try out AM auto parts. Thanks again...
8/8/2017 - MICHAEL S. - LA
These guys are a great alternative for our customers, they got me the product quickly so I did not have to hold up my bay. My company will use them in the future when we need another engine or transmission.
8/1/2017 - MARVIN Y. - GA
I am very happy with the service and part i received from AM auto parts. My car run better with the engine i bought. Than with the one that was in my car. I recommend anyone looking to buy used parts. Please call Am auto parts first.
7/30/2017 - Paul S. - Ia
Nice clean engine at a low price. It was shipped within a week and ran great. Highly recommended with 3 year warranty,one of the best I have found
7/29/2017 - EDDIE S. - SC
This was the best shopping experience of my life. I Brian is one of a kind he made sure I was well taken care of.
7/29/2017 - Michael P. - oh
had transmission installed working great.
7/29/2017 - Stephine R. - tn
Was very happy with all the help..everybody was very professional and nice.. Will be a repeat customer.. Thank you..
7/29/2017 - James B. - IL
You all had me wondering if I was getting ripped off. Poor communication, was the thing. It all worked out in the end. Got the motor as advertised. Installed and runs like a top.
7/26/2017 - Angela l. - Ohio
My experience was a great one. Brain helped us out very much. He was kind and very informative about everything. Although we were sent the wrong transmission the first time brain took the time and sent us the right one with no promblem. I would defently recommend you guys to anyone. Looking forward to purchasing More parts.
7/25/2017 - BARBARA W. - LA
It was pleasant, professional and agent was very knowledgeable of the product, my experience was great, everything quoted was correct and everything was on schedule.
7/23/2017 - DANIEL C. - NY
You were very helpful when it comes with the transmission I greatly appreciate how quickly you guys did it for me and you guys did a great job thank you
7/22/2017 - mario l. - CA
engine is good I installed it in mi car ,just I'm working on little details and soon I star using it.
7/22/2017 - CHARLES W. - TN
I'm thank God for your Service department! The engine runs great, but when it arrived there were several parts that were damaged, my mechanics had to replace parts from my old engine! It's taken my mechanics a while to get it going,but should be putting it on the road this coming week! Thank you AM Auto Parts! May the God of Gods, Bless you and Keep You in JESUS name!!!
7/21/2017 - ROBERT S. - Ca
7/20/2017 - Sheldon V. - ca
Great service, engine is in and purring like a kitten. Price was cheapest I could find and the engine is just what was advertised. Will go to AM used auto parts if I ever need another engine. Great job guys!!!!
7/17/2017 - SAMUEL P. - UT
You have good prices on low mileage parts we have bought several motors & transmission from you guys & referred other people to use you services
7/16/2017 - SEBASTIAN G. - AL
I had a great experience with the service of ordering and it arived in a timely manner but after i got the Transmission put in it was leaking transmission fluid bad because of a crack in the casing but i used JB weld on it and it hasn't leaked since.....
7/14/2017 - MICHELLE B. - VA
The were outstand the engine runs great they were kind and curtious i will get parts from them again
7/13/2017 - Rosia W. - pal
I purchased a transmission from AM Auto Parts. My initial contact was with Joseph Miller whom I found to be great to work with. He was very professional, articulate, informative, friendly, courteous and patient in going through the description of the transmission, shipment, terms and conditions of the warranty as well as making sure I received the paperwork I needed to complete and return to AM Parts online. Since I am not very tech savvy, he talked me through receiving, completing and returning the documents. After payment was processed, Joseph outlined step-by-step what would transpire in getting my transmission shipped to me down to the exact day it would arrive at the auto repair shop. He sent a tracking number and the website of the transport company which was top notch at what they do as far as I'm concerned. I must commend AM Auto Parts on the composition of their documents in that they are well-written, clear, concise, easy to understand and follow the instructions. I can honestly say this has been the best experience I have ever had with a transaction of this magnitude where everything transpired so smoothly. I have to give the credit for this to AM Auto Parts. I also do not hesitate to recommend AM Auto Parts
to my friends and anyone else who happen to need the parts and services you provide. YOU WERE GREAT, GUYS. GREAT JOB!! YOU NAILED IT!!!
7/12/2017 - LORAINE B. - LA
I was very pleased with my purchase. You sent it out as stated. It arrived on the day you stated and it appears to be in the Good condition you quoted. Your salesman was very polite and helpful. Your company will be the first I contact if I need auto parts in the future.

Lorraine Carter
7/11/2017 - Clifford T. - NV
I am pleased with my transmission and service I got the only problem was the shipping company lost it for a while but your end was good service good parts
7/10/2017 - Monique Grey G. - NY
My shopping experience was wonderful yall had everything i needed will definitely recommend everyone I know

Thanks Auto parts
7/9/2017 - Gibril S. - NC
I was extremely happy with the seservice I received from AM autoparts. They are quick to respond to inquires, answer questions and address any concerns. I recommend them to everyone.
7/8/2017 - Severeno W. - AZ
I was pleased with the way this all went down for the most part. I was away on an extended vacation when I had to do much of this on the phone or email. There was some confusion on the warranty notification and I am not sure if you received it. All in all thank you.
7/7/2017 - paul f. - in
I have purchased 3 engines from you, dealing with Joseph and Brian. I have always had an excellent business relationship with you.
Thank you,
Fichlie Rental and Repair
7/5/2017 - Martín M. - Ca
Thank you so much for sending me my transmission for my 99 Lexus GS 300, which was installed and working great you guys really came through in the pricing and shipping was way worth it! I will definetely reckoned you to my friends and family
7/5/2017 - Dewey G. - Iowa
Bryan Johnson was very helpful and personally guaranteed my satisfaction by telling me if anything went wrong with either trans, they would pay return and replacement shipping and guarantee the replacements. When there was a problem with warranty activation, he took care of it. As long as things go as guaranteed, I will have had a great experience with AM Auto. Time will tell and I have a 3 year warranty so....hopefully I will never have to use it.
7/4/2017 - Mathew S. - OH
The next morning after I placed a search for the engine that I needed, I received a email and phone call from AM auto parts with what I was looking for. The person that called me was very informative and helpful with me. The price was very reasonable and shipping was included. My engine arrived quickly and was as described. If I am ever in need of auto parts again AM auto parts will be the First place I contact.
7/4/2017 - Warren N. - va
The transmission is doing great, no problems the first month. Just recently purchased an engine that is doing good so far. Thanks again.
6/28/2017 - ronnnie v. - OK
Motor is in good condition. Motor was packaged very well. Shipping took a little longer than expected.
6/27/2017 - Scott S. - OH
Good experience and a good quality transmission
6/25/2017 - ADRIAN E. - AZ
AMUAP & Staff Thanks,

I purchased a Mercedes Benz Transmission, which by the way I have yet to install... To Much Heat in Tucson,Az.... And I thank you for your service and prompt delivery..

Adrian E.
6/25/2017 - Ramon C. - CA
Thank you to all who made it possible for me to get my 2006 chevy Colorado (my baby) Up and running. I wasn't too sure what to expect from a company that was located on the East coast (for warranty) But I have to admit the engine I purchased from AM auto parts has been running like a champ.
Keep doing great work people.

Ramon C.
6/24/2017 - RICKY S. - CA
No problems and the experience having to buy a tramisson online for the frist time was a pleasure
6/24/2017 - Janice M. - NC
Could not be any better Thanks souch
6/21/2017 - ATTN K. - MO
6/20/2017 - RAYMOND C. - XG
The service was grate and the parts good I give dem a 10+ tank you.
6/20/2017 - james R. - KT
Ok communication. Got the correct transmission, and the process was easy.
6/19/2017 - TIM T. - WV
The experience of working with AMUAP was a good one. The engine performance is good and everything does what it is supposed to.
6/19/2017 - DENNIS B. - NC
Service and Motor was the best! So glad to have my truck back on the road again. Thank you very much Joey
6/19/2017 - TINA C. - NC
I received my part fast.Great customer service
6/18/2017 - RONNIE H. - NC
Great buying experience!! Would definitely recommend this company!!!
6/18/2017 - Will B. - oh
Fast and friendly service. Easy transaction and live person when you call! A++ service! Would definitely recommend to others
6/18/2017 - Norman M. - ma
All sales people were very helpful good price for auto parts will buy all my auto parts from am used auto
6/18/2017 - ROBERT V. - CA
I had an overall great experience with you I will use you for all my transmission need thank you very much
6/17/2017 - Larry B. - KY
Engine is doing good 100% satisfied with it. But still waiting on warranty confirmation.
6/17/2017 - DEBRA H. - NV
My shopping experience was satisfactory. I appreciated the gentleman I spoke with and their caring nature. They were very helpful and knowledgable on what I need. Kudos and thank you.
6/16/2017 - MICHAEL S. - LA
These guys are a great alternative for our customers, they got me the product quickly so I did not have to hold up my bay. My company will use them in the future when we need another engine or transmission.
6/16/2017 - CALISTA S. - TN
it was great.I will shop here again.My motor has been great so far.
6/16/2017 - Michael B. - Iowa
I ordered a used engine for my car, the transaction went smoothly and the engine runs well. The engine was delivered with a hole in the oil pan, which I know know is fairly common practice to allow quicker turnaround when pulling engines and draining oil. When I inquired about the hole in the pan, I received no response from AM auto parts. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase.
6/16/2017 - alice H. - MI
The engine arrived in a timely manner.My mechanic stated the motor runs like a sewing machine.
6/16/2017 - MICHAEL S. - LA
These guys are a great alternative for our customers, they got me the product quickly so I did not have to hold up my bay. My company will use them in the future when we need another engine or transmission.
6/16/2017 - willie c. - fl
Services were great staff
Were exstreamly coursty n
Very good n also perfessonl
In assisting me in getting
The part i needed in a timley
6/16/2017 - MICHAEL C. - NJ
i ordered an engine for my 1990 Lincoln town car. I had no issues with the engine. I.was even impressed with the delivery as I live in NJ and the engine came from FL. I am a very satisfied customer and I wouldn't hesitate to use your company again. THANK YOU
6/16/2017 - Jackie . - Ms
Customer service was nice and friendly. I received my motor and got it put in and it's been working fine!
6/16/2017 - THOMAS S. - GA
My experience with AM Auto was great Bryan Johnson was my salesperson he was very prompt and professional everything went smooth as he said it would.
6/16/2017 - BONIFACIO A. - TX
I got what i ordered in a timely manner,great service,hope to do more business soon
6/16/2017 - David w. - wi
Good company will shop with again and tell others about
6/16/2017 - KENNETH C. - TX
Great customer service
6/16/2017 - Angela a. - SC
Great service and good motors ordered two one for an izuzu ascender and one for an pontaic Montana very pleased and great prices for used motors and low mileage as well and will use in future for more purchases if needed
6/16/2017 - Marion m. - CA
I had a great experience from the get go with AM used auto parts. The tracking of my Engine kept me up to date with the status and locations. I have recommended Am used autoparts to my friends and family and I also plan on purchasing another engine for another car soon.
6/16/2017 - William M. - Fl
Overall the experience was good. I was a little disappointed that some of the parts were missing but we used parts from the bad engine... Thank you for following up on the sale... Good customer service
6/16/2017 - RICK B. - AL
This waz the 1st time ever purchasing an engine. Or anything major for a car. A frriend gave me your website and we ordered it together. From start to delivery i had some anxiety. You all made it stress free and painless. Great experience. Thank You!
6/16/2017 - TERRI D. - AL
I have been dealing with Brian Johnson for over a year now my dealings with him and your company has been great if I receive a bad part he has promised to get me another one I have had nothing but good business deals with you five stars. John Davila
6/16/2017 - MICHAEL S. - LA
These guys are a great alternative for our customers, they got me the product quickly so I did not have to hold up my bay. My company will use them in the future when we need another engine or transmission.
6/16/2017 - Ernestine r. - Va
It was easy finding the right engine. The staff were helpful. The transportation to the destination was smooth. There were a few bumps when it came time to submit the necessary paperwork for warranty. Receipts were required which wasn't noted on the warranty paper. Once these were sent the warranty email was received. I would use this company again.
6/16/2017 - Jerry S. - Wa
Very easy to deal with! I called and expressed what engine I was looking for, the person on the line gave me several options that made it very easy. I placed the order and waited for the engine to arrive. Two weeks later the engine arrived, exactly as described over the phone. I have since installed it and it runs like a top! Thank you, I would recommend AM Auto Parts to anyone!
Thanks again,
6/16/2017 - Josh R. - Nm
my order came on time & in good condition very impressed with the speed that it arrived
6/16/2017 - Rodger S. - OH
Transmission the right one 1993 chevy s10 4x4 putting miles on truck a good deal thanks roger
6/15/2017 - David C. - sc
Good experience. thanks
6/1/2017 - Robert R. - MO
sevice fast
5/22/2017 - Reginald W. - La
Transmission is working fine. Thanks.However
However,it was shipped timely and I was given
given misinformation on the actual ship
5/20/2017 - Shemaiah K. - Al
service was satisfying, and the part was just what i ordered,i also liked the price it beat others happy to have found you for the lowest price offer, i would recommend AM auto parts, and when ever i called they was able to help, thanks again for your services rendered. shemaiah
5/17/2017 - Stephanie B. - LA
I am very pleased with the service and equipment that I received from AMUAP. My sales rep Bryan was great! I would definitely recommend and used AMUAP again. Thanks so much! My truck runs great!
5/17/2017 - DAGOBERTO T. - CO
Fast shipping great seller good quality parts!!!!!
5/16/2017 - annetta f. - AL
Bryan was knowledgeable knew exactly what I was looking for. He answered both my calls and questions. I've never purchased an engine on or over the phone Thanks to him I had no worries.
5/16/2017 - Adrian C. - California
Purchasing my transmission from AM Auto Parts was quick and easy. Customer service was great. I gave them a call and I had someone help me out in no time. Shipping was free and my transmission was delivered in less than a week! I am truly satisfied with my shopping experience at AM Auto Parts.

-Adrian Segura Castellanos
5/15/2017 - DONNIE H. - GA
Y'all did a awesome job and witha good part
5/15/2017 - don h. - AL
Very helpful! My engine is still up and running, and service was helpful EVERY time I had a question. Will be shopping here in the future and referring friends.
5/14/2017 - Luis G. - nc
Excellent service I will be back to purchase !!!
5/14/2017 - Nicole W. - SC
Wonderful shopping experience. Friendly staff and answered every question I had. Transmission is working great. Definitely recommending them to family amd friends
5/11/2017 - CHRISTOPHER K. - VA
The service was great and my van is running like brand new again and I also told a friend of mine about y'all and the great service and he got a hard to find transmission from y'all also so thanks again for the awesome service Chris from va
5/11/2017 - Frank V. - Ca
The guys at AM where really helpful.And got my motor in a timely matter and w no problems.Motor works great thank you.
5/9/2017 - JUDITH W. - NJ
Well I had a very good experience in shopping for my engine for my Crylser 300. The shipping was fast n to he packing was on point. I will always buy from them. Customer service was very professional. Thank you.
5/9/2017 - Poaulino M. - fl
This was the second used engine I bought from Bryan @ AM Used Auto Parts, and both are performing very well. I am a very pleased customer. I would your services to other buyers without hesitation.
5/8/2017 - Hector t. - tx
Thanks JOE for all the help Treviños Auto Repair
In San Antonio Texas has been a customer for over 3 years always a good expiriance good motors low miles and prices just perfect.
5/8/2017 - Nicole B. - Va
The service was great.When i called for the first time to inquire the staff was patience and very supportive, I was very upset to have had to purchase this expensive item. Nevertheless I am very happy now. My engine in my 2002 chevy tahoe is running like a tiger. Grrrr.
5/8/2017 - Marcus B. - LA
Great experience! Would definitely buy again
5/7/2017 - MARY T. - AL
Am pleased with the motor for the Acadia haven't had any trouble with it at all Thanks!
5/6/2017 - Verna D. - tx
My initial purchase was defective but your company honored the warranty and made things right. I am very satisfied and would recommend your company.
5/5/2017 - Linda A. - TX
I was very pleased and satisfied with the service my car is running well so far .
5/5/2017 - Roy S. - Maine
Excellent experience ... extremely quick response after first misplacing my order. Would definitely order again and the tranny work flawlessly!!
5/5/2017 - Steve H. - OH
Called AM and was very pleased with the service and great part. Thanks
5/3/2017 - Petty P. - tn
I bought a motor for my truck. It runs great. Thank you
5/3/2017 - Jerry D. - De
I bought an engine and I am very pleased, your service is great and delivery was outstanding. The motor was complete and a good buy. The car is now running and a daily driver.

Thanks again
Jerry Deel
5/2/2017 - MARK R. - FL
Excellent customer service, price and warranty!
5/2/2017 - Bobby p. - ?
I had a pretty easy transaction and when I did have questions The staff was able to answer them for me. I would highly recommend and would buy again if I need anything else
4/29/2017 - jAIME D. - NM
To begin with the difference was that your sales man was very clear about the best product, the price was excellent, the arrangements on the shipping was properly done, as well as the timing, therefore I really want to thank you for the service you provide.
Best regards,
Jaime Davila-
4/28/2017 - ANTHONY R. - NM
My experience was good I forgot to call for the warranty but that was my own fault the transmission works well on my truck
4/26/2017 - Sanleyt J. - WV
My experience thus far was good!!!!
4/25/2017 - Preston S. - Ga
I am very happy with the transmission I bought from you guys. thanks
If I need another one I will call you guys again.
4/25/2017 - Ruben F. - Al
I was treated with respect to my time And The sales person was informative. My experience with AM was excellent. I have already referred this company out to a few ppl. Please send me a descrition and the milage of the VW motor I purchased from AM for my records. Thanks.
4/25/2017 - KENNETH C. - TX
The service was great I purchased 2 engines so far very pleased.
4/25/2017 - Wendel W. - NC
My first contact with your company was with Joe Miller, who called me after my online inquiry. Joe spoke with me to make sure the engine that I was wanted to order was compatible with my vehicle. He explained the three year warranty and the delivery process. He emailed me
The paperwork and finalized the order. I had several questions through the process which I emailed to Him and he responded in a timely Manner.
The company that delivered the engine contacted me and set up a
Delivery time and was there when they said they would be. My overall experience was very smooth and easy. I would recommend AM to friends and family.

Wendell Waters
4/23/2017 - LINDA A. - OK
It was all very simple. I called and explained what I needed. I paid and they shipped. Lin A.
4/22/2017 - mohamad a. - NC
The engine we bought from you is running well and we are pleased with the purchase. You are definitely a competitor in prices and warranty and you stood out the most among all the other companies we inquired from before purchase. Thank you for a job well done.
4/21/2017 - Lou H. - Mo
I purchased a 2003 Dodge Ram Hemi 5.7 with 76000 miles, was shipped quickly to my mechanic. Followed AMs rules to get my 3 year warranty. Engine runs great so far. Lou
4/21/2017 - LOUIS S. - IL
The motor was clean inside no sludge or build up of any kind replaced the intake oil pan gaskets and rear main seal. Motor was in great shape started right up no problems already put 600+ miles on it
4/16/2017 - NASKISHA P. - WI
The service with AMuap was very satisfying. I appreciated the friendly customer service,accuracy on delivery, and not having to worry about any other monies being taken from my account without my knowledge. And the 3 year warranty on my part is genious. Thank you AMuap and I will be using your services in the future.
4/13/2017 - LEANA D. - MT
I appreciate your guys prompt and friendly service . You guys over there at AM auto were extremely helpful I Got the engine I needed with all the details at a great price .. Will definitely buy from you guys again !! Thanks ..
4/11/2017 - Michael A. - ARKANSAS
Was very pleased with quality of transmission and customer service and was delivered on time and no Problems. Will come back to AM USED AUTO PARTS on are next project when we need parts.


4/11/2017 - Shawn E. - NC
Great customerservice. Friendly and helpful sakesman. I feel that I got a good deal on my transmission and delivery. Shaun Engleby
4/10/2017 - Jonny c. - al
The shopping was great and the engine I purchased works really well if I have any problem or need to purchase another part I will definitely call them
4/9/2017 - JAMES B. - ?
Customer service was great. The engine was in great condition and is running good. Overall, a good experience and I would recommend this business to others.
4/9/2017 - DAVID B. - VA
The process was easy and the motor seems to be sound. I will definitely look to AM Auto Parts the next time I have need.
4/9/2017 - William V. - NY
William VanNortwick Plattsburgh NY 12901

I purchased and engine complete we had a little trouble getting it as it had to do with California emissions.
but in the end AM auto for a big company served me well.

A+ produce and service
4/9/2017 - Atttn A. - SD
The staff were very helpful over a long process of completing my purchase.
4/9/2017 - James Y. - Ms
As before my order was delivered as promised on time and in good condition, ThankS AM AUTO PARTS, UNTIL NEXT TIME stay safe
4/8/2017 - Dorothy M. - PA - Pennsylvania
our mechanic took longer than we expected. Other then that everything was great. The engine runs great, the experience with your company was great . Thank you
4/7/2017 - ROBERT L. - IL
Engin was delivered in good condition and went right in.
Very happy with price also. Quick response when i asked
This is the 2nd time i have used you
1st time the transmission that i was hapy with
4/4/2017 - Ricky C. - Ms
I am very please with the prompt professional service I received. I am also happy with the engine I bought it is working flawlessly.
4/4/2017 - ALICIA M. - CA
good experience. Engine still trucking
4/4/2017 - REX C. - TN
I received the engine promptly. The engine has been installed and seems to be working well. If I needed another one I would check with you all first. Rex Caughron
4/3/2017 - WAYNE K. - NC
purchase handles professionally to my satisfaction
4/3/2017 - ELOISE D. - FL
My car was down for 1yr , family and friend was telling me to get anew car and junk my 2005 Dodge Durango,I look through the enternet and find you all and it was the best decision I could have made. Thank you all it feel like am driving a new car. I have had this truck since 2007 and it drive brand new thank you all at AM Used Auto
4/1/2017 - CAROLYN J. - AL
They are very fast and respectable
3/31/2017 - Janice D. - NY
great service great parts always a pleasure dealing with them
3/31/2017 - ALBERT B. - MD
I purchased a rear end, I thought the part was coming from Florida but evidently it came from Michigan. looks like it had been underwater because the fluid came out at a faster rate than oil. everything seems to be working fine. Overall experience went very well. I was told they would look for the VIN number of the vehicle so maybe I could see where it actually came from but that was just a question not a problem thank you for your service.
3/29/2017 - ALBERT A. - LA
Transmission worked great had no problems whatsoever.Smooth transaction.
3/28/2017 - Joshua z. - Arizona
Good morning! I purchased a transfer case for my 09 nissan titan. The service was very speedy for my purchase and customer service was very helpful im make sure that it was the correct replacement part for my application.
3/28/2017 - HUNG L. - MN
The sales people are very helpful. I had a warranty claim and it was handled properly.
3/27/2017 - Elizabeth A. - pal
Smooth transaction and fast delivery
3/27/2017 - LARRY B. - OH
i bought a motor from am an it has been just as they told me it was low miles they are very good to here word thanks
3/25/2017 - BRAULIO V. - NC
Outstanding customer Service. I have nota received The waranty confirmación yet. But Great sales and delivered as promised
3/24/2017 - CLAUDIA L. - CA
Ordering was fast and easy. They customer service representatives were very helpful over the phone. Make sure to read any warranty fully before making a purchase. I would use AM again.
3/21/2017 - Brivjette V. - ca
Great staff absolutly helpful when it comes to Customer service and great shipping got here to California pretty fast.
3/21/2017 - DARLENE T. - MD
I was so impressed with the service, price and fast turn around that I have told my entire family and friends about this company. I live in upper Marlboro, MD so I was a little skeptical at first buying from a company located in Florida and especially giving my credit card over the phone for such a large amount. It was safe, secure and the customer service was the best. My sister just purchased an engine from AM Used Auto Parts as result of my referral. My neighbor is now in the process of purchasing one as well. It's funny because now my mechanic told me that he wish he had known about this place before he put an engine in his own vehicle. Love the service and will definitely put the word out. Thank you, my vehicle still has a life..with a warranty. The best!!! My sister is happy as well she saved over $1500.

3/19/2017 - JOHN B. - OH
Your sales person done a outstanding job helping over the phone your service was great, quality of parts excetied any standards of any parts company I've ever dealt with
Thanks for a pleasureable experience using your company
Sincerely John Bocook
3/19/2017 - KENNETH S. - VA
Buying an engine from you guys was the best experience imaginable! From beginning to the delivery of my engine, was problem free! Even when my mechanic was unsure about swaping wire harness! I gave you a call, and you all knew exactly what the problem was and how to solve it! That was the icing on the cake!!!! THANX GUYS! U ARE THE BEST THING GOIN'!!!
3/17/2017 - ROBERT I. - MS
Bought a motor for a 2006 Honda Accord. Was a good price, and just as it was described. It's running and doing fine.
3/14/2017 - CHARLIE M. - MS
The transmission I order arrived on schedule. Even the delivery guy help me load the transmission into the trunk of my car.Thanks for everything.
3/7/2017 - Garth M. - Jamiica
Was generally a good experience. Team was helpful in assisting with getting the credit card processed. There was some delay however with shipping as somehow the payment information was nor clearly communicated.
3/6/2017 - GEORGE B. - OK
I am very please. Good service and a good product so far running great. Like i have a new car. Will use you in the future if i need a part. And refer you to my family and friends Thank you keep up the good service
3/5/2017 - Ralph L. - ga
Joseph and team were easy to deal with and always ready to take a phone call if I had a problem or question.
3/5/2017 - EArla d. - sc
I am pleased with the transmission so far.It was delivered on time and installed by ammco trans.No trouble as yet.Seems to work good.Thanks for your help. Al Dusenbury.
2/28/2017 - JESSIE M. - WV
Am Auto it was the best buy for the money.all I did was order the engine and they did the rest.Used moter an runs great.Brian in the parts department was the best an so friendly I would highly recommend AMAutoParts again.Thanks so much.Jessie Meekins.
2/27/2017 - WILLIAM H. - KY
I have always received good quality parts in a timely manor at a much reduced price than buying locally. Ordering the same part from other online suppliers takes twice as long to receive them. Good job Rockauto.
2/22/2017 - Jose . - Florida
Transmission was delivered on time tank you so much for fast shipping..great service so earn 5 start on you Website reviews..
2/21/2017 - Peder H. - Utah
They provided good customer service. The engine we received had some damage and the warranty required a lot of extra parts and work that seemed a little expensive, but so far we haven't had any problems with the engine and we are grateful for a three year warranty.
2/21/2017 - THOMAS M. - TN
Experience purchasing from you was a pleasure and I will definitely recommend others to you.
2/20/2017 - SHELLEY R. - MA
A+++ rating. A fair price on a manual transmission ( difficult to find) and they even adjusted the price giving me $25 off.
The transmission arrived in less than a week and the car is running and happy.
So am I.
I hope I never need to buy en engine or transmission again but if I do, you would be the first people I would call.
( my mechanic was impressed).
Shelley 2005 Scion XA manual transmission
2/20/2017 - Brian P. - Pa
The Jeep Commander engine I received runs great. After I paid for it, I thought the communication side of when the engine would ship to my mechanic could have been better, but once shipped, the online tracking was timely. I also thought the warranty was overly strict in order to qualify for engine replacement. Replace all timing, sensors, thermostats and more and prove it was all done. Engine runs great, doesnt burn oil and the 56K low miles likely added another $ 3,000 to its value.
2/20/2017 - Dan S. - Il
It could have gone smoother. I initially assumed the delay was because of the federal holiday. However, my order had not been received via e-mail, ao I had to fax it.

I'm not sure why it took several attempts to place the order, but Joe Miller was helpful and friendly.

The order was delivered promptly and I am pleased with the engine.
2/20/2017 - GREG P. - PA
2/20/2017 - Scott L. - Co
Great communication, delivery and engine.
2/19/2017 - Jaime g. - Ny
Great engine and great service. Thanks
2/17/2017 - Rory B. - Ia
I was very happy with my purchase! The transmission I bought had only 58k miles and works great in my 2007 Impala. I bought it for a great price and the shipping was fast. Thanks AM, I'll be buying more parts in the future!
2/14/2017 - Renee O. - MI
I worked with Brian on the purchase of a transmission for my Acura MDX. I had been looking online for over a week and found your website, entered my information and Brian emailed me within an hour. I really couldn't believe that it came with a three year warranty and the speed with which my order was acknowledged, filled, shipped and delivered was beyond expectation and way above any service I have ever received! I will be referring you to everyone and, although I hope to not need your services again, I would return in a heartbeat. Thank you for your stellar customer service!!!! Renee O'Shea
2/13/2017 - RAY c. - GA
The transmission I bought was in near perfect conditon. I don't remember the reps name but he was very knowledgeable and curdious. The price was competitive. I would buy from AM again.
2/13/2017 - RObert P. - MO
Overall my purchase was a good one. The trans is good. the time of delivery was very slow, about 3 wks. I will do business with you again as needed. Bobby
2/13/2017 - VALERI M. - NC
Excellent experience. I was a bit concerned initially but the purchase and delivery was very simple. My mechanic performed the install and mu car is up and running
2/13/2017 - JENNIFER P. - AL
I love the service quick fast reliable
2/13/2017 - Elizabeth P. - NC
Very happy with my experience buying the motor. Anytime I had a question and called everyone was very polite and informative. I received everything in a very timely manner. So glad I chose to do business with this company.
2/8/2017 - michael h. - wi
the sale and product were good. I was out of town working for two weeks right after it was installed. sent warranty info in but didn't get a reply. the trans is working good.
2/7/2017 - gLEN b. - TX
It was a convenient process to have a salvage part pulled. The turnaround time was less than desirable but if you have time to wait its a good deal.The price of the O1M Tranny was the cheapest in the industry compared to other online salvage sites. The warranty was the best out of all the salvage sites although once warranty registration process was performed I never received confirmation. Overall, I was satisfied with my purchase.
2/7/2017 - Mildred R. - Ca
I don't have any problem with the transmission. It works very nice I will buy it again here.
2/6/2017 - Juli P. - MO
My husband and I have purchased quite a few motors from this company and they really do stand behind their product. We had an issue with a motor once and they really went out of their way to make it right with us. We will most definitely continue to use this company just because of their incredible customer service. Thanks again guys!

Julie Pizinger
Ron's Complete Auto Care
Redings Mill Auto Sales
2/6/2017 - Caroline C. - tx
My experience with the engine was shaky at first I received the wrong engine at first but Joseph quickly replaced it with the correct one. My mechanic had reservation on the second one but Joseph assured him and me that the engine will worked as promised and that the part was guaranteed. I just received my truck back this week and it is running good, So I would definitely use them for any other parts I will need in the future. Thank u for a great experience
2/1/2017 - LORI R. - MI
The engine runs fine was shipped as promised everything as expected.
1/31/2017 - Robert a. - Ohio
I have nothing but great things to say about my purchase. I had a problem with getting my warranty activated as my mechanic fell ill, the staff was excellent.I recommend you to all my family and friends.
1/31/2017 - Jack T. - Ga
Very helpful sales person. Found the part I needed in a promp time frame. Shipping was on time. I would recommend to others.
1/31/2017 - oscar v. - Florida
Good morning, casually yesterday the car left the workshop and the engine is heard. This was my first experience buying online and I am satisfied with the purchase and attention that I received. Thank you very much.
I hope good news.
Jose Rafael Araya
1/30/2017 - Vernita J. - ms
My experience with AM Auto Parts was very pleasurable. Good customer service every time I called and spoke with a representative, along with quick and on time shipping. Great place to do business.
1/30/2017 - Lamont B. - Tx
A 1 service
1/29/2017 - DONNA D. - NC
Hello to the team at AM Auto parts. We have had a terrific experience with the teams performance in making what we was fearing to be a major disaster purchasing a used transmission that far away from home. We have been able to put this fear behind us now. The quote, the description of mileage, the shipping by R&L trucking which I may add went out of their way to get it to us where a 18 wheeler has never been able to get to before. The driver pulled it on a pallet dolly on gravel up a slight grade to get it to us, the warranty and the knowledge of the transaction that has been made by your team, to be a very pleasant experience. We could have purchased a transmission local and never have been has satisfied as working with your team. We wish more companies would pattern after your hard work in making things as simple has they have been. Great job and thank you so much
1/29/2017 - RICHARD W. - TX
I ordered a engine from AM Used Auto Parts and the engine works fine if I need any other parts I will use them again.
1/27/2017 - Rosemary C. - Fl
I'm satisfied with engine at present. Although had to replace Injector lines that had been cut at removal.
1/26/2017 - Brandon R. - Fl
great experience, people we very knowledgeable and helpful
1/22/2017 - EDDIE A. - NC
I purchase a engine and i receive good and professional service great price thanks
1/21/2017 - Carlton g. - fl
good engine delivered on time. sales person Joseph was great helped us fine what we needed . would recommend AM auto parts . good company //////// Lee Groff
1/21/2017 - Eric D. - ca
Great experience! Transmission was what I ordered and it was in good condition like I was told. I appreciate the help and definitely would recommend in the future.
1/20/2017 - Jermaine C. - Ms
Best warranty around and great customer service
1/20/2017 - Merina N. - va
The transmission is working so well. I'm so glad i decided to go to AM Auto parts! I will look forward to shopping from them again.
1/19/2017 - Sharron H. - Mi
I was completely happy with the service I received from AM Used Auto Parts. The service reps were very willing to talk with my mechanic to ensure I was ordering the right part. I was leary as I live in Michigan, and having something sent across the country, and not sure of what I was getting was a little nerve racking. My transmission arrived and was installed. My warranty was activated and I was on the road again. My Trail Blazer runs better than it did before. I could not be happier. I would highly recommend AM UAP to anyone. It is difficult to find quality used parts and this company is top notch.
1/17/2017 - Jerome C. - Ky
Very satisfied with the experience of getting the Subaru engine from you. Engine has been running for several months now with no problems. Will certainly rely on AM for future drive train needs.
1/17/2017 - TANYA C. - NJ
It was a pleasure dealing with AM Auto Parts. The employees were courteous and answered all of my questions. My item was delivered on time and in the condition as stated by the employees. Most importantly the prices can't be beat.
1/17/2017 - James Y. - MS
I had no problems and order was shipped on time and in great condition, I will be ordering from you all very soon.

Thanks for good customer service

1/16/2017 - Cody S. - Tx
Good deal, fairly quick shipping.
1/15/2017 - FELICIA H. - TX
I received my part within the estimated amount of time. The delivery guy was also a sweetheart and even waited for me to arrive! Awesome expiernce and I am a very satisfied customer!
1/10/2017 - PERCELL H. - NC
good shipping and was delivered promptly.will buy from you again
1/10/2017 - miguel a. - Ca
I received the right transmission I ordered. No problems with it since its been installed. Although it did take 3 weeks to get here. Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase
1/8/2017 - Keith M. - NC
The transmission arrived in excellent shape. Installation went perfectly. The vehicle has been running great since.
The only complaint I have is the delivery.
The shipping company forgot/missed the package at the pickup point. Then delayed delivery by shipping it to an out of the way distribution center and finally I called and the delivery time was very vague. Between 12-4 depending.
The driver was very nice and helped my son get the package in the back of my truck.
I would use your company again but would recommend another shipper.
1/8/2017 - Jeffrey s. - Kentucky
Excellent customer service and. Excellent part received. They helped me answer all my questions and made sure I got the right engine for my car will recommend to all my family and friends
1/8/2017 - James R O. - la
Satisfied Customer ! I ordered a transmission for my jeep wrangler. It was delivered on time and working properly. I am satisfied with the 1yr unlimited mile warranty...I would order more parts from this company should the need present itself.
1/8/2017 - ROBBIE W. - GA
My purchase was easy to find and problem free.I had hardy any issues with installation.The product was worth more than what I paid for it.When I have the need for another engine I will go to AM auto parts first.Thanks for standing behind what you sell. Ivey Cook
1/8/2017 - ANGELICA V. - CA
Great service !!
1/7/2017 - RONALD F. - IN
very good company to work with, good communication, the parts are as listed. thanks
1/6/2017 - DONALD R. - FL
Your people are very good at what they do. My customer is so happy the he don't have to buy another vehicle. Motor ran perfect when installed it. Look forward to doing more business with you. Thanks very much. Don Ray
1/4/2017 - Gerald B. - nd
I put out a search for an engine and received a response from It was the lowest mileage engine at a good price. I called them up and secured the deal. 2 weeks later, I had the engine and installed it with no problems. Engine is working great.
1/1/2017 - Josh L. - OH
Everything worked extremely smooth with quick delivery. 10/10
1/1/2017 - konson a. - fl
My experience with amuap was amazing because the engine was in good condition and running very good after installed it in my vehicle. Also the price was reasonable for the engine it had only 75k miles.
12/31/2016 - CRYSTAL M. - KY
Great service.
12/26/2016 - Micheal F. - oh
I had been shopping around for a transmission for my 04 Explorer and when AMUAP called me and left a message they were so courteous, I believe the gentleman's name was Andy, and upon me calling back, they were diligent in getting me the info I needed to make a educated decision, including mileage, pricing and warranty info. I was very pleased and would do business with them again. By the way, my explorer is back on the road rockin and rollin, Thank you AMUAP Michael Fountain from Youngstown, OH
12/26/2016 - Veronica C. - Va
Customer service was great, they were able and patient while I asked questions and eased my mind about making a big purchase through the internet, especially with all the scams going around.
My only dissatisfaction was activating extra warranty the I purchased. I submitted all information requested to the email provided which turned out not to be valid. Once I called I was given another email, resubmitted the information to activate my warranty and still to this day have not received the confirmation that I was told I'd receive that the warranty was activated.
But overall the company was legit and shipping was timely and awesome.
12/26/2016 - Jacqueline P. - Ia
So far so good. I am pleased with my purchase and the service I received from AM Used Auto Parts. I have driven from Dubuque IA to Tucson AZ (almost 1400 miles)this Christmas season and the SUV ran beautifully with the engine from AM. I particularly want to thank the service man that assisted me in this purchase who was very helpful and clear as to the engine I would be receiving and how it would be delivered. I have never made this kind of purchase before and I feel confident that I made the right decision to make this purchase from AM Used Auto Parts.
12/26/2016 - BRIAN F. - CA
The engine I purchased was in good condition and was sent on time. I would recommend this seller.
12/24/2016 - Leaa B. - Nv
It was great, once we,Got the paper work right,the trany works great, the coustermer is happy, thank you for the trany.....
12/23/2016 - WILLIAM H. - KY
I have purchases 2 Subaru engines from AM Auto Parts. The 2nd one has shipped but not received, but the first engine runs great. I could not have received a better engine. My calls were answered promptly by a very professional staff. I could not asked for better service. Bill Hopkins, Louisville, Ky
12/21/2016 - Jimmy K. - TN
Help was great, quick response, and getting the part we on time thank everyone
12/20/2016 - Wayne L. - la
Engine was not shipped on time engine runs great I would deal with yall in the future
12/20/2016 - Richard M. - tx
My experience was very good. It took an extra week to receive my motor because the shipping company dropped the first one and another one had to be sent. When I got it I installed it and it started right up. Thanks
12/19/2016 - RICHARD C. - VT
No Problems With This Engine. Customer Is Happy. Will Buy Again From AMuap.
12/19/2016 - WADE B. - IOWA
Very pleased with my experience in doing business with AM Auto Parts. Bryan was great to work with. I am very happy with the front carrier assembly I received for my 2007 Yukon Denali. The responsiveness and service that I received through email and phone was great as well. I will definitely keep you guys on the top of my list as needs come up and have already recommended you to some folks.
12/19/2016 - Robbie W. - ND
Great customer service, easy to work with and the delivery actually got here 2 day's before estimation. The price was 25% lower than any other company that I looked in to for my engine. Great experience all around and I will definitely use this company again.
12/19/2016 - Malcolm M. - MN
I was overall very pleased with the engine I received from AM Auto Parts. It took a few days to ship, but once it did it arrived very quickly. Engine was clean and in good working condition. The only complaint I have is the oil dipstick was broken off in the engine, but without a lot of work the mechanic was able to get it out and replace it with the old dipstick.
12/19/2016 - James P. - co
I am very happy with the service I received from your company, it was all very professional and I have nothing but praise for your company.
12/18/2016 - DOUGLAS H. - FL
I ordered an engine for my 2001 Ford explorer sport Trac with 86,000 miles on it it was shipped in a timely manner and it was clean and palletized perfectly..I haven't had any issues with my new motor and it is perfect..Thank you GUYS
12/10/2016 - Sam W. - Al
Things went well. as we handle transactions we learn more about how you guys operate. we appreciate the experience.
12/10/2016 - Donald M. - tn
Transmission arrived ON TIME and in a great condition. The price was ok and the people I dealt with on the phone were very helpful.
12/6/2016 - Charles D. - VA
I have purchased several items from AMU, from transmissions to engines. They have worked with me to make the experience a pleasure, and I appreciate how they got the parts to me quickly. I would recommend AMU to all of my friends, and have. Thank you AMU!
12/5/2016 - JOE C. - GA
It was great got a good motor and the customer service was excellent.
12/4/2016 - Katherine S. - Wa
It was great. Got the engine later than I was expecting, but it seems to be running very well!

Thank you!
12/3/2016 - Gerald L. - GA
12/3/2016 - James T. - Ill
Motor & train was clean inside &out low miles & ran great was missing coil pack & spark plugs and and wiring was Cut other than that was a very good deal
12/2/2016 - Thomas E M. - NC
Pleasure to do business with you. Great services,warranty and price. Will purchase a 2nd replacement engine for 2001 Olds Bravada,in the very near future 1/2017


Tom Mezgar
11/28/2016 - Steven E E. - ill
We were happy with the price and 3yr Warranty offered on our used Fusion engine. The only thing which made no sense to my mechanic was the original requirement to change all of the seals on this 51,000 miles engine which made no sense since it would have required a large number of labor hours negating the value proposition you offered. Apparently he was able to agree that as long as we do not claim a leak,the warranty is good as promised.Thanks for a very good experience which I will be happy to pass on to others. Steve E Egan
11/28/2016 - SHARRON V. - AR
They treated me with respect they are very knowledgeable that was pleasant to speak with did did a great job and when I need any other parts I will definitely purchase them from you
11/26/2016 - Jeana S. - Iowa
My experience was awesome,Bryan was very helpful in the purchase process and shipping process would defiantly purchase from your site again. Thank you
Jeana Swift
11/22/2016 - Christopher M. - Washington
Great. Only thing i would change is 15 days to activate warrantee
11/22/2016 - GENA O. - OK
The trans.was received....all the seals were chranged.cooler and lines flushed..torqueconverter checled and flushed. Unit was installed with new trans filter kit and joints in drive shaft as well..bands were adjusted before installing....install went well...i was shorted the drive shaft front yoke....had to buy from local yard for 30.00....after install was complete....unit was warmed up fluid level corrected test drive went smooth...trans shifted well...all shift points were fine...drove van for 40 miles..two days later the van was hit from behind by a motorcycle...trans seemed to be fine.... van has severe driver side damage...but was happy with trans until van was put out of comm. I would buy from your co. Again....sincerely. ..DOUG AND GENA OCHS
11/19/2016 - RAY S. - AZ
Follow up phone call after initial internet query were helpful. All persons involved were courteous and knowledgeable. Engine arrived in a timely manner and was more complete that I expected. Also the used engine had no issues and operated flawlessly having replaced the recommended parts to ensure warranty coverage. Was a great experience.
11/19/2016 - CHELSE R. - TX
Very helpful and amazing customer service! Cheap prices and excellent product. Didn't receive information on the engine,but other then that it was great!
11/19/2016 - Gary M. - NC
My shopping experience was very professional and easy. I will and have referred AM to other people.

11/18/2016 - MICHAEL L. - WI
Engine works fine. Shipping was quite slow.
11/18/2016 - Donna W. - va
I ordered a engine for a mazda tribute the whole experience was very good delivery was fast motor was exactly as described. My mechanic also said the motor was very clean and looked excellant. I was also very pleased with the 3 year warranty I researched many options when looking for a motor the 3 year warranty to me was the way to go.
11/16/2016 - ESSIE P. - TN
the motor made it in a timely manner, the motor had rusty broke screws on manifold were broken, it took time to get those out and rethread.
but over all, it seems to be a good motor
Thanks Perry
11/16/2016 - ELSY C. - PR
Great service and most important awesome engine. Runs great!! Thanks!!
11/16/2016 - DAVE D. - AL
As usual,,,,service was quick and friendly, on the phone. Now if the trucking company only delivers as fast as you guys. thanks
11/15/2016 - William P. - Pa
The engine was delivered on time. The price was very reasonable and it was in good condition just like it was advertised. Would buy again from AM Auto parts
11/15/2016 - DAvid P. - ms
every thing was good
11/14/2016 - Joshua r. - New York
Ultimately I'm happy with the motor I received. It took much longer to get than it was supposed to. I was almost to the point of cancelling the order and going with another company. The motor I received had been installed in the vehicle and has been running smoothly with no issues.
11/14/2016 - Thomas M. - Il
I didn't really want to buy the engine for my Honda Accord over the interne, but I am glad I did. The price was right and the engine runs great. I will consider buying from AM again.

Thanks, Tom

11/5/2016 - lynette E. - Pa
I am very pleased with the service that was provided with the engine,I am very please with the customer service it was a great pleasure.
11/5/2016 - STEVE C. - FL
I recently purchased 2 engines from AM and I have to say that this has been the best experience I have ever had. From the first Call I felt like the people in the phone actually knew what they were talking about and not just taking my order. The engines arrived and they were exactly what i was told and expected. Thanks AM
11/1/2016 - henriettastokes h. - ga
as of now everything is ok. Just getting car out of shop so I have not driven it much
10/31/2016 - Richard R. - ca
Thanks again engine arrived and no issues so far!
10/31/2016 - Khamdaeng . - Illinois
Was good and pleasent. Always responded quickly to my emails on question. Engine runs great!!
10/30/2016 - DELILA L. - OK
So far, it was a good experience. The customer service was awesome. I live in a completely different state so I was nervous about ordering through the phone and it worked out well. However, I did not like the transportation company they used. Once the motor was in the care of the driver, everything seemed to turn unprofessional. Overall, it was a good experience and I would recommended this company to anyone who needs a motor.
10/29/2016 - Clyde S. - NJ
10/28/2016 - Andrae S. - Jamaica
This is a great engine.
10/28/2016 - Roger F. - fl
It started out slow but it ended up a good experience thanks
10/27/2016 - Delano S. - Michigan
Good people, good service
10/26/2016 - WADE B. - IOWA
Very pleased with my experience in doing business with you. Other than the seized up fill plug, which is a common issue, I am very happy with front carrier assembly I received for my 2007 Yukon Denali. The responsiveness and service that I received through email and phone was great as well. I will definitely keep you guys on the top of my list as needs come up and have already recommended you to some folks.
10/25/2016 - DAVID H. - TX
I have had nothing but excellent parts and service from AMUP. Bryan does what he says he will, and with good products I don't see any way to improve on what they are doing.
My only complaint is they're in Florida and I am in Texas just logistics but their service and products make it worth the wait.
Keep up the good work

David Hill
Hills Automotive Center
El Paso, Texas
10/24/2016 - Richard J. - mn
I started with an internet search for my transmission. Simple enough. Of the several companies that came up, I responded to several. I had a reply from AM within a couple of hours. Not only did have the transmission I needed, but cheaper (includes shipping), with a better warranty and only 42,00 miles, compared to the others which had over 100K. The shipping was simple. couldn't ask for better service.
10/22/2016 - Greg L. - Ar
I'm impressed, ordered a motor for a n 03 Sonoma and it was locked up. I called and told them first guy said I would have to send a video of it then I talked to someone else and they said they would send another out immediately. Received another one and it runs perfectly! Thanks
10/21/2016 - Steve T. - a
The engine seems fine. It had 2 bad spark coils. Used the ones from my old engine. Small oil leaks,but fixable. Satisfied so far. Thank you.
10/19/2016 - Dave a. - Pa
trans works great
10/18/2016 - Sam F. - av
I really am satisified with the service the quality of engine I received from am auto part your sales rep were so helpful from the time I contacted am auto parts to the time I had to return all my warranty paper work I would and have recommend am auto parts to my friends thank you
10/18/2016 - JORGE V. - CA
My experience with youre staff was excellent i always got feed back and quick replies and got everysingle question answered im very happy with my purchase so far i cant wait to do buisness with you guys again thank you have a great day
10/18/2016 - VENENT P. - FL
The deal was as smooth as a babys bottom had no problem with shipping right in my garage customer service was excellent thank you AM auto.
10/16/2016 - Travis Y. - ok
I've bought an engine and transmission from AM and I've had great experiences so far. They were delivered as described and were on time. They consistently have both the best prices and warranty. The engine included the intake assembly, plugs, coil packs, water pump, and thermostat. It had everything but the accessories. Just keep an eye on the bolts on the exhaust flange; they were there but too short to work.
10/16/2016 - DELILLA B. - GA
I bought a 1999 Ford ranger xlt engine for $850 and I have no complaints. Their engines run strong and low miles for the price. I give this company2thumbs up and 5 stars. Thanks
10/14/2016 - MARCIA T. - PA
My experience as a first time buyer with AM Auto Parts was great! The sales person was super, he explained the warranty and all the parts that were a must to be installed. He made the buying experience for what I consider a major purchase almost seamless. The only hold up was the time from when the engine was actually paid for and when it left your door for shipment to our mechanic. I understand there could be a couple day delay on when the paid invoice went to your shipping dept but to pull a part, put it on the pallet and then prepare it for shipping should not have taken over 7 days. The mechanic actually worked on getting the vehicle ready for the replacement engine and it sat for many days awaiting the engine. That is a glitch in your process that should be resolved. I am sure since I was candid about the shipping process that I will not be given the opportunity to win the VISA card.
10/14/2016 - MATTHEW M. - GA
The used transmission has been performing nicely. You should offer express shipping.
10/11/2016 - Curtis W. - Virginia
Finding and ordering my engine was very easy. The representative offered me several choices and was knowledgeable, patient, and polite. My engine was ready on time and shipped. The engine arrived as described and has been working well. Thank you for helping turn this problem into a success!
10/11/2016 - Rachel B. - IOWA
Blowing the engine was a painful, humiliating experience. I should have seen that the gauge was on H! AM Auto Parts did a great job of getting us set up with the right engine and replacing the one I destroyed was a breeze for the mechanic. He told me so! It starts and runs great!! The pain is almost forgotten. Thanks, AMuap!!
10/10/2016 - Debra F. - NC
We are extremely pleased with our engine purchase. My husband's truck runs like brand new!
10/10/2016 - David C. - pal
Bought a used 1.8L Toyota engine. Excellent price with free shipping. Have about 3,000 miles on the engine now at it is running great. There was some delay at purchase because I didn't know to go online and fill out the customer form, and shipping took longer than I was told over the phone. The end result is good though, as my Corolla is on the road and running fine.
10/9/2016 - CURTIS Y. - SC
I had a wonder stress free experience with A M used auto parts,I had no hidden charges,what they advertised is what i paid,they shipped in an accurate and manner and time,I was given a tracking number,which allowed me to know exactly when to expect my engine,I followed their step by step instructions to receive my three year warranty.I had my engine installed and my car is running great,before buying costly replacement parts for your vehicle,I would suggest that you give A M used auto parts a call or visit their website,I am very satisfied,
singed,Curtis Young a satisfied customer.
10/9/2016 - Brenda S. - Ks
The transmission has worked great so far. Free shipping was a plus and it arrived as scheduled. Great experience!
10/9/2016 - Bruce E. - SC
I am very pleased with the transmission that I purchased from AMUP. They delivered exactly what I ordered, on time.
10/7/2016 - ROBERT D. - CA
The shopping experience and the service was great. When we had question it was done very well. Yes I would recommend you to any of my friends and family. The engine is running great.
10/7/2016 - ROY A. - TX
The purchasing of the engine for my 2001 Chevrolet Silverado went very smoothly i recieved my engine in a timely manner and the engine is running very smoothly the only thing that I was not happy with was that I was not notified at the time of sale was that I was going to need to replace the oil pump and the timing chain until I read the warranty section luckily my mechanic had not installed the engine and I was able to purchase the parts and have him install the parts before the engine was installed but overall the process was smooth and I would buy again without no hesitation
10/3/2016 - WILLIE J. - VA
Engine runs strong. Service was great. Thank you.
10/3/2016 - RALPH D. - NC
the 3.0 engine was put in 9-16-16 and is running very good thank you. i am happy with the service yall pervided
9/30/2016 - RUSSELL R. - VA
Hello my engine arrived on time as stated. After making a few minor changes.(manifolds and things like that) It fired on the first hit and is running well. Thanks So much Russell Roach.
9/27/2016 - JENNIFER P. - AL
I really love buying stuff from your company. Never had any problems
9/26/2016 - CXharlie M. - ky
AM Auto had the lowest price of anyone. The transmission I received had low mileage, and their Warranty is extraordinary. The whole ordering/shipping/receiving process was a breeze and I had my part in about 4 business days.

Thank You AM Used Auto Parts!
Charlie Murphy
9/26/2016 - derek S. - NY
Andy was to the point and helped me start my payment plan for my engine. The engine arrived in the time frame it was supposed to and Im happy with my service.
9/24/2016 - juanita m. - California
Engine took longer then i thought to get to me . But is working great . Was worth the wait for the price.
9/23/2016 - Daniel M. - il
Very helpful. They sent quote right to my email, and I called and purchased as simple as it could get when ordering an engine!
9/23/2016 - Cayden Z. - tx
I had a really good experience, my transmission works wonderfully! Thanks again guys!
9/20/2016 - LUANNE B. - PA
I was very pleased with the engine block it was just as advertised. The price was great. The shipping fast. Overall I would definitely recommend this company to anyone. I always got to speak to a person and they were always friendly and helpful.
9/20/2016 - JAMES J. - FL
Iam very please with the service I got from AM Used Auto Parts.They were very professional and great with giving me the best service possible I appreciated that. Serveing me with the best high quality engine and 3 yrs warranty I felt very good about it. Thank AM Auto Parts.I like doing business with you guys I would surely recommend my friends to Am Auto Parts

9/19/2016 - ANDREW T. - FL
The engine went in well and it runs like a champ :)
9/19/2016 - SANDRA S. - TN
I was very impressed with the salesman. He delivered great customer service, was not pushy and had time for all my questions. Thank you so much for the help.
9/18/2016 - JULIUS S. - CA
purchasing was easy and the sales person was easy to deal with, he knew a lot about the transmission for my van.the delivery was also on time.
9/18/2016 - JOJAYDA N. - LA
It was a awesome experience getting my engine from you. It works great and i'm telling all my friends about you guys.
9/18/2016 - Kim G. - Ar
I'm happy with my purchase with you. Now I have a drivable truck that runs Thank you,
Kim Gregory
9/16/2016 - James R. - wi
I had a very good response from AMuap Auto Part's on any question's I had. The delivery was the only slight issue I had (about a week later than 1st said also some slight damage to the intake on the motor) well... the motor run's well and I had a great mechanic install it... very detailed, thank' to all involved... Jim Reed!
9/14/2016 - Max L. - FL
Sorry for the delay, my engine was install 9/03/2016. Could not ask for more engine run strong no leaks what so ever. Very happy with my purchase.
9/13/2016 - STEVE C. - FL
Thank you so much for the help and the professional service you guys have provided. I will ONLY do business with you guys for ANY future need of an engine or transmission. I have never been treated any better than by your company, I will and have already recommended you guys to others.
Thanks again and you guys also have a wonderful day.
9/12/2016 - Gert W. - FL
Like everyone here for the first time we wonder if we're dealing with the right people, well we did !!! Service was great by phone and email and we decided to pick the engine up on site. When we arrived we were a bit skeptical but the people were great, on the ball and knew knew how to treat a customer. Got the engine home and installed with all but a minor problem. Oil pan on the motor had a pallet hole from shipping from Texas so we put the old one on and all was well. It's running good to todate !!! In short great people and honest.
9/12/2016 - NORAH P. - MI
I want to say Thank You! the engine that I bought for my 2009 535I is running great. You did a great job!
Kind Regards
Lake Orion Michigan
9/9/2016 - Scott W. - ky
Very good job very helpful very professional and easy to work with have and will continue to refer you to others.
9/6/2016 - John C. - North Carolina
Transmission arrived on time as expected was as expected and works well in my 2000 mustang. would recommend to friends and shop again should need arise for parts. Thanks John in NC.
9/6/2016 - Kendra L. - LA
My experience was wonderful, I found a great engine for reasonable price.
9/6/2016 - CHRISTIAN H. - MA
Excellent services good attention the client
9/5/2016 - JAMES P. - NC
Have been great both times Ive needed parts.
I will call again when I need parts.
9/5/2016 - Michael F. - pa
Very happy with your customer service. Transmission is working great.
9/4/2016 - JAMES T. - LA
the engine I ordered works great,but they sent me a standard not automatic.had to change out fly wheel .(they could have steam cleaned the
9/3/2016 - KENT W. - KS
Delivered in good shape. Mechanic installed and the car is up and running again. Low mileage, fair price compared to having one rebuilt, prompt delivery. Thanks AM!
9/2/2016 - STEVE C. - FL
Thank you so much for the help and the professional service you guys have provided. I will ONLY do business with you guys for ANY future need of an engine or transmission. I have never been treated any better than by your company, I will and have already recommended you guys to others.
Thanks again and you guys also have a wonderful day.
9/1/2016 - Delanie K. - WI
Shipping was fast. Customer service was on point. Motor runs great. Couldn't be happier with the decision to go through you guys. Thanks again
9/1/2016 - Nugroho I. - CA
The engine fit in perfectly and my car is back on the road, I will surely recommend AM auto parts for friends in need of car parts.
8/30/2016 - JOSE U. - CA
Your service was exceptional. Brian was the person who helped me and he was well attentive in all my vehicle needs. The engine is on the vehicle and it is running like new. Very great service and parts
8/28/2016 - Sean M. - NC
AM Used Auto Parts is the real deal. I have been recommending AM to everyone I know, mechanics, shop owners, friends in need of parts etc. I can not say enough about how awesome everyone is at AM. Every person I spoke to or emailed got back to me right away, kept me up to date in delivery etc. The prices are the BEST AROUND and the Warranty is unheard of at those other places. I tried contacting the local place in Charlotte where you can go pull your part. Those guys wanted MORE money for a f150 transmission with 30 day warranty and way more miles on it then what AM provided. Trust me, I did my research and must have gotten prices from 20 different places and some of them didn't sound to "trust" worthy over the phone, not to mention those other places were so pushy to make the sale, it didn't feel right. If anyone reads this I can promise you AM Used Auto Parts will do you right and you will be very happy and end up like me a repeat customer. They are the first place I will call the minute I need something and that's the honest truth. I didn't have to write this review, normally I never do, but I am so pleased and impressed with AM Used Auto Parts that I really wanted to do right by themas they did by me. Thanks AM Used Auto Parts!! You guys are the freaking BEST!!!!
8/28/2016 - ALEXANDER H. - AL
Great customer service, shipping was fast and product was exactly what I requested,My engine run hard and strong for the price and I definitely plan on doing business with again,I highly recommend them
8/26/2016 - John r. - tx
I bought a motor for a kia optima turbo. fast service, motor looked good. Only complaint they stuck the packing slip to the valve cover and it didn't peel off from the heat. The motor runs great would recommend AMuap for all your motor needs.
8/26/2016 - Sergio D. - ca
The engine for ford escort 1998 I bought was already installed and running. I already put in about 1,000 miles and so far it is in very good condition.
8/24/2016 - PAULINO M. - FL
Brian made choosing the right engine among so many offered in the market. He was the only salesman leaving a blessing at the end of the voicemail he left for me. He said: "have a blessed day!" at the end of his message. It did also help he offered a reasonably priced, and low mileage engine with a 3 yr warranty on it.
8/23/2016 - Sam h. - mO
Great prices and good delivery time. The only hang up was... I paid extra for a lift gate box trick to deliver right to the mechanics door but they brought it on a semi truck anyways and he ( the mechanic). Had to cherry pick the engine from the semi into his side by side right in the middle of the street.
8/23/2016 - RUFUS B. - AR
customer service was very professional.The transmission that I called on was mistaken for another make,but when I called customer service it was handled very professionally.I appreciate great communication.THANKS AM USED AUTO PARTS!!!!
8/22/2016 - STEV K. - IL
Everything went very well delivered when promised, engine runs and operates well , very pleased
Steve Kuhns
South Central FS
Effingham Illinois
8/22/2016 - Tommy S. - ca
My experience was very good I got my engine quick and it runs great thank you
8/22/2016 - BESSIE R. - TX
I was really please with your service as well with my motor all is good my Cadillac is running like a champ. Thank you all so very much. Great Work!!
8/21/2016 - MICHAEL O. - WY
AMUAP had the exact engine I wanted at a VERY good price. It was delivered quickly to the shop and is currently in the process of being installed. Also, the warranty is way better than any of the other competitors. I HIGHLY recommend these folks!
8/21/2016 - Joe F. - NY
8/21/2016 - William R. - Ct
very good service my engine working very good
8/20/2016 - Kevin J. - Mi
I worked with a guy names Andy and my experience was wonderful. He was very professional and the engine got to Michigan in only 6 days. (from Florida) . The engine was in excellent condition. I will be buying all of my used parts from AM.
8/19/2016 - THESPIAN D. - OH
First off, let me say Bryan J. is an excellent customer service rep. He assisted me every step of the way: from my initial selection to my small issue that arose during installation to purchasing and activation of my warranty. The price was great! And Free Shipping, that was very timely - who could ask for more??? Thanks again!
8/19/2016 - GWEN T. - AL
My experience was costly but great!! So far my engine is running really good! Everyone was helpful and nice. I will use this company again for sure.
8/15/2016 - Sandra K. - NC
Good Transaction, No Problems With The Product Whn It Arrived. Overall A Good Experience.
8/15/2016 - JAMELLA M. - IL
It was lovely service. I was worry that the engine I bought wouldn't work but it run perfectly fine. I was recommend my friend to buy for you guy because the prices is afford and you get a 1-3 year warranty on the parts you buy. Over you guy have the best service for me and afford with low miles thank you.
8/15/2016 - Kenneth M. - NC
It was a great experience getting my engine from you. It works great! Thank You.
8/12/2016 - ERNESTO F. - IDAHO
Great Part and great service. Thank You,
8/7/2016 - MARK M. - AZ
The first engine had a bad cylinder and you did ship another one. You did send another one out right away and thank you for that. The only thing was it cost more money to have the first one back out of my Exspoler and put the second one back in. Wish I had been given a brake because I had to pay more for the extra work that I got charged. I know that that is not in your policy. Still thank you for not giving me a hansel over the replacement. That engine runs great. Thanks Mark Metcalf
8/7/2016 - Savanna A. - CA
I had a wonderful experience, the staff was helpful and efficient at all times. I was able to find my engine at an affordable price and a 3 year warranty! Thank you!
8/7/2016 - Lonny J. - GA
My experience was a good one the only real problem I had was with the shipping of my engine I put down that it was a residential delivery and it was delivered in a tractor trailer rig so we had to unload on the side of the road into the back of my pickup and after installing engine I had some little minor problems and had to replace a couple of parts I would probably use your company again but I hope I don't have to sorry
8/7/2016 - Brenna L. - MT
Everyone at A&M Auto Parts was helpful and friendly and gave me all the information I needed. I was able to get an engine for my car and haveit shipped to Montana. ThanksA&M!

-Brenna Rae
8/5/2016 - Jerel T H. - MN
I'm very pleased with the motor I purchased from AMUAP. It arrived within three days of my order and it runs great. It was exactly as advertised. Thank you!
Jerry H
8/2/2016 - Steven T. - tn
the man I spoke with was courteous and knowledgeable . I received my engine promptly and it works great
8/2/2016 - DAVID H. - TX
This is Mr. Hill of Hills Automotive Center in El Paso, Texas. I have bought numerous engines and transmissions from AM Auto Parts. Service pricing and shipping have all been reasons for me to return. Although they are close to 2000 miles the logistics just don't come into play when you find a good honest company with good product.

Thanks again Bryan for the great service.

David Hill
Hills Automotive El Paso
8/2/2016 - DANIEL B. - NC
ordered a used engine for my grand prix it came in a timely manner. I installed the engine and it runs great I would do business with am again thanks guys
8/1/2016 - Mark K. - TX
I was happy with the service generally. Shipping seemed to take a long time.
7/26/2016 - William E. - NH
I had a good experience with the sales and service department........The people were helpful and knowledgeable about the items I was purchasing........

The warranty aspect of my experience was a bit rough for I come from a small town in which many small mechanical shops still make receipts out by hand. This was a bit challenging for AM Auto parts requires a print out but after explaining to a manager about my town and surrounding businesses my warranty was activated.

The 3rd party shipping however, was very challenging. That company spent more effort in making excuses as to why they could not deliver my motor than what was needed to do the delivery in the first place.

All in all my experience was good and I would purchase items for you again..........hopefully the 3rd party shipping is done by someone else though.

7/24/2016 - JOHN S. - WV
I had bought an engine for my ford ranger from am auto. the service was great. I got a good engine for a fair price.they delivered where I needed it and within the time frame that they said. I have a little over a 1000 miles on it now seems like a good strong motor. I am very happy with my experience with am auto I will definitely purchase from them again. Thanks guys
7/24/2016 - Tammy K. - Ky
We purchased an engine for a 05 Duramax. Engine was just as described. And the whole transaction was great from the initial email to the warranty registration.
7/23/2016 - Sam C. - Ill
Great experience with the salesman. Shipping was great. Motor looked like it was in good condition but been over 45 days still not able to drive. Motor does not run enough to drive car. Out of cash now gotta save more to pay another mechanic so $300 would be great
7/22/2016 - James L. - VA
This transaction went very well. Your people were cordial and helpful. The engine was just as described, and it went into the car with no surprises. It has performed very well since, including both city and over-the-road running. Shipping took a day or two longer than ideal, but the engine arrived with no damage. I will certainly contact you should any similar need arise in the future.
7/21/2016 - Charles D. - va
The transmission works great. Thank you guys for sending me reliable parts.
7/20/2016 - DAVID P. - IA
Good experience with a good price. I would recommend people
7/20/2016 - James H. - Ms
i was very pleased with my purchase you. every one I came in contact with very plesant and helpful. I would give my experence with your copany an A-1 rating
7/18/2016 - WILLIAM F. - GA
Good price and transmission was in pretty good condition. Shipment was not as fast as promised but it eventually made it here. You need to allow a little more time to activate the warranty, it had passed within 2 days of getting my car back from the shop.
7/17/2016 - Daniel F. - tn
We had a couple issues at first but since receiving the replacement engine everything is great. Andy really helped us through the whole process
7/16/2016 - Thomas M. - Fl
I purchased a c230 mercedes motor in great condition runs perfectly and was delivered as advertised. All the components worked perfectly and is running well . Andy my salesman was pachent and walked me throughly the purchase even with my endless questions
I would give this 10 out of 10 stars
7/16/2016 - DERRICK S. - TN
They are the best from a scale of 1 to 5 I give thim a 5 all day they are the best I'm telling you they're awesome I brag on them all the time they are the real deal very honest customer service if they tell you something believe it.
7/15/2016 - STEVE B. - NY
Service was excellent. Engine is running well.
7/13/2016 - JEFF L. - PA
Communication was good. Knowledge was not up to par
7/11/2016 - Paul M. - Ky
The engine I purchased was exactly as described and has been installed and purrs like a kitten. The only complaint was that it took a few days longer to deliver than expected but other than that the engine and service I received was excellent.I would recommend AM Auto Parts to anyone.
7/11/2016 - KENTRELL R. - IL
Love the Engine I purchase, no complaints, has my car running good.
7/10/2016 - James C. - Ga
The ordering process, I found to be easy but once the engine came it was cover with rust and many parts had to be replace. I also ran into problems getting the warranty activated "still". But after all of the issues I ran into has this engine is running really good
7/10/2016 - Jenny R. - INa
The service was great, and the people I talked to were very professional and informative. If I ever need another motor I will be calling you guys. I have recommended you to other customers.
7/9/2016 - Terry J. - ms
It was a painless experience. They did exactly what they said they would do.
7/5/2016 - Chris M. - KS
I was very pleased with the service & speed of receiving the transmission. I would recommend your company to anyone.
7/4/2016 - Andrew K. - Ms
I have tried other places for my car parts needs and was not satisfied at all. I tried AM Used Auto Parts and was greatly satisfied. I was satisfied with the price, the delivery, and most importantly, the part. If you need parts, try these guys.
7/4/2016 - steven w. - Mississippi
Great engine and great service.
7/4/2016 - FRANSISCO M. - CA
Very good experience engine is working like a Champ and very good good customer service I will definitely recommend you guys
7/2/2016 - DEBRAH H. - TX
Every part of our purchase was worth it. The engine is installed and working great . Once it was delivered about one weeks time from purchase. We were up and running. Thanks for helping us.
7/1/2016 - Ralph A. - AZ
For the most part was a good experience. I have tried several times to file and activate my warranty. I think it was successful and I emailed the information as directed. Would like some feedback on the warranty. Thanks Ralph 520 444 1068
6/30/2016 - jacky t. - j
Excellent service, super nice reps and shipping was unbelievably fast. Even the truck driver who delivered it was nice. Will definitely use in the future. My son's car is now running after months of sitting. Thanks so much!!
6/27/2016 - Bryan M. - fl
Great experience in buying and very knowledgeable personal
6/26/2016 - John M. - CO
I purchased an engine from Bryan. I was not satisfied with the condition of the engine. I contacted Bryan, sharing my concerns in that regard. Bryan treated me with respect and is allowing me to return the engine. I am satisfied with the way I was dealt with and would not discourage anyone from using AM auto parts.....John M.
6/25/2016 - James D. - VA
Probably one of my better on-line shopping experiences. Your rep was very helpful, answered all question, and explained the process fully. All paperwork to make the purchase was easy to understand and complete, and the engine I purchased was delivered as agreed and promised. The engine is installed and seems to be running very well.
The only hang-up was the fact my mechanic was extremely busy, and could not remove the bad engine and install the engine I purchased within 15 days of delivery and thus I could not qualify for the 3 year warranty. It took either 21 or 22 days for the mechanic to complete the job. So, no warranty, but that is not your fault. I would definitely refer anyone needing a good used engine or transmission to your company.
James Dooley
5526 Hollins Lane
Burke, VA 22015
6/24/2016 - Jeffery L. - mi
I live in Michigan so was a little skeptical buying an engine so far away without inspecting it first. The worry turned out to be unnessesary.The engine arrived well wrapped on a pallet just as described and my mechanic had it installed without a hitch the same day.It's been a few months and have not had a single issue.Would'nt hesitate to order another one if needed not to mention hundreds cheaper then localy and less miles.
6/21/2016 - valdis m. - South Carolina
Excellent customer service from the beginning to the end! Tracking information was provided right away and it didn't take that long to get the engine. My truck is up and running again!! Thanks AM Auto Parts.
6/21/2016 - RICHARD R. - MASS
AM auto parts was quick to deliver. We got our transmission once sent in a speedy time. Transmission is working great! Thanks for a great experience.
6/20/2016 - Antonio T. - NY
Everything went well, transportation was
Put on by auto mechanic.trailblazer run
Well. When ever in need of another part my
First choice will be AM auto parts. .
6/18/2016 - greg W. - NM
Your staff at AM Auto Parts were very knowledgeable and friendly, and easy to work with. I would gladly do business with you all again!
6/15/2016 - David M. - NC
The product seems to be good. The motor was ten days late but that was ok.
6/14/2016 - Maria B. - IN
I am sooo very pleased with my engine.. so far so good.. what a pleasure doing businesss with !
6/14/2016 - DAVID H. - TX
The crew at AMuap is on their game. Prompt response to orders and information. Shipped when they say tracking provided. Bryan has been a lifesaver to me more than once.
My only problem with AM is their in Florida and I am in Texas it just takes a truck a few days to get here. With the weather right now in the SE I just tell my customers it will be here when they can safely get here.
I found AM on the internet looking for a part. It was by chance another company had them listed below them as an alternate source for the stuff I was trying to find. And you guys had it. Pure accident. It has been a life changing experience for us . Keep up the good work.
Dave Hill
Hills Automotive Center
El Paso Texas
6/13/2016 - Coline H. - fl
My experience was great, I received good customer service, getting my motor was quick and easy, the warranty was easy to activate, I am very satisfied
6/12/2016 - KEVIN W. - IL
Over all good experience but the people who actually pull the parts to be shipped need to be more careful with what they are doing so that the rest of the staff doesn't have to deal with angry customers
6/10/2016 - Walter M. - Ga
Overall the purchase was not great or bad, simply acceptable. The issue I experienced was the sales person I spoke with assured me all the required idlers and accessory mounting brackets would remain intact with my engine purchase. When the engine arrived, the water pump and all the brackets normally attached to the water pump had been removed prior to shipping. There appears to be a disconnect between the office team and the group doing the actual dismantling in the yard.
6/7/2016 - MITCHELL G. - GA
I purchased a transmission and the staff were great to deal with. I ended up having trouble with the transmission a few days after it was installed but they didn't hesitate to send me another one quickly which is still going strong, thanks.
6/7/2016 - Cedric V. - Tennessee
I am satisfied with the engine I purchased . The only thing that I can see that needs to be addressed is your procedure for renewing your warranty is faulty .The inbox to the email you first list to contact is full and I had to call to get a good email address .And I still did not get a response for my warranty!Other than that , I think it was a good experience!
6/6/2016 - Peter C. - NJ
The engine I got from you for my chevy Avalanche it was better than I expected I definitely do business with amup again. Peter c summit nj thanks
6/6/2016 - MILTON M. - MS
Hope it all goes well. Thank you for your help with this purchase. It went smoothly and the driver was very cooperative.
6/6/2016 - Flora C. - AZ
I appreciate the purchase and the used product we received is in very good condition and runs very well. The warranty was very easy to activate. Thank you.
6/5/2016 - Stanley M. - TN
IT took a little bit longer than three to five days to get the engine delivered to the installer. Once it got there and it was installed it seems to runs good, no problems after a 1000 miles or so.
6/4/2016 - Rilee J. - AR
Delivery person was very friendly and so was the salesman who sold me the engine. Thank you for a great deal.
6/4/2016 - ALGENIS S. - MS
Excellent service and great part.
5/30/2016 - Joshua A. - FL
I really liked their service excellent customer service. I was very pleased with my purchase and the quickness in which it arrived the engine came in very good shape. Awsome company keep up the good work. Very nice job the the helpful employees.
5/30/2016 - Carlos R. - check
Very good service, very knowlegable guys help me out from start to end of the process,
5/30/2016 - Gary H. - Ca
I had a very good experience. I would refer you to anybody for any of their used auto parts. I have put the engine in the Toyota and it runs strong. I'm a happy camper and was well taken care of with you guys.
5/29/2016 - Nicole D. - South Carolina
about 2 months ago I purchased a used transmission and it is working great. I not only got the best price from all over the country but I got a 3 year warranty. WOW I am definitely going to be telling my friend who need a used part.
5/28/2016 - Celia p. - la
Very fast shipping. Salesmen was great very patient. Understood our concerns.
5/27/2016 - TIM C. - VA
purchasing the complete engine from you was a great experience for me . i had a hard time finding it and when i did find it with your company (which i had never heard of) i was a little afraid but once i placed the order with you from the first email to the delivery (which was 2 days earlier than it was thought to be )i was and anm am very pleased and will be recommending your company to anyone i know who is looking for auto parts . thanks you again.
5/24/2016 - Garrette C. - La
Great fast shipping good engine
5/23/2016 - kyle w. - Tn
Engine worked out just fine but the oil pan had been damaged in freight or when it was being pulled so we had to use or old oil pan all and all Engine worked out real good
5/23/2016 - Nicky E. - KY
I recently purchased an engine from AMauto parts. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The engine runs good and it was a good price.
5/23/2016 - Billy a. - Al
all good thanks
5/21/2016 - Jim B. - Pa
I had a great experience everything worked out great.
5/21/2016 - Guillermo R. - NM
I am totally satisfied with this purchase, everything went as planned thanks.
5/20/2016 - STEVEN R. - CA
this is the 4th engine in a year I have bought brian was a great salesmen and all the engines have had no problems you deliver great products recommend to everyone
5/20/2016 - Ralph G. - NV
Overall I had a great experience. Only one problem, I tried unsuccessfully 4 times to activate my warranty I called for assistance and told the phone answering person that your website would not accept my E-mail. He told
Me to try again. In essence he was very stupid and rude.
It won't do any good as the 15 day for registration has elapsed
The engine runs fine.
5/20/2016 - hector t. - tx
I want to tanks AM Auto for all the help, all the motors we have bought, are working great , good prices and most of all good low miles, something is almost impossible to find here in Texas.
5/20/2016 - LINDA M. - CA
hi, thanks for asking, our shopping experience in buying a used motor for our pontiac g5 went well enough as far as getting it delivered to us,but havent been able to complete installation, due to financial delays, so as yet, we have no idea what condition its in, nor how or if it runs. we will forward that info to u as soon as we can complete installation, and test drive it. thanks for asking...l.miller
5/18/2016 - Jason B. - WV
The motor is great. But it was a 1998 engine instead of a 2001. And when it is being removed your employees need to take a little better care of what they break and cut. But all in all I'm pleased and I would recommend anyone to you.
5/17/2016 - Thomas D. - Ca
As far as the engine goes, it's great and I'm very happy with the price and quality of the product. In regards to the shipping time, I was frustrated with some in house issues which delayed my engine being installed by 2 weeks. Besides that, great company and definitely a quality engine for my BMW. Thank you!
5/17/2016 - Telisa J. - Georgia
It was excellent. Best price versus warranty around! Referred my cousin, even though the first transmission was disfunctional AM sent him another one hassle free! He also had excellent service!
5/16/2016 - Michael B. - Maryland
I am very very pleased with the service that I received. The people was friendly and willing to help with all questions I had. The delivery of my transmission timely and satisfying.
5/16/2016 - Hartwell R. - IL
fantastic and delivery greatbto do bussness with you
5/15/2016 - MELISSA W. - WI
i was real happy with the engine i purhased and was delivered in a timly matter.thanks am used auto parts.i would highly recommend this company.very professional staff and very helpful.
todd ward
two rivers wi.
5/10/2016 - BRANDON D. - OK
The service was amazing, placed my order and it was shipped in a timely manner. The motor I ordered was in even better condition the it was described. Over all I was very satisfied with my experience!
Will definitely be using u guys again!!!!
5/9/2016 - JASON C B. - WI
It was a good experience great prices.
5/9/2016 - Brittany J. - Georgia
The process was great and faster than I expected. Thanks for all the help
5/8/2016 - Handford B. - LA
The purchase is all right thanks for your service
5/7/2016 - Crystal G. - NC
The engine I got from you guys was in great condition no carbon build up on the valves and couldn't even tell it was really pulled from another car!! I will most definitely be doing business with y'all again!! And I will also be recommending y'all to other ppl!! Thank you so much
David Draughn
5/7/2016 - David M. - LA
Everything was awesome. I am a return customer because of the excellence of your customer service. Love doing business with you and am glad I have a resource for used parts I know I can count on.
5/4/2016 - Maggie G. - Ky
Really a great place to purchase auto engines fast shipping great service everything worked just like they said it would.will definitely be buying again from you guys. And will recommend you all to all my friends. Thanks
5/3/2016 - CANDACE P. - AR
My experience was great and im greatly satisfied. My engine is working great and no problems so far with my engine. I will refer my friends and anyone who looking for engines and transmissions.
5/3/2016 - WILLIAM D. - AL
The experience was great the staff helpful delivery fast.
5/3/2016 - Richard G. - SC
The engine runs great I will recommen this site to other people
5/2/2016 - D J. - OH
Great experience good people ill slways come back if I need u guys
4/30/2016 - Leonard B. - Ga
I purchased a 2.2 liter ENG. for a 1999 Chevy S10 pickup. I had it installed and I am very satisfied with this ENG. I purchased from AMUAP. My truck runs like new. Thanks . Leonard Barnes (Savannah Ga.)
4/29/2016 - Denise D. - LA auto parts it was a great experience. the engine runs great you saved the life of my car , thanks denise dollar
4/26/2016 - Marcy W. - WA
the engine I received performs real good. thank you
4/26/2016 - Carolyn S. - MO
The service was great. The people were very friendly. The only issue I have is that after I sent in the paperwork of the engine being installed, like I was instructed to, I never got any confirmation or information on my 3 year warranty of the engine.
4/26/2016 - Ehilynsa J. - FL
It was a great experience easy and the salesman brian was great also i dont use no other company
4/26/2016 - Pamela H. - KY
i was happy with the motor. i did not recieve any thing on the warrinty. i do not know if it is good. thanks
4/26/2016 - Dennis D. - Ga
I want to thank you for doing the right thing in reference to the first transmission that was sent had an axle stuck in it and couldn't be removed, then your company did the right thing and sent another transmission that had no issues. My wife's vehicle is back on the road, thanks to you and your company. I will recommend your company to my friends and family from here on out. I am very pleased with your company and its professionalism, specifically Joe Miller. The only concern I have, when you tell someone you will return their call, do it! Thanks again!
4/26/2016 - Adell B. - North Carolinaa
My eperience with AM Auto Parts have been a positive one. I purchased an engine from the company and was shipped the wrong engine. After a few days of discussion, taking pictures of engine along with more discussion. AM Auto Parts picked up the engine, shipped me a new one. This all took place less than 90 days ago and the engine is doing fine. The warranty process with the pictures and having to have the engine installed in 15 days after receiving it was a bit to much in my opinion, however it wasn't necessary a terrible thing. Although I had a few bumps in the road with the wrong engine, the service and conversation was always professional and respectful. I would shop at AM Auto Parts again.
4/25/2016 - Lori d. - Nm
My engine is going good so far... Thank you. :)
4/25/2016 - David w. - mo
I never expected to find an engine to my truck until amuap contacted me with a great deal. I had many questions and they answered them all to me with their best intentions. My engine arrived when they approximated it would. I haven't had a problem with it since. If I need anything else I will definitely getting back in tough with amuap. Thanks.
4/20/2016 - DAVE D. - AL
As usual, Brian, did an excellent job of finding me an engine and getting it to me in a timely manner. When Brian has been unavailable, Lee has done great at filling in and getting me whatever I needed
4/19/2016 - Nepherteri C. - LOUISIANA
The engine runs excellent. The auto shop received it and was able to service me without delay. The price of the engine was great too. Thanks for getting me back on the road. This is what I call fast service with a smile. Don't let me forget the nice people who I talked to on the phone to confirm my initial purchase and with the set up of my warranty. The best people ever. Very concerning and helpful. Keep doing what you are doing.
4/19/2016 - Barry I. - ca
Great service and transmission works great!! Thanks!
4/19/2016 - Joseph M. - sc
My experience has been great so far. All products have been in good condition to this point. The communication on quotes good be alittle more promptly. I have to follow up with phone calls after submitting emails and getting no response some times. I do understand that most of the business is phone driven though.I have purchased 4 engines and 1 transmission last year and this year so far.


4/19/2016 - warren j. - Georgia
I am very pleased with my new "used engine " that I purchased. My car is running strong once again. Thanks a million.
4/18/2016 - Margie B. - TX
The engine arrived before I was told to expect it. I installed it and it has performed flawlessly! Thank you for doing what you said you were going to do! I will definitely use you again!!!
4/17/2016 - Fedelis M. - KY
Excellent experience with sales group and shipment team. Received Engine on time. Have used engine for about 3000 miles and working perfectly. Will definitely buy again from AM Auto Part.
4/16/2016 - Dana S. - Oh
Great price great service engine runs great!
4/15/2016 - ALLEN P. - WI.
engine runs strong, people nice to work with
4/14/2016 - bernard D. - fl
Every thing went perfect
4/11/2016 - Douglas W. - Tx
Excellent price on low-mileage manual transmission. Delivered in the time frame promised. Good/friendly verbal customer service on the telephone. An overall GOOD purchasing experience ! Would recommend AM when / if the opportunity presents itself...
4/11/2016 - Gilbert D. - NJ
Hi your professional knowledge has brought back my car to life it was a pleasure to talk to yous about what I needed for my car which yous knew exactly what part I needed. the car has been handling great thank you all for your friendly help from my first phone call to the last call. It's been a pleasure GOD BLESS Gilbert ??
4/11/2016 - lynette u. - Wv
Our car is running fantastic. Thank you AM for all your work. You may be many miles away but I'm grateful we found you when we did. Thank you again!!
4/10/2016 - Terry J. - ok
Everything went well with purchase and shipping discovered that the motor came out of a ford van instead of the f150 pickup. After changing wiring and other components we have it installed. Added water and oil and started it runs fine. It sat over night oil on the floor next morning. Small Crack in the bottom of the oil pan. To keep from removing the motor to change the pan we cleaned up and sealed the Crack with j b weld.
4/9/2016 - Brian H. - PA
engine was very clean and worked well with no problems customer is very pleased
4/7/2016 - Kurt H. - NY
I am very satisfied with the professional help I received from the staff on the phone. The entire process from website to personal assistance to ordering and receiving my engine as described. Positive experience I would use AM used auto parts again and I will refer this company.
4/5/2016 - Richard C. - oh
You guys did a really good job giving me the info on the transmission for my truck. You answered all my questions I asked. You sent the part when you said you would. Thanks!!
4/4/2016 - Steve E. - MS
My experience was great. Knowledgeable people and fast service. Engine was exactly what I ordered. I appreciated all of the help I was given. Thank you
4/3/2016 - Tammy C. - VA
Quick delivery.
Great product.
Engine does not use oil
Will use company again.
4/3/2016 - Jennifer G. - pa
This company is very professional, a business with great ethics, customer service and fast delivery. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family
3/30/2016 - Chad F. - Tn
my experience was good you all done everything right even when i had a problem with the shipping company you all took care of it
3/29/2016 - Terry J. - Georgia
3/29/2016 - William M. - GA
The engine we ordered for our 98' Dodge Dakota is running great, however, the initial shipping process was a bit overwhelming. It took so much longer to get the motor installed because parts that we were supposed to be able to use on the engine shipped to us were busted, so it was a lot of switching parts around, parts that were not necessarily supposed to be switched over. We were expecting to get the motor and switch over the 4 or 5 different things that AM told us we would have to switch over, however, when it got here, it was so much more than that. We are still waiting to hear from Bryan on whether or not the shipping company has any explanations on this and what they are going to do about it.
3/28/2016 - michael M. - SC
I think they are good people to deal with but the shipping was not good. The package took to long and it made me loose my warranty because of shipping time. But so far the motor is running good..
3/27/2016 - Giovanna C. - NJ
Engine was delivered on time and fit perfect! Thanks for making the transaction smooth...Will be sure to use your auto parts store in the future and have already recommended you to friends...
3/27/2016 - Albert A. - AZ
The best deal and experience.Custumer relations was AWESOME
3/26/2016 - Angela C. - TX
Customer service is excellent. Very helpful and knowledgeable.
3/26/2016 - Beth Z. - Georgia
Very good service and fair price. Delivery as promised. Very satisfied.
3/23/2016 - Nakisha B. - LA
My experience was great
3/22/2016 - Lauren D. - TX
We got the engine fast, everyone we spoke to was courteous and friendly. We have had it in the car for over a month and it is doing fine. We LOVE that it has a 3 year unlimited miles warranty. I have seen several negative reviews, I think most of those are due to people 1) not reading all the print, (fine or otherwise) and 2) people not being familiar with cars and mechanic type stuff in the first place. Would I buy another engine or part from them YES. Would I read everything closer YES. There was a slight bump in the process, and I called them an was MAD. They were still calm, explained what I was not understanding, even when I was raising my voice, they kept their calm and (Robert I think) explained it to me. I spoke with the mechanic doing the job, they confirmed what they were saying. I would use these folks again in a heartbeat. I hope I do not have to, but I would when needed.
3/21/2016 - PAULA R. - AR
Absolutely wonderful experience. Great customer service; able to meet our financial limitations; timely delivery; transmission in very good condition! Thank you very much for your help. Would highly recommend to others.
Frank and Renae Stroinski
3/21/2016 - Lesli B. - In
Very pleased priced were 1000 under everyone else
3/20/2016 - Joey M. - Al
Good price and shipping could've been a little faster but ok.
3/20/2016 - Joe M. - pal
Good experience. The right engine, fair price, delivered
on time, no complaints.
3/15/2016 - Everette R. - Va
I am so pleased with my 5.7 Hemi purchase for my 2012 Ram truck . The experience was unbelievable . After dealing with a dealer that did what I told them not to do , they blew my engine . I search on line far and wide . When I checked an E-mail stating they had my engine with half my mileage and no core charge and no sending my broke engine for a core , I could not believe it . The price blew me away too . Others wanted more in price plus $500 dollar core charge till I sent the engine which I would have to pay for shipping too and wait for my money back . I thought this has to be a scam . What blew my mind even more was they were giving me 3 years warranty . The others were 90 days or 1 year . The motor runs better than my original . I am so pleased and would recommend them to others . The only thing they ask of me was to change the rear main seal and the oil and filter . Then I would be covered for 3 years . Get out of here ! By far the best deal on the planet !
3/15/2016 - Brittany B. - KY
The customer service I received was excellent. When I was looking fir my engine you all got right back with me and your price was a lot lower than the other places that I had found.
3/15/2016 - Bryan M. - FL
I'm pleased with the service I received. I'm happy with the engine; it seems to be running pretty good. It was delivered as promised. The only issue I really had was the form I had to fill out after I made the payment. It seems as though that form should be completed before any money was drawn from my account. I must admit I was worried for a little while. But none the less; the part was delivered as promised. I also thought I would get some type of paper work or email detailing my 3yr warranty but I was informed that I would not. Hopefully I'll never need to use the warranty but only time will tell. All in all; I'm satisfied with the purchase.
3/15/2016 - Bob M. - Me
Initial service was good, received timely, inst went good, have had numerous phone calls for warranty confermation and as of now still haven't heard anything back
3/15/2016 - Mary D. - mississippi
Everything that I have purchased I have got good service thanks alot
3/14/2016 - Randy W. - California
The used transmission I bought from your company for my Ford Ranger is running great. The price was very competitive and everything seems to be working right. I would recomend your company to other friends here in the Bakersfield, California area as well as in California in general.
3/13/2016 - Shafkat J. - Illinois
The Engine I received is working fine and I am very Satisfied with it
3/11/2016 - Craig M. - In
Craig -- Indiana

Great people, great product, fast delivery. You guys will be the first I call when I need another part. Thanks!!!
3/8/2016 - David H. - TX
So far every bit of business with AM auto parts has been professional. They do what they say they will do and back it up. In this industry that is rare.
You guys keep up your end and I will keep buying.

Dave Hill
Hills Automotive
3/6/2016 - Andrew B. - MS
I'd like to thank you for a pleasant transaction. Excellent pricing and fast shipping. I just purchased a motor from another company and it has not been a a pleasant experience. This other motor was not a described and will never order another motor from them. I would appreciate a number I can call when I need the next motor
3/6/2016 - Angel G. - fl
Service was great overall so far transmission works perfect thank you
2/29/2016 - James H. - WV
My engine came on time and in good shape.If I need anything else you would be the first I will call.Would recommend .
2/29/2016 - Curtis W. - PA
The purchasing part of the this transaction went fine and part is working great. Thanks.
2/29/2016 - Michael M. - Pay Pal
It was a very good experiance. It my first time ordeing on line and the sales rep talked me through it over the phone and it whent well. It was during the big winter storm in the south and I was provided with a tracking code. I went online and downloaded the app. and was able to track the progress of my purchase. Because of the storm there was a short delay, but I knew were it was. The price of my engine was right and it run great. I also receved a three year waranty on a 16 year old engin which gives me peace of mind. over all a great buying experiance. Thank you AM AUTO.. Rate 10 out of 10!
2/28/2016 - Richard M. - NY
My experience was awesome from the start. I couldn't take delivery right away so they held my engine for over 10 days for me to return home. Once delivered the way I requested, I had it installed and it started up on the first attempt. The low mileage (63,000) on a 2002, in itself a blessing. But also a 1-3 year guarentee it is all I expected. I've save your number for future purchases. Thanks for working with me.
Sincerely, Richard C. Moore Sr., upstate New York
2/26/2016 - Dan E. - SC
Hi! My experience with AM Auto Parts was outstanding. I could not believe that I could actually get a 3-Year Warranty when buying one of their transmissions. When my transmission arrived at my mechanics, everything was perfect. It was installed and the vehicle ran great! Overall, I rate my experience a 10 on a 1-10 Scaled. The price for my transmission was comparable to other companies that only gave a 30-day warranty. Great price, Outstanding Service with a 3-Year Warranty, and a Used Transmission that Shifts Great! Kudos for an outstanding job to AM Auto Parts!
2/26/2016 - Gerald P. - VA
I purchased a jeep transmission on 1/16.It has performed great ,my purchase and delivery was great.It was all around great transaction.the price with warranty was the best I found after shopping for weeks.
Thanx AM
2/26/2016 - Glenn C. - OH
I ordered a 4.0L motor. Good price, low miles, shipped to me in a timely manor. Over all the purchase was a good deal.
2/26/2016 - Ricardo C. - Georgia
I purchased a transmission for a Endeavor it was late in arriving because of shipping. It was around thinks giving and business was close for the holiday. once it arrived it was installed everything works great and I look forward to doing business in the future.
2/21/2016 - Dale J. - IL
The people at am auto parts very helpful the engine I purchased very good price will do business with them again very happy!
2/20/2016 - Joe W. - kY
ran good as advertised thanks
2/16/2016 - Elane M. - NC
Experience was great. No issues at all. Parts fit exactly like it was supposed to
2/16/2016 - Donald P. - ga
Great customer service. Always answered all questions promptly. Delivered my parts on time with curteous driver.
2/12/2016 - Leroy E N. - Id
Parts were delayed do to storm but other than that everything is hopping well.
2/8/2016 - Herman W. - FL
Very pleased with service. Installed tranny in 1997infinity that has. 301000 miles. It seems to be working very well
2/8/2016 - Jason B. - Va
Smooth transaction and great customer service! Thanks a bunch
2/8/2016 - Steven K. - SC
All together a positive experience.
Salesman was helpful and part arrived ahead of schedule.
Ease in ordering was terrific.
2/6/2016 - GARY P. - NC
The help and shipment was prompt and very professional. I would recommend AM Auto Parts to all. Thank you for your blessing to our ministry, and may you be as blessed in the future as us. Thank You!!!
2/3/2016 - Stan B. - TX
The service was helpful and friendly, shipment timely and price was reasonable. What more can I ask? I will use AM's service again.
2/2/2016 - Haskwell S. - CA
I was happy with my experience with AM auto parts. All the people are very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely use them again.
2/2/2016 - Audusto t. - al
I received the engine 1995 Camry a bit longer than I expected.
It needed a bath so we had to. The engine fitted very well
and has been running well so far. I failed to to fill out
warranty papers but hopefully will not encounter any problems.
It was a very good experience dealing with your company and
will recommend your company to friends.
2/1/2016 - Russell A. - NV
I purchased a used O1M auto transmission for my wife's 2004 VW Golf. Was a bit apprehensive about it because you guys are so far from my location. It arrived in decent condition and I got it installed without too much trouble. Good news is it operates flawlessly as advertized. I would definitely use your services again. I would reccomend your services to all my friends.
2/1/2016 - Casey R. - Co
when I received engine I found water in the intake, reported it, cleaned it. Installed engine, replaced necessary sensors. It fired up seemed ok, 1 week test drive. All good. reported that I was finished and they activated the warranty. OVERALL IT WAS A GREAT BUY! The engine is doing great! I and my customer are very happy!
1/31/2016 - David J. - IL
Excellent experience and great customer service.
1/30/2016 - Jerry P. - GA
I was very skeptical at first, but my engine is performing great. You really saved me a lot of money. Thank you
1/29/2016 - codoro d. - ga
I have ordered several transmissions and engines. They have all been quality parts. I have not had any problems with them at all. Customers were greatly satisfied with how they vehicles drove. Thanks
1/28/2016 - Ernest W. - NY
engine runs price out there
1/24/2016 - Marques q. - Nc
One of the easiest and fastest purchases of this magnitude I've made! Will definently recommend this company to finds and family! Also will do business with them again
1/24/2016 - Gilberto L. - WA
1/22/2016 - David E. - FL
You gave me good service and I expect the same with the warranty, I would and have recommended you to other customers.
1/18/2016 - Mary M. - NJ
Every engine and transmission that my auto repair shop has gotten from you have been perfect. We only buy our used engines from your company.

1/17/2016 - Cubert B. - tn
I have nothing but great appreciation for the quality of the parts I have ordered and recieved. Thank you and keep up the good work and A-1quality parts you all sell.

Cubert bell
1/17/2016 - William M. - GA
made a couple of mistakes ordering the correct engine but worked everything out with Brian and I'm happy with the results
1/15/2016 - Carlos A. - ny
All good. Engine turned out good. Shipping took a little long.
1/14/2016 - Teresa C. - MN
We were pleased with the service we received, the engine runs well, it came on time, price was great, happy with service.
Dale Clemens
1/12/2016 - Russell A. - NV
Brian just wanted to let you know that the transmission is installed and functioning perfectly. Am very happy with it. Wife is thrilled as it was for her car. (Just as a side note, when it was delivered seems all the cables, wires, etc were cut off I assume from when it was taken out of the donor car. Not a huge deal as I was able to reuse the items needed off the old transmission. Now I am in the search for a low mileage 2.0 for a 2004 Jetta I bought recently. Will ask for a quote through your website. Many thanks dude, Russ Adkins.
1/10/2016 - DEMARCO L. - FL
I haAve gotten some great parts from this company I was always treated with respect and the salesman was great help and had great patients this is the only company I will by my parts from thanks for being so helpful
1/6/2016 - Paul f. - In
100% Service SATISFACTION from Joe and Brian. I am extremely happy with my purchase of a low mileage engine, shipping arrangements and after sale support. Thank you for such great service!!!!!!! FICHLIE RENTAL AND REPAIR
1/6/2016 - Russell R. - NC
The engine is running good at this time, however when the engine was pulled out of the wrecked car, it appears that the guys just cut most of the wires instead of unplugging the wiring harness, I realize this may be the quickest way to take the engine out, it is not the quickest way for the guy that is trying to install the engine in the new car,I sure hope this doesn't happen every time, because it added quite a bit to the labor bill
1/4/2016 - Rob H. - SC
The motor and transmission that we purchased from you folks has functioned very well since we made the swap.
I would certainly use you guys on the next one. Of course I am hoping that I don't need your service any time soon
Robert Hampton
1/4/2016 - Wade T. - TX
Great motor at a great price. It was exactly what they said it would be.
1/3/2016 - joseph s. - ct
Most importantly the engine runs strong. There is some oil seepage but I think its a result of the gaskets drying out in storage. Not a big thing As I installed the engine myself, AM gave me extra time for the installation which was appreciated. I would buy from them again.
1/2/2016 - David r. - il
I had a very good experience with buying my motor through AM Auto Parts. They offer a very good and long lasting warranty for their parts.
1/1/2016 - Jimmie W. - Kansas
We were sent wrong engine, but when we let you know this we had no trouble returning wrong one and getting correct engine. Thank you so much for your kind and courteous service.
1/1/2016 - Robert S. - Hawaii
Was surprised to receive a solid long block assembly, expected a short block. Extra parts came in useful. Only drawback was engine was not strapped to the pallet securely, as result oil pan had a non repairable hole, but had extra one on had. No worries.
12/30/2015 - Mr J. - a
I found that everyone was very friendly and extremely helpful. Your prices were also way below everyone else. I recommend you to all of my clients and we have purchased 2 motors from you.
12/29/2015 - David R. - CA
The motor I got from you guys was in good condition and shipping was pretty fast. Thank you.
12/29/2015 - David R. - CA
I got a good deal on the motor that I got from you guys. I am happy with the motor. The motor is almost ready to go into the car. I am so excited to get it done.
12/29/2015 - Sara D. - MN
Hi the service was vary well, was shipped in time and the engine looked vary good, runs vary well. Thanks
12/28/2015 - David S. - NJ
I purchase an engine from these guys! They are amazing, my motor look practically brand new. I have not had an problem since. The shipping was unbelievable fast and the customer services rep was all on the same page.
12/28/2015 - Mary M. - NJ
I've never had a problem, so keep up the good work.
12/27/2015 - Bruce B. - CO
Thanks the salesman were extremely helpful and found my engine and the price was right in my budget thanks again
12/27/2015 - Cliff t. - De
12/26/2015 - Gary G. - SC
Great prices, engine runs perfect & a 3 year warranty. Hard to beat that!
12/26/2015 - Sandra B. - PA
Im pleased with my service an purchase,everthing went well,gentalman that i spoke with was friendly and helpful, my only concern was i fax my info. for m. warrenty and i never heard back from them, i'll call after the holidays.Thanks for all off your help
12/25/2015 - Jerry W. - MS
It was a pleasant experience. I especially enjoyed having the shops contact me with a possible part rather than calling everyone.
12/23/2015 - joe b. - Ks
I have ordered 2 engines and 1 transmission from you. I have installed them and they are running perfect. I appreciate your help and shipping them as quickly as you did.
Thanks again
Joe Brown
Hays Ks
12/23/2015 - Mary M. - NJ
We only had problems with one engine and it was handled so we are happy so far. We buy many engine and transmissions for you!
12/22/2015 - Gary H. - Ky
Process was easy. Paperwork needs to be able to do all online and sign off on. Engine seems to be ok so far.
12/21/2015 - Michelle J. - GA
My experience was awesome. I looked on several websites & called several junkyard and was given outrageous prices for high mileage transmission with high shipping rates. AM was the only one to have very reasonable prices including shipping & a WARRANTY! Wow!!! I ordered the transmission & was contacted to verify shipping address & I was called when it was shipped & when it reached the destination point. Very professional and I highly recommend this fine parts establishment.
12/20/2015 - Russ M. - GA
Shipping was very fast. I am having issues with the engine that I hope we can work out. Service has been good.
12/19/2015 - Gruven M. - Tx
Good experience. The engine runs good and have had no problems with it so far. However i sent my warranty in the email and it has been rejected multiple times. I just recieved notice that my warranty didnt go in a few days ago. I would like to still have warranty since the message says its due to a electonic receiving problem. Other then that i had a good experience and would go back to do business in the future.
12/19/2015 - RYAN C. - MA
Great people to deal with. Fast shipping. Good experience all around. Will be using them again.
12/15/2015 - guillermo j. - new jork
great customer service everything done orderly and in a timed matter thank you for your service
12/15/2015 - Howard T. - NJ
When the engine on my car went down and I had to find a replacement, I was warned to be careful of unscrupulous vendors who would make crazy offers, but actually sell me garbage. I was pleasantly surprised (so was my mechanic) by the engine I received from AM. My car runs fine now and I would gladly reach out to you again if a need arose. You were helpful and considerate and true to your word. That, more than anything, made it a positive experience. Thank you AM!
12/14/2015 - Todd T. - TN
Great service. Customer service is exceptional and shipping was efficient and the engine was very well packaged. I would recommend you to anyone needing used auto parts.
12/13/2015 - robbie a. - texas
I had a really good experience the engine works perfectly.I have recommended you to all my friends
12/13/2015 - paul h. - florida
you guys did a great job my transmission is working fine keep up the good work
12/12/2015 - Timothy M. - AZ
the purchase process was problem free. the engine arrived and we were able to install it. even though it was obvious that it had been sitting for a long time, after some cleaning of the intakes, we were able to start it and it performs well. i did not receive any paper work for the purchase but I will pursue that with the selling agent.
12/9/2015 - Micah Z. - WA
I'm Micah Zimmermann from camas wa. And I ordered a motor from am parts and was very very pleased with the shipping and packaging along with there staff. If I need anything else I will call them first. Thank you guys very much. P.S the motor is amazing.
12/7/2015 - Christy B. - TN
Engine was exactly as described, and we received it quicker than expected. Thanks to the staff at AMuap.

12/4/2015 - nora a. - nc
Great service and engine runs perfect. Thanks AM Auto Parts.
12/1/2015 - Donald D. - LA
Highly recommended.thanks
12/1/2015 - Joseph D. - MA
The price was great and the assistance on the phone was excellent. Over the phone, all my questions were answered. The engine arrived in a timely manner. The engine runs excellent.
12/1/2015 - Sara t. - Nm
I was pleased with the shipping and tracking and so far the motor seems to be good.
11/30/2015 - ken T. - nc
Well..My Mother needed a motor for her car so I started looking on line for one. I looked at a lot of customers offers and they just didn't match up too AM auto parts.So I called and talked to Joseph miller,a very nice guy,well aware of what he is doing as well as sales.So I bought the motor and it is working fine.Thanks to AM auto parts and Joseph miller.God bless and have a merry Christmas
11/30/2015 - Mark n. - OR
It was great, transmission works fine. Had it installed before I read the warranty stuff so that did not work out how I hoped. It took about a week longer to get it out of your yard than I expected too. Other than that price was right though there should be better disclosure on warranty conditions.
11/30/2015 - Edward G. - TX
The buying part of this transaction and the shipping were great, not to mention the reasonable price. Thank you.

I'm having issue with the stabiltrak and traction control, if you have any recommendations would be glad to hear them.
11/29/2015 - therese h. -
11/27/2015 - Deron S. - nj
I brought a transmission for a chevy trailblazer. The transmission arrived as expected. So far its been installed for 2 weeks with no problems.
11/23/2015 - Patrick S. - Va
I purchased an engine with reportedly 57K miles.

1)Customer service was easily reached and answered my questions.
2) Best price on the engine with delivery (for additional nominal charge) to my home.
3) Portion of engine that had a "warranty" was in good shape
4) Engine matched my vehicle.
5) Engine was delivered in the time frame given.
6) Engine functioned well once installed - approximately 3k miles placed on it with no problems.
1) "Warranty" was only available if the work on the engine was done by a "certified mechanic" (I am not a certified mechanic).
2) Oil cooler was bent in transport due to the way the engine was placed on the pallet.
3) There was a hole in the oil pan.
4)Neither of these items are part of the long block and were not guaranteed. I used the parts off of the original engine.

Overall, good experience.


11/23/2015 - Deborah M. - WV
Was very happy with the price of motor and the speed in which it was delivered. Will do business with you again and will recommend to friends and family'
11/23/2015 - Loy D. - va
I purchased a 3.7 Jeep liberty engine. The sale to the delivery was top notch. The only problem I had was with registering the warranty. I followed the instructions on the site and kept getting an error. The enine has been running great. I would purchase from here again. Thank you
11/23/2015 - Scott j. - Ne
Engine was a good deal in regarding the price with shipping. Inside of the engine was a little messy for only having 72000 miles on the engine. Truck is up and running and I will have no hesitation on telling others about your business. Thank you!!!

Scott Johnson
11/22/2015 - Brian F. - Fl
thank you for the best shoping experience and best price around and spipping was the best and plus great warranty and low mileage if I need you again you will be the first to call and I all readyreferd you to friends so thank you again signed brian fleming
11/21/2015 - Raymond S. - iA
The shopping experience was great Dealing with this company was wonderful they helped me out deciding which engine I needed to purchase and all went well except there with little delay in shipping the flywheel for that engine. Realy no complaints other than that. The Engine is performing great. It was every bit as good as I was told it was.
11/19/2015 - Dave D. - AL
Service was excellent on the phone and all follow ups have been great. The gentleman I deal with most is Brian. Has always been very helpful
11/19/2015 - Edward K. - MD
Part was a very good used part. I would buy from u again because of the quality of the part.
11/18/2015 - Bernard R. - CA
Very good people with top self service for me anyway. My transmission is working great and thank you for ur good service!
11/18/2015 - Kevin D. - MN
Engine arrived as promised and on time. Thank you!
11/17/2015 - Dale C. - KY
The 6.4 diesel engine was exactly as stated it would be, staff was very friendly and helpful. Thank you
11/16/2015 - Paulette P. - GA
I am very pleased to tell everyone that my experience with AM Auto Parts was excellent. They did what the told me they would do and the delivery time was great. Engine is in and operating super. I will keep the folder of information for them handy for future needs. I also tell others about AM Auto Parts when they ask me how I found the engine for my 93 Toyota, AM Auto Parts should get a 5+++ rating. I give them a 10+.
11/14/2015 - donald w. - la
At first i was skeptical because they were 300.00 cheaper than my local used parts store. Motor was delivered in a timely fashion. Actually sooner than promised. No worries since!
11/14/2015 - Dennis H. - GA
first engine was not what was said to be. talk to sales rep and he started looking for the correct engine. took 5 weeks to get another engine. witch was costing me 20.00 a day to leave van on mechanic's lot. The first engine was said to have 68,000 miles and i was never told how many miles was on second engine even though i payed good money for a engine with 68,000 miles??????

Communication was really good the whole time. however i don't think it should have taking 5 weeks to get the correct engine.

I will call on AM again if i need another engine and i will refer to friends.
11/14/2015 - Weldon C. - nc
I was please with the engine. I was very uncertain at first due to many bad reviews, but overall my experience was good.
11/13/2015 - S&A service S. - OH
I have been purchasing engines and transmissions for years now from am auto parts.I haven't had any problems at all with there service.and there parts they are very good with there warranties! out of all the salavage yards I have use in the past, I give aim a perfect score thanks for your great service. And I"ll keep coming back
11/13/2015 - Tomislav J. - MN
They are the best ever shoping and shipping.
11/10/2015 - Lawrence K. - MA
Everything went as planned and promised. My only disappoint was the engine was not installed within the three weeks to register the warranty. After installation the motor ran fine (so far ) Overall it was a good experience considering the distance and potential complications. I would rate AM auto parts an A
Larry Kenney
11/8/2015 - Jay M. - va
My previous purchase of an used engine was successful with AM Auto Parts. They answered all my questions before and after purchase to make my experience great thru phone calls or via email. When I received the part it came exactly how it was describe before purchase. Once it was installed it performed well. Great company I will recommend this to a friend.
11/8/2015 - Cody G. - a
Good service helpful sales people my motor got here 2 days before they said it would so that was great if I had to buy another motor or transmission I will only call am auto parts
11/8/2015 - Jusin S. - oh
I purchased an engine from you. My experience was good. I spoke with a sales rep named andy. He was respectful and straight forward. I have had other offers from other companies and they gave you a bad rap and you do have a bad rap on bbb which you are working on. I received my engine and she is still running strong. Thank you justin smith
11/4/2015 - Latonya H. - Fl
Was very satisfied with the engine it was all secure properly when I receive it.
11/3/2015 - Leighton C. - TN
11/3/2015 - Jacob b. - fl
Engine we bought is running great. I would buy from these guys again.
11/2/2015 - Anonymous
11/2/2015 - Scott J. - Ca

My experience with AM was great. The used transmission I bought was just as described and now running around town in my 1995 Toyota. Shipping took a while but I'm on the west coast so was worth the wait!

Thank you,

Scott - CA
11/2/2015 - Joe Edward M. - AR
11/1/2015 - Salvador v. - NY
Our business had an excellent experience with your company price quality and service succeeded our expectations !!!

Sam Vigliotti
Sams Auto Body and Service Center
11/1/2015 - Gabriel V. - VA
The best smoothest experience ever.The service manager Was very helpful and help me through out my whole purchasing of my engine.
10/30/2015 - James O. - TN
Brian was very knowledgable about the engine I needed. AM Auto Parts shipped the engine to me exactly like they stated.
Thanks for the great service.
Jim Overton
10/30/2015 - Stephen C. - NY
Engine runs great ran into couple issues but overall they helped me through and ann satisfied with the engine
10/30/2015 - Wayne S. - tx
Transmission - Everything OK at present.
10/28/2015 - Michael C. - TX
Bryan serve me well through out the ordering & processing my order I look forward to dealing with A M auto part in the future
10/28/2015 - Anonymous
Purchased a used transmission for a great price. All sales people were super to deal with (honest/professional/courteous). Received it in good time and it was installed – working great. I would definitely order from this company again and recommend them to anyone looking for an automotive part.
10/27/2015 - Beverly V. - OH
Service was great! Engine runs well so far. Thank You AM Used Auto Parts.
10/27/2015 - Adese H. - ?
The purchase experience was very professional from the call to the order delivery. I made several calls to check up on the the product delivery and it came in time as requested. Engine is running great. Thanks.
10/27/2015 - Bruce S. - NM
was just like l was told engine running Just fine the help getting the warranty made it so easy you have my business:
10/27/2015 - John W. - mt
the salesman I dealt with was very helpful and courteous. He helped me with all the questions I had asked . I will purchase another product from you as the need arises
10/24/2015 - Nathan S. - al
I'm real pleased with my motor an it came very fast thanks
10/20/2015 - Angel T. - MO
great customer service. Would recommend this company to a friend.
10/20/2015 - Paul S. - ID
this is the second motor that I have purchased from Bryan at AM auto parts both of them run fantastic shipping was prompt brian has been real good to work with
10/19/2015 - Suzanne W. - NJ
Thanks for getting me a used transmission for a good price. Everything is running smooth now. Transmission arrived a day early and my local shop installed it right away.
10/19/2015 - Joe A. - CA
Great experience. Found a low mileage engine with 2 year warranty. Great price. Shipped promptly and without hassle.
Southern California
10/19/2015 - Steven P. - IL
The engine runs great !!! Next time I need a used engine or part I will call you first. Thank you, S pearson
10/19/2015 - Soraya O. - Nc
Everything turned out well with the motor as of now. Thank you for your great customer service!
10/18/2015 - Henry . - Texas
Real good service and delivery got me back on my feet thanks.
10/18/2015 - Oneida R. - NY
I found that the sales rep who helped me was very courteous and very knowledgeable about what I need needed for my auto, I would use your company again and will recommend you to my friends and family.
10/13/2015 - Marcia C. - ma
My experience with AM was very professional, service was excellent. Brian and Andy were superb sales persons and they went above and beyond their duty. My truck is running perfectly and I am a true satisfied customer. I will always recommend AM to my friends and family for parts.
10/13/2015 - jason g. - MO
The motor is great, thank you, a great bargain on miles for the money and free shipping always helps.
Thank You
10/12/2015 - Christopher W. - MS
My shopping experience with AM Auto Parts was great!!! The customer service was awesome and they made sure that I was always contacted about any new updates on the shipping of my parts. I am so glad that I chose to order from AM. I'm am sure I will use their site again!!
10/8/2015 - Thi D. - GA
So far so good. The engine is running so smooth with reasonable prize. I love the engine.
10/7/2015 - Kelly k. - Oh
I was very satisfied with my purchases from your company. I have purchased 2 motors and a transmission from you we had a problem with the transmission. In which your company sent us out a new one very quickly and with no hesitation. Your sales representatives are very friendly and easy to deal with as well. Especially Joseph !!!! Thanks again for the friendly fast service. A+ in my book.
10/7/2015 - Anonymous
I want to put in a great word for Mr. Bryan. I ordered an engine last September 10, 2015 and wanted to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer. Mr. Bryan took good care of my concerns and requests and even went the extra mile by first paying for my special delivery since I have it delivered in my mechanics home; and second, by blessing me with a 3 year warranty after I emailed the receipts to him. He made sure that I receive best deal for my engine and I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and family. Mr. Bryan is a great assest to your company and a great blessing to many people; especially your customers. I pray that he brings many many more blessings to your company in years to come. So I take this opportunity to say “thank you” for doing business with you and your company…….and GOD bless!!!
10/6/2015 - Paul S. - Florida
After some confusion with my mechanic over the condition of the engine, it is now installed and is running well. Bryan was as helpful as possible dealing with the concerns of my mechanic and myself. Engine did have quite a bit of sludge build up in it which is why my mechanic was hesitant to install. I did have all recommended parts replaced ie: water pump, thermostat, timing chain etc for the warranty activation. Been less than 500 miles since install but all well at this time.
10/5/2015 - Anonymous
Sir I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for assisting me and my wife in our time of need. Your staff were very professional, knowledgeable and efficient. They answered all our questions ,offered suggestions and were prompt in the response. Keep up the good work.
10/4/2015 - David B. - Alabama
The absolute best way to purchase parts. I will definitely be a return customer. The employees I had the opportunity to work with are true professionals and were eager to assist me in finding the exact fit for the transmission I needed. Thanks to you all!!
10/3/2015 - David C. - ga
Great purchase! The Engine fire up on the first try. Would purchase from this company again. Shipping was timely and cheap.
10/3/2015 - Anonymous
Your service has been excellent. Quick response reasonable price and good warranty on the parts. Very fair and understanding. I think you have done a great job helping reaching my goal to have my engine and my car back.
10/2/2015 - Charlie W. - Ky
The process was flawless. The engine was shipped to my mechanic with no problems. The only hiccup was on my end. I didn't see the confirmation button on the bottom of the page and this made the shipping process to be held up for a week. I just wish that I was made aware of this, but mainly my fault. I would gladly to business with this company in the future. I would and have recommended they to others. Thank you again Charlie Walker.
10/2/2015 - teresita S. - NV
Hi I had an amazing experience starting with the phone order amazing customer service answered every question I had. The delivery was reliable fast As well as the product. Thank you keep up the good work.
9/30/2015 - Anonymous
Your Staff and service was efficient and very helpful thru out this whole ordeal. Thx
Satisfaction 100%
9/30/2015 - Anonymous
Thank you for all your help. Your representative Brian gave great customer service
9/29/2015 - Zenobia R. - GA
I expeerience good customer service Thanks
9/29/2015 - Anonymous
I am very pleased with AM Motors and Mike Smith, the salesman who
assisted me with ordering a used engine. It arrived within 2 days from
purchase date. Engine installed and runs great. My experience with
AM Motors is a 5+ star rating. They earned it.
9/29/2015 - Anonymous
The best experience ever, I was able to receive my engine in a timely matter. Bryan the Service Manager was an awesome person to work with the purchasing of the engine. I will strongly recommend AM auto to all my friends and family. Install the engine in my 99 Chevy Astro and she's purring like a kitten. Thank You Bryon and God BLESS.
9/28/2015 - Bonds J. - GA
I was able to find the transmission I was looking for and at what I considered the best Price. The delivery was quick and easy and the part arrived as scheduled. I would recommend this operation to Everyone! GREAT JOB and MANY Thanks to you AMAutoparts! JOB WELL DONE!!!
9/28/2015 - Anonymous
Purchased 2 engines from you guys and they both running excellent. Had to swap out a couple things no big deal. Thank you and I will call you again when I need another engine.
9/28/2015 - Anonymous
Engine is running great. Thank You Mike and AM used auto.
9/27/2015 - Charlotte B. - Ma
engine and trans arrived on time and undamaged. Engine started on first try and both engine and trans are operating perfectly. Evidence of motor oil staying clean indicates to me the motor has low miles on it as stated by the seller.
This in my opinion is a trustworthy company and I would surely use them again.

Johnny Mag
9/26/2015 - Lashann C. - FL
I had Bryan Johnson to help me. He find what I needed and I have gave the number to 3 other people. I love the customer service. I will be back again.
9/23/2015 - Anonymous
Purchased a 2005 BMW X5 Engine from AMUAP. Engine shipped fast and came in great condition. Engine is running awesome. Thank you AMUAP I will keep you guys in mind for my next auto part and I will also let others know about you guys.
9/22/2015 - Mike W. - Mo
It was great
9/21/2015 - Wayne U. - Ca
The motor actually had a lot of extra parts on it
that I was able to use. The only problem was when I fired it up it had a broken lifter. & I replaced it and the truck runs great. Thank you very much! I'm amazed at how cheap and how fast you guys got the motor to me!Thank you
9/21/2015 - Dannie S. - TX
Sales people were friendly and helpful, the motor was as they promised.

Have recommended them to friends, also if need arises will use them again.

9/21/2015 - Nicholas C. - NY
My experience with AM UAP was very positive. The price was very competitive and the engine I received was as advertised and my mechanic said it was in excellent condition. The service and follow through was great.


Nick Casseri
Tonawanda, New York
9/21/2015 - Linda S. - Nc
So far my shopping experience has been alright, and the response is quick when calling about any issue's. Thank you for your support.
9/20/2015 - Shirley R. - IN
my experiance with amuap was very pleasent i got it in a timely manor and it was as described
9/19/2015 - Chris M. - wi
AMUAP provided a great low mileage engine at and exceptional price. It was shipped directly to my installer who inspected it and confirmed it was a good engine. Since installation it has performed very well.
9/18/2015 - Tarik O. - MD
We purchased an engine for our 2007 Ford150. We were helped rather quickly and that the new engine in our shop in less than a week of ordering the item. Courteous sales people and great delievery speed. We will not hesitate to return for any of our vehicles needs. AM Used Auto parts, I highly recommend them!
9/17/2015 - Raymond B. - Sc
I am well pleased with your product. I have referred you to others.
9/15/2015 - Bruce N. - MI
I am happy with the engine's performance so far. I was not happy with the way the engine was removed. The staff was friendly and helpful on the phone and the engine shipped as said and on time.
9/14/2015 - RODNEY S. - MARYLAND
I Had GOOD EXPERIRNCE With This Company And this group. I will deal with the company again
9/13/2015 - joe l. - ND
price was very good only problem had a major oil leak but no problem engine runs awesome
Do you have a engine for 89 chevy 1 ton 454ci
9/12/2015 - Chris W. - KS
I bought a engine from you. The mileage on the motor was excellent. The price on the motor was wonderful. I had the motor shipped to a shipping terminal and I went to the terminal and picked it up. The shipping was fast when I got to the terminal to pick up the motor it was attached to the pallet tight it was completely wrapped in plastic. The motor was clean in appearance. Overall I am completely satisfied with my motor purchase from you I would contact you first if I need another engine or transmission for my other vehicles. On a scale of 1 to 10 1 being poor and 10 being the best I would give you a 10.
9/12/2015 - Kenneth G. - VA
It started out good with your customer support salesman, but a hiccup caused a little distress but working with the salesman, they explained the damage to the original transmission I purchased and then sold me a better one with less mileage for a little more cost but also I received a good warranty to boot. Good experience. I would buy again and also recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks AM
9/11/2015 - gamriel M. - nm
I was very pleased with the price and the service.and the shipping of my item..I will definitely order from you guys in the future!
9/9/2015 - Alfred W. - GA
My shopping experience was great I received excellent service and spoke with a knowledgeable sales rep that was very helpful and courteous n my engine arrived in a timely manner and I was provided with well documented warranty information. I difientley will shop with, AMUAP again in the future for my auto parts needs. Thank You again for your great service, Al White
9/8/2015 - Kenneth K. - KY
The motor I got is a good one,I have drove it about 5000 miles with no trouble.I drive about 600 mile every week and I trust it to go from Ky, to Ohio every week which is about 250 miles one way.It will use some oil nothing that I can't live with.Thank you all very much.If I need any thing else I will buy from you all.
9/7/2015 - Larry B. - ks
Good communication, motor is running fine. Great price, excellent service. I would buy from AM AUTO PARTS again. I am satisfied with this purchase.
9/7/2015 - justin . - al
So far so good great experience
9/7/2015 - William s. - tx
I was pleased with the price out the door with delivery. Super easy.
But, I'd like to receive a written warranty in the mail. I was promised a 3 year warranty for the engine from Joseph Miller but have not received any written warranty in the mail as of yet.
Please address.
Thank you!
9/6/2015 - Jamil a. - paypal
My shopping experience was great.
9/5/2015 - Joe R. - NV
The engine was ok and so was the service.
9/4/2015 - thomas l. - ok
It was a great experience. I will buy again if I have any automobile issues.
9/4/2015 - Anonymous
Thank you very much for the excellent service you and the other staff have shown me from day one up to our phone conversation yesterday. Honda Odyssey 2006 engine I purchased from your company runs like new.
9/4/2015 - Raymon N. - CA
Overall very please with the used transmission, however the transmission was dirty; typically many used parts suppliers clean the outer part before is delivered.
8/31/2015 - MICHAEL O. - ARIZONA
I was pleased with the purchase & shipping. What I didn't like is that I had too have the motor in within a few days in order to get the warranty, I'm doing the exchange myself & having the trans rebuilt & other front end work done. I still don't have the motor in, So I take that my warranty won't be any good. It may be another month or 2 before its all back together. Other than that I'm pleased.
8/31/2015 - James M. - S.C,
The engine I bought is running great,I could not be more happier
8/28/2015 - James M. - CO
Everything went smoothly and I appreciated all the assistance. The only issue I had is with registering the warranty I sent the information but never got a confirmation.
8/25/2015 - Jeff w. - OK
I purchased an engine for my 1999 Toyota Camry. It was recently installed and seems to be working very well. All individuals from AM Auto Parts providing service were courtious and very helpful. I can say that my shopping experience was easier and better than expected. Thank you!
8/24/2015 - Carl R. - Ok
engine runs strong. no problems delivery was slow[not your fault]
8/24/2015 - Jason C. - tn
Very good! I shopped the engine locally, and with several other online vendors. The engine was 61k with a 1 year warranty for 945.00, This was by far the best deal I found anywhere! AM even paid the shipping! Once The engine was installed it started right up, and didn't even need any last minute adjustments.
8/23/2015 - Edward M. - or
i was very pleased with your service and your speediness. i was happy to get my parts in such good condition and best of all i was very happy about the price.with your good service an pricing i am and will be a future customer. thanks
8/21/2015 - Lativia B. - NC
I had a wonderful shopping experience. I was able to shop around and not be hassled into purchasing an engine from you. Bryan Johnson was EXTREMELY helpful and answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend AM Auto parts to others.
8/20/2015 - Anonymous
Thank you very much for the excellent service you and the other staff have shown me from day one up to our phone conversation yesterday re the warranty activation of my Honda Odyssey 2006 engine I purchased from your company. The engine runs like new and I am very happy with it.
8/18/2015 - Dustin W. - Tx
Engine seems to be in good shape and not abused. I haven't had it put into my truck yet, but I'm satisfied with it. Thanks
8/18/2015 - Regulo M. - IL
Iam very happy wiht the motor. It is working beatiful. Only, the oil pan Washington damage I think that must been damage durin the trip. Other than that everythin is fine. Thankyou.
8/16/2015 - nelsy m. - ny
They are great people to buy from. My engine was sent and delivered very fast. The engine works flawlessly. I recommended them to all my friends.
8/14/2015 - Rosemary d. - Il
My experience with AMAutoparts, it was a great experience, very friendly and prompt. My vehicle is up and running great!

Thank you,
Rosemary Doss
8/12/2015 - rick c. - vt
Trans. Arrived With Nothing Broke (Sensors, Etc.) Trans. Was Clean. Installed And Worked Great. No Complaints.
8/10/2015 - Juan A. - TX
After Purchasing the engine from AM Used Auto parts it arrived at my address was unloaded by the carrier and we took it to the shop and installed it in the vehicle and to my surprise it started the frist time with not problems at all the engine ran so smooth and quite that the customer was very satisfied with it Thanks AM will by more engines from you when the need arises
8/9/2015 - Michael L. - MS
It was great and painless engine working out fine thank yall
8/6/2015 - Brad W. - Pa
You people where very helpful. I was very pleased. every your staff told me the way I was told
8/5/2015 - James M. - NV
It was a great experience with Jeremiah and the Team at AM!
Engine shipped and in van now purring like a kitten! Thanks Gents!!!!!!
8/4/2015 - Carl W. - wa
The shopping was easy but I never got a shipping manifest from the trucking company so I can't get the warranty on the engine. Other than that it was a very good experience
8/4/2015 - Lonnie B. - AR
So far so good everything is fine.
8/4/2015 - Lavern M. - PA
im happy i bought my engine at am auto part.i have no problem and the coustomer service was wonderful
8/4/2015 - Richard B. - Va
It was a good one, as the sales person was able to answer all my questions regarding the exact part that I need it for my car. He told me how long the delivery will approximately will take and it took 2 extra days. If I need parts again, I will call again as my experience was a good one.
8/4/2015 - Dawn M. - IL
I purchased a used 2004 Jeep Liberty engine and had it installed a couple of months ago. My Jeep Liberty is running great. The mechanic mentioned that the engine started right up and ran great on the first turn of the key.
8/4/2015 - Wade M. - MD
hello,this was a good experience shopping for parts.I was a little unsure at first but they did everything they said they would do,and my parts were correct,i will shop here again,keep up the good service guys.
8/3/2015 - james p. - Ny
I am very pleased with the Engine and Transmission, Car is running very good. Will recommend AM to all friends and Family. Thank you for all your Help...
8/3/2015 - Michael M. - IN
I was looking for an engine for my 1998 Toyota Camry for some time with no good results. I wanted a low mileage engine at a fair price. then I found AM Auto parts an you had exactly what I was looking for and free shipping which was a plus since engines cost enough without paying a large amount to get it delivered. I have recommended AM Auto Parts to my friends as well.
8/3/2015 - Annette N. - Nm
I bought both my engine and my transmission your company and I would definitely utilize your services again. Hopefully I Don't have to and I hope she (being my car) keeps on running. Thank you guys for being so nice and so helpful.
Daisy Patrick
8/3/2015 - Jason L. - SC
Engine was exactly as described
8/3/2015 - Mark M. - AZ
Everything went really well engine ran perfectly hopefully I did the warranty correctly? Everything went exactly the way they advertised thank you very much.
8/2/2015 - Jon S. - TX
Very pleased with the engine. It arrived on-time and in good shape.
8/2/2015 - John S. - NY
This is the second motor I did not got the second motor is to arly. But the motor that I got tuning good. I have very good experience. I will get any motor from your company Joseph is the best( salesman)
8/1/2015 - Roger w. - ga
thanks for all your help. the engine is in the car and will be picked up today. the mechanic said it was a very good engine and was every thing you said it would be. thanks much. roger1654
8/1/2015 - Scott M. - AZ
I had a great experience, you found my the engine that I needed fast, with very low miles and it shipped to me fast, If I am ever in need of another engine I will be contacting AM auto parts. Thank you.
8/1/2015 - Mark J. - NC's the only way to describe my transactions AM Auto Parts. I was very satisfied with my salesperson and with the engine I purchased. If the need arises in the future you will be the first company I call.
Mark Josey
8/1/2015 - Donald A. - FL
Easy to order answered all my question and delivered on time.
8/1/2015 - Tommy M. - GA - Georgia
I am very pleased with the motor i purchased and the shipping was fast
8/1/2015 - Kevin O. - Ca
I was very satisfied with the whole experience. The service is great, I purchased a low mileage transmission at a low price. Shipping was fast. I would definitely do business again with them.
7/31/2015 - Jose P. - TX
Great engine no worries. Will buy again from here.
7/31/2015 - Robbie D. - Ga
Fair experience....

I had an issue with the ordering process which delayed the engine several day (would have been a longer delay had I not reached out). Engine installer had to do a lot of work on the engine to get it running but seems to be running well now.
7/31/2015 - Irene R. - NM
It was a great experience and the engine has been all that I expected!
7/31/2015 - Carlos H. - CA
I had a great experience with your company..your delivery program was perfect
And your staff answered all my worries and concerns..thank u...
7/31/2015 - James R. - Va.
Very helpful on finding the right fit for my car, very helpful on all the questions i had by phone call or email. I will definitely order from AM Auto Parts again if needed.
7/31/2015 - Cordoro D. - Ga
My first experience with AM auto parts was great. My engine was delivered in a timely manor and the part was correct.
I have ordered a transmission and am waiting for it to arrive.
I will also be ordering a engine in the next day or so.
7/31/2015 - alberto m. - VA
This is the second time I bought a complete engine from your company and I am totally satisfied with your service.Good products,fast delivery and great customers service.Thank you.
7/31/2015 - Huntley H. - NM
Good price and fast shipping. Engine had prior repairs including oil pans replaced, which was not disclosed prior to purchase. Also warranty was not available for replacement performed by myself, only by a licensed repair facility. That was not explained to me either. Engine arrived with several broken connectors, but used mine from old engine. I would buy from AM again, but I will have to remember to ask more questions before buying. I would rate experience a B+.
7/31/2015 - james b. - az
I thought your service was excellent. I searched on line for a used motor. I believe the same day I received a call from your store. The motor was available, at a reasonable cost, including shipping and a warranty. I provided a Credit Card, and the motor was shipped. A local shop installed the motor, and it has been running great since. I would recommend your business to anyone in need of used parts. Thank you. Jim
7/31/2015 - Christopher B. - FL
received 2 different engines shipped on time and worked great thank you
7/31/2015 - Aaron b. - IN
Very good experience overall. Great communications with fast response to my inquiry, easy Payment, fast shipping, and a great part. What's not to like? I am very satisfied with the experience.
7/31/2015 - JAy S W. - OH
It was very good and professional I'm happy with it thanks
7/31/2015 - Chase A. - MN
7/31/2015 - George H. - Ga
Very pleased with product and customer service. Item was shipped just as described. All in all very happy thanks am autoparts
7/30/2015 - Jose C. - CA
Hi people, just to confirm the great service and great quality parts this company offers to the costumer. My experience was great thank you so much.!!
7/30/2015 - Martin A. - la
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Smitty S. - LA
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Rustom S. - Texas
The engine on my Toyota Rav4 died and I purchased a rebuilt engine and so far it is performing good. it's been almost 3 months and seems like nothing ever went wrong with the car, we are very happy with the purchase of the engine and the efficiency in delivering it to the repair shop, they got the engine on Tuesday and I had my car on the road by Thursday.
7/30/2015 - Justin A. - California
The motor I got from you was a good motor and is running good in my car still. The company you used to ship it was not very good though. They changed the delivery date 3 times witch put my repair off with my mechanic. They also did not secure the load and the motor rolled all over the back of the truck so I had to replace broken parts on the motor before I could even use it. So overall, your product was good, the carrier you used bad!
7/30/2015 - Gary M. - nc
Awesome, motor is running and service was great
7/30/2015 - Steven A. - TN
The engine I ordered came in a timely manner. I chose to pick up engine from a location to save money. I installed engine and I have had no issues with your engine. Thank you Steve Amoroso
7/30/2015 - Oscar D. - Nebraska
I am very pleased with the engine i purchased from this company. It works perfect. Very nice customer service. I wld definetely recommend this company to friends. Thank you. Oscar de la Rosa.
7/30/2015 - Tammi T. - MN
Had some issues with transporting but over all a good experience.
7/30/2015 - Madison L. - NC
could not have had a better shopping experience from AM used parts really impressed when i filled out form on line and in few minutes they returned call with part on hand, purchased and received within a week now I'm back up and running thanks AM and also thanks to recomendation from friend who also had purchased motor and the web site.

Madison Lytch
7/30/2015 - Richard D. - SC
Got the engine in a very timely manner. Alsono issues what so ever with the motor. thank you.
7/30/2015 - Michael S. - LA
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Arthur P. - TX
I was really satisfied with the customer service. All of my questions were answered to my understanding. The product was/is in the same condition as the sales person explain. I will be doing business with AM Used Auto Parts again. Thanks Arthur
7/30/2015 - Terence J. - Ca
Smooth transaction. Transmission working perfectly.
7/30/2015 - Ronald W. - CA
Well I purchased a engine from you and I was very pleased with customer service helping me with my purchase. I would truly use your service again and recommend your company to my family and friends.
7/30/2015 - Smitty a. - la
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Teresa T. - KY
Very helpful and as promised value. So far so good!
7/30/2015 - Floyd M. - ms
Shipping was a little slow however parts was 95 % good
7/30/2015 - Scott R. - TX
you guys did awesome job getting us the engine in a timely matter even though it was the right engine the oil pan was wrong but that was okay we just used the one of the original motor we have used AMuap twice and have had good luck with the product's that we purchased Thanks again for you help.
7/30/2015 - Joyce P. - AL
Shopping online with you was a great experience. I was reluctant at first from purchasing such a product online, however, your customer service and warranty was remarkable. As of today, I have not had any problems with the product. The turn around time from ordering to shipping was excellent. I would definitely recommend your company.
7/30/2015 - Colby M. - TX
Straight forward great customer service
7/30/2015 - Gerald G. - MD
Engine was shipped on time.
It worked welll when installed.
Unfortunately, I never heard from you about activation of my warranty.
7/30/2015 - Joseph M. - Sc
The customer service was excellent. The warranty on the engine is alittle confusing, has a lot of steps have to take place so the warranty does not become null and void. I will do business again based on the service I received.
7/30/2015 - Kevin E. - WA
My experience with AM Used Auto Parts was excellent. The transmission we needed was only found on two models of Toyota for a few years, and you had one. The salesman, Bryan, took the time to confirm mileage and stock numbers which put me at ease that I was getting the correct part. Initially, the idea of buying a rather expensive used part from a "junk yard" found on the Internet, literally on the other side of the country made me a little nervous. Bryan's professionalism in phone calls, emails and the invoicing process made me comfortable. My son and I received the part we were promised, when it was promised. We had a good time together installing it and now he has a solid car that he got for a fantastic price. Should he or my friends require any other parts we will definitely call you first.
7/30/2015 - Esteban M. - TX
well I liked the service and the product.
7/30/2015 - Curtis W. - VA
Thank you for providing excellent service. Every step along the way was a positive experience. From purchasing, to shipping, and warranty every call I made was answered promptly and my questions were answered directly.
Thank you!!!
7/30/2015 - PP P. - PP
I happy one the best company good engine end Transmisiones thanks. AM auto/parts
7/30/2015 - colton h. - wy
Transaction went smoothly and engine runs good.
7/30/2015 - Jennifer T. - CA
We had a good experience dealing with AM used auto parts, everything was delivered as promised. Good quality parts best customer service and knowledge.
7/30/2015 - Gustavo i. - ut
I am a Mechanic , i buy this s engine foto my client, the engine Run awsome , no problemas ay all.
7/30/2015 - Michael P. - Pa
My shopping experience was very pleasant, other than the freight carrier damaged my engine and I had to take more off of the old engine than I wanted. I would not hesitate to buy another engine off of your facility again.
7/30/2015 - Jessica G. - MS
After searching and searching... You all helped me out so much.. When all I had to do was request a quote & you all found one in a matter of time.. Nice price and fast shipping.. I thank you all for your services and help..
7/30/2015 - Alan D. - OR
The engine is running fine. I have put about 2000 miles on it since it was installed. It did have a tiny bit of rust which causes some concern but all in all it's worked out good.

Thank you!
7/30/2015 - MArio B. - TN
I was real pleased with you all devices. Jeremiah is very helpful and polite. I enjoy doing business with you
7/30/2015 - erik l. - mi
The experience was great. The motor was as discribed and runs great.
7/30/2015 - jeremy a. - in
we ordered an engine and it was as promised. Still running and no problems since our mechanic has installed it.
7/30/2015 - David V. - Ms
I had a great experience with your company. The engine I received was of good quality and is running great. Would and have recommended this company to my friends
7/30/2015 - David H. - MD
I haven't installed the eine yet but the service was great
7/30/2015 - James P. - oh
I purchased a motor for my truck everything was shipped perfect. The motor was super clean and fired right up when installed. This company takes the guesswork out of rebuilding old vehicles great products highly recommend them for your transplant needs!
7/30/2015 - tammy S. - Wy
My experience was about an 8 out of 10, the warranty on the engines should be emphasized at the time of ordering. Other than that pretty good experience.
7/30/2015 - Angie H. - OK
I LOVED shopping with AM Used Auto Parts! they were very friendly and they answered any questions I had.
I will definitely use them again in the future!
Thank You
7/30/2015 - Damian J. - SC
My shopping experience was very easy and Bryan was very helpful throughout the process.
7/30/2015 - Michael S. - LA
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Smitty S. - LA
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Michael S. - LA
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Walter J. - NJ
Was good and pleasent. Always responded quickly to my emails on question
7/30/2015 - Derek H. - FL
Good engine. Fast shipping
7/30/2015 - philip d. - new york
Great experience, part was as advertised, delivered when stated. Working great.
7/30/2015 - Josh A. - OH
Brian was easy to work with. Quick to respond to emails. You guys had the lowest cost as well as the best warranty. So far, engine runs strong. No complaints. Thanks.
7/30/2015 - Larry J. - AE
I located your business while stationed overseas in Kuwait. My 528i BMW needed an engine and I was able to pay, coordinate and have my engine delivered 2 hours away. When I returned back to Florida, all I had to do is have my car delivered to the shop the where I had the engine delivered. My engine was installed before I returned with no issues. Thank for your great business and support.
7/30/2015 - Victor D. - OH
I have bought several motors from you and i am very satisfied with the quality and performance and pricing. Victor owner of Vics Auto
7/30/2015 - Kosha C. - CA
I purchased a engine from you guys. I really liked the engine it was affordable and it was shipped in a timely fashion if i ever need another engine im definitely buying from you
7/30/2015 - Harjinder S. - CA
very good transaction so for everything is going well and I am satisfied.
7/30/2015 - Timothy R. - MA
Received part and engine was in great condition... Would use again and have recommended them to friends
7/30/2015 - Terrance M. - NJ
Transmission was shipped on time and arrived early. Installed and delivered next day. Thanks for the great service.

Franklin Lakes, NJ
7/30/2015 - Michael S. - LA
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - michael s. - la
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Donald B. - Ga
It was a great experience getting my transmission from you. It works great telling all my friends about you
7/30/2015 - Jamie B. - NM
I bought motor from AM Auto Parts and i was very pleased with the service i recive. I would use them again if i need too
7/30/2015 - William W. - TN
Great engine, great service, Bryan was very helpful. However, your warranty is terrible. The requirement that the warranty has for it to be in effect is bad.
Other that that, I am very happy and if I need another engine, I will give Bryan a call.
William L Walker
7/30/2015 - Brent B. - OH
when i first got the engine it didn't look supper clean to me. But when i checked under the valve covers and oil pan they showed no signs of wear and after a little clean up and painting of the engine it looks and runs great. thank you very much.
7/30/2015 - Michael S. - LA
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Michael S. - LA
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Verlon M. - FL
My experience with you guys was great. The service was wonderful day. I would always recommend.
7/30/2015 - Ronald B. - MA
This was a pleasant experience for me. I would recommend you folks to other people!
Ron Berquist
7/30/2015 - Bill P. - oh
The motor we bought has performed perfectly. We were a bit skeptical about making such a purchase online, but everything worked out as advertised.
7/30/2015 - Kevin B. - CO
The experience that I had with your company was great, The transmission arrived on time and has been working like a champ ever since installed.
7/30/2015 - Ivan M. - MS
The sales people were very promply and very helpful.The delivery was good and on time. AMPARTS ya'll have the best prices so for every thing is all good. So thanks for everything that ya'll have done.
7/30/2015 - Brian B. - IN
Greatest experience I have had ever in a place! My engine showed up on time and it more then met every expectation I have ever had! I will definitely be doing business with them again in the future the staff is very helpful and answers all questions very professional definitely a 5 Stat company
7/30/2015 - Mark j. - a
Honestly...was apprehensive when I made my transaction with AM. But, many months later I feel y'all did everything you said you would do and remarkably, everything I asked for!
But at first, I was worried. Thought: What have I gotten into?
The engine has been great! It did have a few THOUSAND miles more than y'all told me. And it arrived on a pallet strapped down with remnants of safety belts. Wasn't able to utilize many of the external components(from it rolling around!) But I got a tight block with a good head. Had an automatic trans. Flywheel & I asked for standard...
All in all. It gets me 90 miles a day at 80 miles an hour.
I'm happy!
7/30/2015 - Smitty S. - LA
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Chad P. - TN
The engine was just as described by the salesman and it was shipped promptly with no issues. They beat everyone's price by a lot. I will do business with these guys again.
7/30/2015 - jamie M. - Ga
Hi was very satisfied with the engine and happy that I went with this company the guy Joe was very helpful and polite and if I need anything else for my truck I would definiely use this company again. Thank you for your business and a good quality part. Jamie Massie
7/30/2015 - Paul V. - OH
I have purchased and installed two engines from AM over the past six months. Both engines arrived well packed on pallets with tight fitting covers on all inlets/outlets to prevent leakage of residual fluids. After minor preparation and adding of fluids both engines started immediately and ran perfectly. I plan on getting great service from each. Thanks for making a risky purchase safe and affordable. If I ever need another engine AM will be my first choice.
7/30/2015 - JOHN W. - La
The first engine was not very good shape, spoke with sales person and another engine was sent out ASAP.I was very pleased with the second engine. Removing the valve covers, timing chain cover, the engine was very clean inside and out. As it turned out I did not use the engine and sold it as received. The purchaser has had no problems with that engine. I will, if needed, purchase another engine from AM Used Auto Parts, and have recommended them for engines. Very Very satisfied with the service. Great job, John Walker
7/30/2015 - Smitty a. - la
The best service anybody can ask for. The customer service I get is the best. I deal with alot of companies but the service I get from this company is superb.
7/30/2015 - Michael L. - IN
The engine was correct and we are happy with the purchase...YRC stole $170 from me by charging a liftgate fee that my boss unknowingly approved because I wasnt there on delivery..later I found out we could have denied and picked up at depot...Excellent for auto parts,pissed off with YRC
7/30/2015 - Sam W. - Alabama
I thought the staff did well. knowledgeable polite experienced and courteous. it was a good transaction.
7/30/2015 - christian b. - tn
Shipping was fast and transmission has been great. Glad I got this transmission.
8/15/2014 - Anonymous
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys for a good price and a good product. I recently ordered an engine for my Chevy Trailblazer and I was very satisfied with the purchase. Your people were professional and responsive. Thank you again, and I will be doing business with you in the future as well as recommending you to friends and family.
7/28/2014 - Anonymous
I just wanted to thank you for sending me a transmission as good as a brand new one for my Jag. I've been driving my car, and have been very satisfied with the performance of the transmission. My Jag shifts and drives as smooth as a brand new car. Thanks again!